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Concerns over street repair

I’m not a person to always speak out of such things, but I am questioning the quality of the work on the recent street repaving. It seems the last layer laid is far more ridged, uneven and at glance; poorly done.

I am a motorcycle rider, bike rider and from time-to-time, I enjoy rollerblading around the area. Now that the new surface is down, I am limited on the areas that I can safely ride. I am not as concerned about my riding in the area with my recreational equipment, as I am with my motorcycle.

The new surface causes – even at low speeds, a slipping action and it now makes it harder to make a safe turn onto another street at intersections.

If this will be the new way that the streets will be surfaced, please do not do Lonsdale or Hathaway. I say this half light-heartedly, but with a voice of concern for my own and others safety.  I love my community and fully appreciate how it is continually maintained by our public works staff.

As work was ending this past summer, I came upon one of the supervisors of the repaving crew; who was inspecting the work on Schantz.  I asked, “Is this the completed work or will the street be rolled and smoothed?”  The young man laughed and said “Yea, you get what you pay for I guess…”

Not the response I had hoped to hear.

I dread to ask, will this be the new trend for our streets?  If the answer is yes, take heed parents and alike – stock up on band-aids.  Falling on our new streets is not fun.

Scott Davis
Lonsdale Ave.


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February 5, 2008
Volume 17, No. 6

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