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On Saturday evening ‘Joe Green’ (Giuseppe Verdi) met ‘The Bard’ (William Shakespeare).  They met at the Schuster Center – not “…when Birnam Wood become to Dunsinane”.  Now, Burt Saidel will give you the ‘operatic critique’.  Round Town can only provide the ‘ten years of piano lessons with NO talent’ critique.
The staging, timing, and costuming was super. The performance was delight. But…there were no sing-along-arias  …like in ‘La Traviata’.   But what this ‘Ancient History – English Lit.’ major loved was recognizing ‘The Bard’s most famous quotations set to music:  “…sleep that knits the raveled sleeve of care”…”Tomorrow, and tomorrow and tomorrow creeps on this petty pace”…”it is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, and signifying nothing.”  Of course, Burt graduated from Haverford College – so he probably knows all that stuff – plus all about the music too.
First off, Georgie Woessner, the CEO of ‘Dayton Public Radio’ was in the ‘Palm Court’ greeting friends. Alan & Beth Schaeffer were chatting with Jack & Nancy Koepke at the ‘half-time’ reception in the NCR Donor’s Lounge. The room was packed – but Larry Hardy’s tall enough to be spotted – with wife Barbara Ann. “Have you heard about Ken (Allen)?” asked Larry.   So…that’s a lead-in for the next segment of …

Rosanne Allen answered the phone Sunday morning.  “Ken’s doing fine…had both knees replaced…here he is…”  “I’m on a walker but…”  A great conversation ensued. ‘I’m sure you and Larry will be back on your ‘hand-car’ soon.” Those two were the ‘terrors of the tracks’ in the Bellbrook-Spring Valley area – and not always on un-used tracks. “We had several emergency dis-mounts through the years.”  

“Well, you’re still a kid – you’ll be back-in-business soon. After all, you’re ten years younger than I am, - as you always delight in telling me.”  “You brought it up this time!” ended Ken.

Ken and Rosie both graduated from Oakwood High School. Ken’s family lived in that unique house at the corner of Ridgeway and Harman – the one with the ‘room’ on the roof.

Round Town had a brief contact with Valerie Price. Val and son, Steele Price, Jr. were here from Tucson, Arizona for a Memorial service for Steele, Sr. Years ago Val and Steele and both sons lived in the Bellbrook area and hunted with the Miami Valley Hunt. Their lovely old farm house on Alex-Bell was the scene of many a great time.  “I’ll get back to Dayton more often now,” promised Val.

Be sure to see ‘The Fantastics’ at Wright State Univ. – beginning this Thursday evening.  You know it’ll be the best performance of the play ever…cause everything WSU Dept of Performing Arts  does – is the best!

By the way, Stuart McDowell, Department Chair., hadda birthday last Thursday – give him a bad time when you see him next Thursday.

The Celebration for Francine van der Hoeven last Friday at St. Paul’s was a most moving and elevating experience. Ludolph’s ‘recollections’ of their life together will always be remembered and cherished.  He spoke of their early days in Holland when both were in Medical School, of their marriage at the end of the war, of their move to the United States….

Friends will remember them in their beautiful home along Houk Stream…of their children’s weddings in the gardens…of the piano concerts in their drawing room – with Francine turning pages for Ludolph…

“We chatted with Francine on New Years Day,” said one guest. “We’re so thankful to have had that visit.”



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