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Oakwood Manor 'Grand Dame'
of the city

Kordik joins Kamela & Company Realty

Wendy Kordik has recently joined Kamela & Company Realty as a Sales Associate. She is a member of the Dayton Area Board of Realtors, the Ohio Association of Realtors and the National Association of Realtors. Wendy, her husband Michael and their two children are from the Dayton area and make their home in Oakwood.

Wendy is a volunteer with the Boy Scouts of America, as well as the E.D. Smith Elementary School and is a member of the MOMS Group of Oakwood.  Her firsthand experience for quality home renovation allows Wendy to provide guidance to her clients who are undertaking renovation prior to selling or after purchasing.

The agents and owners of Kamela & Company extend a warm welcome to Wendy and look forward to working with her in the future.

Reception for Roger Blumensheid Jan. 8

On Monday, Dec. 31, Roger Blumensheid will conclude a term of nearly six years as a
member of Oakwood City Council.

Mayor Judy Cook, city council and city staff
will honor Roger’s outstanding public service
at a reception from 4:30 to 6 p.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 8.

The celebration will take place in the
council chambers at the city building,
30 Park Avenue.

All citizens are invited and encouraged to


City Notes________________________________

Open seat on planning commission, zoning board

Oakwood City Council is requesting applications from citizens interested in being considered to fill a vacant seat on the Oakwood Planning Commission and on the Board of Zoning Appeals.  Citizens interested in being considered for appointment should submit an application form by 5 p.m. on Monday, Jan. 7.  Applications are available at the city building or on the city’s website at  For questions, contact City Manager Norbert Klopsch or Clerk of Council Cathy Blum at 298-0600.

Wright Library seeks new board member

The Board of Trustees of the Wright Memorial Public Library is accepting applications for an open Board position. This appointment will be for a partial term of four years, commencing in 2008.  

Current trustee Steven Byington will be leaving the Library Board when his term on the Oakwood City Council begins in January. The regular term of office is seven years and trustees may serve two terms.  

Applications may be obtained at Wright Library’s Checkout Desk, on the Library’s web site at, or by calling Linda Cosgrove at 294-8572. Individuals who have applied previously are encouraged to reapply. Completed applications are due at the Library by 8:00 p.m., Wednesday, January 9, 2008.

Members of the Board should live in the Oakwood School District. The Board meets on the third Monday of the month at 7 p.m. in the Library’s meeting room. Each board member is also assigned to at least two committees that meet on an as-needed basis. Library trustees should show a strong interest in the welfare of the Library and its place in the community. They must have the time and energy to devote to the Library. Board members must make a commitment to active participation and consistent attendance. They should be team players. Trustees are chosen to reflect the community.

Some important issues the Wright Memorial Public Library will be facing include the wide variety of new technologies, future funding, strategic planning, and intellectual freedom.  Board responsibilities include approving long-range goals; monitoring short-range goals; approving annual budget and capital expenditures; making final decisions on building, renovation, or expansion; establishing policy and budget for materials; adopting policies on fines and fees; adopting service policies; and evaluating the Director and Fiscal Officer.

For more information on the Wright Memorial Public Library and its Board of Trustees, contact Ann Snively, Library Director, at 294-8572.

Library foundation announces new website

With the new year, Wright Memorial Public Library Foundation announces a new webpage,

Library supporters will find links to the Dayton Foundation where they can make donations either by credit card or through their charitable checking account. Like many local foundations, the Wright Library foundation operates under the umbrella of The Dayton Foundation. The website also provides a donation statement that can be printed and mailed with a check directly to the library foundation.

The Wright Memorial Public Library Foundation was started in 1997, primarily as a way to accept memorial contributions for the library’s benefit. Now the Foundation is working on expanding into active fundraising.

Contributions to the Foundation have supported the summer blanket concert series, other special programs throughout the year, and the services of a strategic planning consultant. Wright Library is funded mostly by tax dollars from the state of Ohio, along with .94 mill local levy. However, tax revenue may not be enough in the future to provide any more than just basic library services. Eventually the Foundation hopes to build an endowment for future needs and renovations.

To find out more about the Foundation, make a gift, or to volunteer for future projects, please go to, contact the Foundation board president, Matt Lindsay, at, or call library director Ann Snively at 294-7171.

