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Last Thursday the Jefferson Patterson Society of the DAI “cordially invited” their members to an informal Open House to…”spend a few moments one-on-one with the museum’s new director, Janet Driesbach.”  One of ‘The-one-on-oners’ began with: “With a German name myself I got out my dictionary to see what ‘bach’ means in German. So, your name means ‘three rivers (or streams) – right?”  “That’s what my family says,” was the answer from Janet.

As the reception was in the ‘General Motors Rotunda’ the conversation turned to the wrought-iron railings.  “They’re ‘Art Nouveau’” offered one gent.  Al Leland said he had a friend who’d put duplicate railings in his home. Jan has moved into west Kettering on Ridgeway Road – and is most enthusiastic about Dayton and the DAI.

Geez’s’ is a grill & pub on    Far Hills in Washington Township.  “Haven’t you ever been there?” asked an incredulous Sally & John Fisher.  “We’ll take you there Thursday evening.”  It was a fabulous sports bar…half a dozen TV’s playing – on half a dozen different channels…posters, signs, pop-corn machines…and packed with patrons but you could hear to talk!

“Be careful what you say about the place,” said Sally.  “That’s the owner and his family sitting next to us!” So, introductions took place with the young, vibrant Giallombardo family. (There’s a family history printed in the menu.  

“I always order the ‘chicken wings’” advised Sally.  (But she had ‘lasagna’ that night.)  John had his usual ‘cheeseburger with French-fried onion rings’ – which he ‘shared’ with his table-mates.  “Do you know George Smith?” asked John. “If he’s the ‘horseman’ the answer is yes.” “Well he’s always here – but I don’t see him tonight…we were in school together,” added John.

Along came Maryibeth Graham and Charlene Lewis Stoeckicht carrying ‘take-out-cartons’. “This is our neighborhood eatery but we always get more than we can eat…”

Bob Margolis  re-celebrated his birthday Friday evening – ‘be-late-ed-ly’ at Dayton Country Club.  The place was packed – because Moraine and NCR are closed in January – and their members were exercising their ‘reciprocity privileges’. Seemed like everyone who entered the ‘informal dining room’ stopped to say ‘Hi” to Bob.

When Tom Parker stopped Bob said: “ He was one of my ‘stock boys’ at the Metropolitan years ago. Whatta great ‘kid’ he was!”  

Dr. Frank Shively hosted a large table of his family members who were in town to honor JuneMrs. Frank.  “Is you sister Justine Hadler coming?” asked a man who’s known Frank since they were kids at Longfellow School.  

Molly & Wayne Baller, and Pete Neroni sat nearby.

Saturday morning Park Avenue was busy.  ‘Shannon Boyd’ was having a big sale – and so was Lily Fisher – the ‘super saleswoman of Cincinnati’ who had her Grandmother Sally in tow.  Lily entered ‘Shannon Boyd’s’ with her ‘order pad’ in one hand and a pen in the other.  She was wearing her Cub-Girl-Scout uniform – complete with ‘merit badges’.  “I’m selling Girl Scout Cookies.  Here’s the ‘kinds’ you can order…I’ll need your name and address and Grandma will deliver my Dayton orders…”

Lindsey Clark was busy with clients, but stopped and ordered cookies.  The chic-set of Oakwood is distraught about loosing such a great ‘source’ as ‘S. B.’   “Yes, we hate to close, but now I’ll have more time for my ‘woods’ and my dog, and…” said Lindsey.


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