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Patterson Road Farmhouse

Dr. Frank Shively was having dinner at his ‘own regular’ table at Dayton Country Club last Thursday evening.  He’s always an ‘early eater’ and it’s always great to see him. Soon Stan Smith came in with his daughter, Tami Whalen. They were soon joined by a most attractive gal who’d been chatting with several others at the opposite end of the bar. “This is my ‘replacement’,” said Stan when introducing Kelly Huntington. “She bought my ‘big house’ on Park Road…”  (That’s the magnificent ‘old Patterson house’ that was a Decorator’s Show House several years ago.) “I can see your house on Oakwood Avenue across Houk Stream from me…it’s the one with the crest painted over the garage – right?” asked Kelly.
And speaking of Houk Stream (Friendship Park) there was a letter from City Manager Norbert Klopsch about the addition to the park of a foot bridge on the west side of the stream. “The Oakwood Rotary Club has taken the lead on planning, and designing… and obtaining funds through corporate and private donations…and receiving materials and labor needed to install the bridge…

“We expect the bridge to be in place within the next six weeks as weather permits.  An official dedication ceremony will be held in the spring. Our current plans include:  1. general cleanup and removal of undesirable plants (honeysuckle, ailanthus and pokeweed); 2. planting of wildflowers and daffodil bulbs; 3. reconstruction of existing walking paths.”

Norman Mayne, owner of Dorothy Lane Market, was standing near the meat department at the ‘sample-treat-table’ which was featuring ’Mussels’ on the half shell.  It’s always a good sign to see the proprietor eating his own wares!  “Hey”, said a sassy customer, “Why don’t you still carry the original Rye-Krisp crackers? “My husband said not to get any of the new, fancy, seasoned ones…just the ‘original’ ones.”  

“Well, we’ll see about that!” said Norman putting down an empty mussel shell. Several minutes later Norman found the customer in the Produce department. “Here’s a box the new ‘seasoned’ crackers…you take ‘em home and I’ll bet your husband will never know the difference!  In fact, I won’t even charge you for this box…now don’t tell your husband about the switch!  I’ll be right back.”  And he was – right back carrying a small paper bag with ‘No Charge’ and his signature.  And Norm was right…husband never knew the difference with DLM’s ‘Overne’ blue cheese slathered upon the ‘new’ Rye-Krisp.  Whatta marketeer!  No wonder his is the best-market-in-town. When the truth-was-told …husband swears never to another type of cracker!

Last week’s Round Town had an ‘add on’ affixed.  It was a paragraph about an Oakwood-ite, Nevin Wagner, skiing in Europe and meeting a former Oakwoodite – young George Shaw. It certainly remarkable for two Ridgeway Road-ites to meet on the slopes.  Anyhow, the added ‘copy’ stated that the George Shaw home was the large brick mansion once owned by NCR president S. C. Allyn.  That’s incorrect. George Shaw’s home was the grey frame stables renovated into the most charming residence. The horse paddocks are still there – and the site had been drooled-over by many an old horseman.  Both S.C. Allyn’s and Shaw’s homes were razed and are now incorporated into John Grey’s fabulous ‘spread’ – now named “The Farm.”


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March 4, 2008
Volume 17, No. 10

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