OCT & NOV Property Sales
Kettering and Oakwood
(Zip Codes 09, 19, 29 only)

October Property Sales


2701 E DOROTHY LN.  $94,500 – Adam S. Gargas to Scott D. & Angel G. Burkett
525 MONTERAY AVE.  $160,000 – John M. Schram to Tina L. Snyder                     2517 OAKLEY AVE.  $83,000 - Phillis Straka to Angela N. Stein
216 CUSHING AVE.  $20,000 – Rodney Christian to Eva Brcic-Christian
445 ROCKHILL AVE.  $127,900 – Crystal A. Sease to Raymond Scott Bell
319 LINCOLN PARK BLVD.  $175,000 – Wanda Sue Amlin to Richard E. McCaffrey, Jr.
1112 LARRIWOOD AVE.  $146,000 – Stefan Patrick Massimino to Amy M. & Sean Smith
1525 CRESCENT BLVD.  $132,000 – Matthew D. Clark to Samuel Hurwitz
1441 SOUTHLYN DR.  $126,000 – Chad C. Kouse to Gary L. & Chad C. Kouse
1289 CENTRAL PARK AVE.  - Mitchell A. Waterman to Household Realty
3033 HILLSIDE AVE.  $108,000 – Carolyn S. Waller to Wells Fargo Bank NA
3019 FAIRMONT AVE.  $246,500 - David Fitzsimmons to William & Stephanie Eardly
1146 LAVERN AVE.  $80,000 – Stonecrest Properties LLC to Brittany N. Heil & Matthew W. Kahut                        
1113 DEVON AVE.  $131,520 – Patricia Moneagle to Jonathan M. Stella             316 AVON WAY.  $155,500 – Charles W. Cram, Tr to William F. Elliot        
149 S PELHAM DR.  $153,000 – James H. Nersoyan to David K. & Margaret S. Burris
3810 KENWICK DR.  $122,000 – Maria  Co Carone, Tr. To Bruce M. Shephard    249 W STROOP RD.  $154,900 – Ronald G. Bickert to Joel Lahrman
3921 KENWICK DR.  $126,000 – David a. Moorhead to Heide Hemmelgarn
175 STROOP RD.  $125,000 – Gail L. Borgert et al to Art Williams & Ann-Marie Dunn
264 BALMORAL DR.  $134,500 – Nancy C. Stanley Tr. To Scott M. & Christine M. Richards                        
264 BALMORAL DR.  $134,500 – Scott M. Richards to Scott M. &  Christine M. Richards
341 E DOROTHY LN.  $72,000 – HSBC Bank USA NA Tr. To Adam Taylor Schneble
1216 HALE AVE.  $33,000 – LaSalle Bank Natl. Assoc. Tr. To Brian Bittorf
1124 HALE AVE.  $69,000 – Deutche Bank Natl. Trust Co. Tr. To Gary D. & Yvonne E. Hartman                          
1149 EUREKA DR.  $52,000 – Joyce A. Greenup to Vicki L. Hemming
2812 WEHRLY AVE.  $99,900 – Rick D. Stamps to Katie M.  Bonner
2726 ACORN DR.  $64,000 – Gary L. Powell to Accredited Home Lenders
709 E DOROTHY LN.  $45,000 – Federal Natl. Mortgage Assoc. to PCHH Properties LLC
1157 RIDGEVIEW AVE.  $145,400 – Susan Streberger to Sonia Kalinchuk & Raphael M. Strouse                      
4480 OVERLAND TRL.  $200,000 – Carol Eagle to Cynthia N. Cully & Joan M. Petric
1045 COTTONWOOD RD.  $165,900 – Susan H. Ryan to Bradley R. & Brandi N. Bodey
3032 SOUTHERN BLVD.  $158,000 – Jeffrey A. Neef to Kathleen Casper
3017 ALLENDALE DR.  $189,900 – Hossein Zahedi to Charles & Cynthia Carter
1841 RAINBOW DR.  $70,100 – Wright Holdings LLC to Rainbow Drive Estate LLC
841 RAINBOW DR.  $70,100 – Franklin E. Woods to Rainbow Drive Estate LLC
529 531 HOLLENDALE DR.  $134,000 – Sue Ann Turton to Paul Gibson et al 3
3740 CALIFORNIA AVE.  $84,000 – Long to Brendal Burns-Boggs
3806 ACKERMAN BLVD.  $112,000 – Seth R. Bourn, Jr. to Mary P. Glazier
4824 FAR HILLS AVE.  $118,900 – Hollis Hiram Conner to Emad Alabady
3875 GARDENVIEW PL.  $141,600 – Martha K. DeMarey to Kurt W. & Cleia D. Ferdiny
3212 BULAH AVE.  $98,5000 – Annie D. Billiam to Sean Mare Martens
3229 BULAH AVE.  $64,900 – Franklin Credit Management to Daniel M. Dever
DEVON AVE.  $232,222 – Johnstowne Woods D&F LLC to Charles W. Cram, Tr. & Carol C. Chatfield
2501 TALISMAN DR.  $85,000 – Gerri L. Wiley to Richard L. DeBorde & Danielle M. Sparks                        
2372 S ARAGON AVE.  $55,000 – Michael T. Smith to Wells Fargo Bank Tr.           1136 WENBROOK DR.  $85,000 – Pamela J. Frey to Pamela S. Wenning
1124 WENBROOK DR .  $124,500 – David Ditzel et al 3 to Michael F. & Mary Ann Glantz
504 ORANGEWOOD DR .  $103,000 – Jill A. Klepacz to Thomas L. & Janice R. Holtz
1713 WINDEMERE DR.  $100,000 – Kelly J. Robey to Wesltey A. Wiswell
1729 WINDEMERE DR.  $90,900 – Charles J. Perthes to James H. Isaacs
1560 WINDEMERE DR.  $115,000 – Cordelia J. Hones to Megan N. Hedrick
1705 WILLAMET RD.  $108,900 – Daniel L. Myers to Kristine Hope Lancaster       1654 TREMONT CIR.  $105,000 – Briand D. Bockover to Martha J. Morgan
3029 LARUE DR.  $80,000 – James Lewis Ewald to Jearldean Scott & Mark Battigaglia
3109 SUTTON AVE.  $106,400 – Roger G. Tate to Amy Taulbee
634 BRUBAKER DR .  $150,000 – Bryan Pounds to Larry W. & Sue L. Pounds
4433 WING VIEW LN.  $126,000 – Nancy V. Allen to Sharon L. Kozak, Tr.
2829 COMANCHE DR.  $115,600 – Phillip D. Ashbrook to David W. Kedley
763 INGERSOL DR .  $178,500 – Cheryl L. Snyder to Rice & Margret Jones, Tr.
4200 WALLINGTON DR.  $158,000 – Jeanne E. Miller to Jeffrey P. Long
3673 SHAREWOOD.  $180,000 – Daniel B. Zelik to John U. Weckesser
4700 JAMES HILL RD.  $190,000 – George W. Bird to Julie Untener
4425 ANDREA DR.  $84,5000 – Robert W. Hill, Tr. To Jill A. Klepacz
1021 CARLO DR.  $151,500 – Audrey J. Corley to Margaret M. Zielsdorf      
1766 E DOROTHY LN.  $52,000 – Deborah L. Utter to Deutsche Bank Natl.
1216 1220 E DOROTHY LN.  $490,000 – Jack Buster to George Apostolakas
5101 ACKERMAN BLVD.  $218,000 – David R. Fisher to Glenn S. Brooke Tr.
1552 DODDINGTON RD.  $143,000 – Kenneth E. Price Jr., to Mitchell Meade
326 STANTON HALL CT.  $265,000 – Sherry L. Graham to Douglas R. & Mary Catherine Schivley                    
1900 1912 HEWITT AVE .  $350,000 – Carl H. Shortt Tr. To TDI Properties LLC
1920 1932 HEWITT AVE.  $350,000 – Carl H. Shortt Tr. To TDI Properties LLC
1253 1257 DONSON DR.  $230,000 – Barbara A. Wenzler, Tr. To Thomas R. & Kathleen A. Winter
4516 ROYAL RIDGE WAY  $415,000 – Stephen D. Tullis to Scott J. & Catherine Hadaway
543 TIMBERLEA TRAIL.  $575,000 – Thomas J. Waker to Robert & Cheryl Chabali
619 RENOLDA WOODS CT.  $353,000 – Douglas R. Schively to Eleni E. Prieto
TAIT RD  $144,000 – Joseph D. Maloney to Jeffrey F. & Laynae D. Meyer


700 OAKWOOD AVE.  $500,.000 – John R. Martin, Jr. to Jeffrey E. & Leigh A. Addison
422 E SCHANTZ AVE.  $247,500 – James H. Kitz to Homecomings Financial LLC
157 LOOKOUT DR.  $473,450 – Andrew Lasker to William & Peggy Bohoney
157 LOOKOUT DR.  $425,000 – Chem Station International to William & Peggy Bohoney
797 E SCHANTZ AVE.  $299,000 – Jane Scharrer to Robert J. & Edythe C. Taylor
644 GARDEN RD.  $529,900 – Robert J. Taylor to Joseph & Heather Zahora         536 ACORN DR.  $81,750 – Sharyn Cervay et al to Janet Irene Harris
536 ACORN DR .  $81,750 – Janet Irene Harris et al to Sharyn Cervay
295 HATHAWAY RD.  $639,900 – Gregory A. Lude to James & Mary L. Pancoast
SHAFOR BLVD.  $229,900 – Joseph D. Furrer
to Ann H. Dunham
24 ACACIA DR $229,900 – Joseph D. Furrer to Ann H. Dunham
130 W THRUSTON BLVD.  $620,000 – Kevin Chambers to John Walter & Cynthia Verbinski
RUNNYMEDE RD .  $490,000 - Richard W. Taylor to Shawn & Darlene Palmatier
111 KATHERINE TER.  $490,000 – Richard W. Taylor to Shawn & Darlene Palmatier
2518 SHROYER RD.  $119,000 – Daniel E. Woolard to Darlene S. Almond
332 EAST DR.  $189,000 – Elvera C. Gephart to Patricia S. & Kevin E. Draper
418 ABERDEEN AVE.  $213,000 – Robert L. Caperna to Derek B. & Sarah H. Kingston
1906 FAR HILLS AVE.  $179,000 – Charles D. Pool to Coleman S. Szekely
252 HADLEY AVE.  $100,000 – Sharon M. Hoerner, Tr. To Donald C. Wright Investments LLC
427 LONSDALE AVE.  $155,500 – John H. Pierson to Brinan J. Kreidler
1515 E SCHANTZ AVE.  $136,000 – Gregory J. Midtbo to Spirea Properties LLC
219 E DIXON AVE.  $257,700 – Debra S. Fisher to Thomas P. & Alexa J. McGrady
830 ACORN.  $182,000 – Micah C. Jones to Christopher M. & Leslie M. Koehler
109 BEVERLY PL.  $500,000 – Todd F. Spees to Brina W. & Sarah E. Ondulick
1211 FAR HILLS AVE.  $22,000 – Sally D. Eichelberger to James Delph & Barbara Chorney
333 OAKWOOD AVE.  $235,000 – Joseph P. Buchanan to Esther R. Feldman

November Property Sales


706 HADLEY AVE .  $107,000 – Sean C. Haig to Shannon M. Minge
357 ROCKHILL AVE.  $110,000 – Maria C. Lusterio to Jon E. Glista
312 ROCKHILL AVE.  $115,000 – Helen E. Alexander to Sara Knox
1201 E DAVID RD.  $445,000 – Jean R. Judge to Bradley J. Judge
1412 CENTRAL PARK AVE.  $66,000 – Brett D. Kent to Wells Fargo Bank NA
951 LAURELWOOD RD.  $155,000 – James H. Parker to Ellen S. Finch
3200 LENOX DR.  $237,500 – Michael O. Bartz to Edward D & Karen A. Carter
3224 RIDGEWAY RD.  $310,000 – Thomas J. Danis, Tr. To Robert & Susan D. Grossman
3924 LENOX DR .  $141,000 – Eleanor Glotfelter et al 3 to Ryan L. Howard
4066 BRECKENRIDGE RD.  $168,500 – Barbara L. Aleckson to Peter G. Gooch
3024 HATHAWAY RD.  $156,000 – John F. Jackoski III to Scott W. Medlyn
709 E DOROTHY LN.  $58,000 – PCHH
Properties LLC to George R. & Janice Kinney
2621 SAN RAE DR.  $120,900 – Jeremiah Suel to Matthew W. Yelton
3077 MIRIMAR ST.  $135,000 – Howard C. Albers, Tr. To Bruce W. & Judith A. Espedal
1908 WILMINGTON PIKE - $52,000 – Deutxche Bank Natl. Trust  Co. Tr. To Gary L. Miller, Tr
4160 RENWOOD DR.  $122,000 – Penny A. Shriner to Mary K. Fannon
117 CHATHAM DR.  $188,000 – Katherine M. Templeton to Laura G. Militello
515 TELFORD AVE.  $100,000 – Angel DeLao to JP Morgan Chase Bank NA
3737 ACKERMAN BLVD.  $81,500 – Federal Natl. Mortgage Assn. to Carie R. Park
3730 ACKERMAN BLVD.  $128,750 – Lindsay E. Kearns to Jason C. & Lori H. Roush
3814 LONGRIDGE DR.  $115,000 – Christopher Fote to John & Deborah Kihm
1461 BIG HILL RD.  $245,000 – Peter G. Gooch to John W. Jr. & Sally W. Fisher   3362 ANNABELLE DR.  $72,000 – Byron Bice to US Bank Natl. Assn.                     2920 CATHY LN.  $165,000 – John U. Weckesser to John  
4540 TWILIGHT HILL DR. $212,000 – Denise Schornack to Jean Conver
3839 GLASER DR. - $80,000 – Sylvia K. Wynne to Catherine E. Purk
3827 KINGSWOOD DR .  $71,500 – Ann Parker to Southwest Buckeye LLC
3889 TRAINE DR.  $146,000 – James G. Hill to Edward H. & Linda L. Back
3021 CALIFORNIA AVE.  $109,000 – Carl A. Stienecker to Gary R. & Wanda K. Sweatt                                                            
GARDNER RD.  $115,000 – Christopher Fote to John & Deborah Kihm                   1762 MAYFIELD AVE.  $34,500 – Richard L. Luehrs to Joel K. Taylor
ROCKHILL AVE.  $15,980 – Daniel B. Zelik to Nixck A. Peth Builders LLC
4432 ACKERMAN BLVD.  $100,000 – Kevin Ray Combs to Nationstar Mortgage
1270 LAURELWOOD RD.  $172,500 – Homecomings Financial LLC to Gregory P. Kooyman                      
3613 MARYKNOLL DR.  $139,900 – Michael Seitz to Michelle A. Avey & Ryan P. Burger
3524 MEADOW LN.  $565,000 – Thomas M. Phillips to Laura Hanahan
1016 RIO LN.  $168,000 – John C. Sauer to Wanda L. & David M. Panfile
1432 SPRINGHILL AVE.  $119,000 – Todd A. & Kristen L. Sharp to Joseph M. Smindak
1201 E DAVID RD.  $445,000 – Jean R. Judge to Bradley J. Judge                           4338 TRAILS END DR.  $570,000 – David F. Weir to Janet & Jonathan E. Valesco
4849 MARYBROOK DR.  $161,000 – Joseph R. Forsthoff to Willialm D. & Deborah L. Schieman                      
4457 BLAIRGOWRIE CIR .  $325,000 – Michael J. Folk to Stanley P. & Cinda S. Reznicek
805 LINCOLN WOODS CT.  $325,000 – Charles C. Vaniman, Jr., Tr to Myrna L. Nelson                    
1452 GLENN ABBEY DR.  $154,900 – David E. Stevens to Shelley D. Johnson
2230 S PATTERSON BLVD.  $100,000 – Robert L. Lindsey to Elton R. Wellmeier, Jr.                    
3171 SOUTHDALE DR.  $85,900 – Marilyn E. George to Tenley E. Thayer



167 LOOKOUT DR.  $292,000 – Kathy E. Mays to Nicholas G. Gounaris
7 COLLINGWOOD AVE.  $317,500 – Mark P. Wydman to William J. Siskaninetz & Kathryn J. Truax                      
549 WOODVIEW DR.  $245,000 – Gregory A. Lude to Jeffery G. Quick
124 ACACIA DR.  $208,000 – John E. Kernan III, Tr. To Alit Jaffery
RUNNYMEDE RD.  $384,192 – Patrick A. White to Deutsche Bank Natl. Trust Co., Tr.
55 WALNUT LN.  $384,192 – Patrick A. White to Deutsche Bank Natl. Trust Co., Tr.
1629 FAR HILLS AVE.  $100,000 – Barbara A. Witt to Robert & Connie Richey
117 HILLTOP AVE.  $264,000 – Deanne M. Stoermer to Michael & Jill Souders
33 ALPINE LN.  $294,122 – Francis T. Schopler to Federal Natl. Mortgage Assn.
244 ORCHARD DR.  $184,000 – Donald J. Macadam to Matt Murrell        
401 WONDERLY AVE.  $127,100 – Jane A. Schroeder, Tr. To Derek D. & Sherry L. Hardin
441 HADLEY AVE.  $129,900 – Antoinette L. Walder to Colleen M. Geehan
400 GREENMOUNT BLVD.  $210,000 – James B. Guyler to Chris Andrew & Kim Yhk Wade
11 FORRER BLVD.  $94,667 – Catherine D. Pickering to AFP Investments LLC
6 FORRER BLVD.  $269,900 – Constance M. Kissell to David & Michelle Eldridge
15 ABERDEEN AVE.  $138,000 – Fannie Mae to Paul W. & Holly E. Tocknell
329 TELFORD AVE.  $150,000 – Maureen S. Keyes to Carrie A. & Alexander P. Bebris II
327 DELLWOOD AVE.  $210,000 – Jack H. Hummel to George A. & Patricia A. Bohlen
35 BEVERLY PL.  $209,500 – Patricia Ellis Hoyle to Gary M II & Beth A. Gibbons
53 BEVERLY PL. $267,000 -  Solomon F. Smith to Frank E. & Janet M. Pauer

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