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President’s FY ‘09 budget zaps education

President Bush remains steadfast in his desire to NOT fund the K-12 education needs of our nation.  Last year he vetoed the Congress-passed bill for Fiscal Year ‘08 which appropriated more dollars for essential programs such as IDEA (Special Education) mandates and NCLB (testing and tutoring) mandates.  His new budget proposal for FY 09 is again FLAT-no new funding for education even though the required spending remains. The government just refuses to the pay its own bills.

However one fact seems to be changing. The last budget fight fell short of a veto-override by just two votes. This time leaders of his own party are expressing strong disagreement with his spending priorities. An Education Week March 5, 2008 article headlined, “Bush Education Budget Gets Bipartisan Flak.” For example, Rep. Denny Rehberg, (R-Mont) publicly has “bemoaned the ‘cumulative effect’ of level funding for impact aid” which helps support the school districts which serve the children of military and other federal workers.

The President wants us all to support our military members but not to support the schools that serve their children.  This is one of the messages that the new Federal Budget proposal seems to communicate. Instead, Education Secretary Margaret Spellings urged Congress to restore many dollars to the widely challenged and even discredited Reading First program, which has been a Presidential favorite.  She did not urge more dollars for IDEA or NCLB.

The net result of this refusal of the federal government to pay for what it has required local schools to do is that this has required taxpayers to have to increase their own local taxes.  Last week right here in Ohio, there were 191 school tax issues to be voted upon compared to only 164 at last year’s primary election.

It is high time for Congress to step up to its own responsibility to pay its own bills just as we as citizens must do.  The primary is now over!  The need at this point is for all of us to look ahead to November when we have a chance to send a very clear message to Washington (and also to Columbus)!  IF YOU REQUIRE IT, THEN YOU PAY FOR IT!

Sounds simple to me!

Hershey named to OSBA posts

Debra Hershey, a board member of the Oakwood City Schools, has been named to the following arrangements and Hospitality Committee as well as the Southwest Region Executive Committees at the Ohio School Boards Association.

Arrangements and Hospitality Commiittee members assist the five regional secretaries at the Capital Conference and Trade Show, as well as at regional events. Committee members also serve as regional liaisons at the Region Resource Center at the Capital Conference.

Drug survey results March 18

On Tuesday, March 18 at 7:30 p.m. in the Oakwood High School library, results of the Dayton Area Drug Survey will be given out and discussed.

The Dayton Area Drug Survey is an anonymous survey that is administered in a confidential manner that asks students questions about their use/non-use of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs, as well as the perceived harmfulness that they attribute to such activities. Among the items are nine that ask whether the student has been bullied, carried a weapon, stolen something, been truant, been in trouble with the police, or been employed outside school.

DADS has been administered, free of charge, in schools in the Miami Valley area since 1990 by the Wright State University School of Medicine and Unified Health Solutions. Interested in how Oakwood 7th – 12th graders responded in 2006 and how the data from DADS are used in drug abuse prevention program planning and development?  Attend this meeting for the details.

OHS/OJHS PTO Meeting March 13

The next Oakwood Junior and Senior High School PTO meeting is Thursday, March 13 at 11:45 a.m. in Room 211. There will also be reports from Principals Joe Boyle and Dan Weckstein. All parents are encouraged to come.

McCarthy Scholarship accepting

The Matthew McCarthy Memorial Scholarship committee is accepting applications from graduating seniors of Oakwood, Fairmont and Archbishop Alter High Schools until April 1.  The scholarship, sponsored by the Kettering Kiwanis Foundation, is dedicated to a “hardworking student with potential.”

“Matthew McCarthy believed that average, hardworking students would someday run the world because of their drive and steadfast determination, and we created this scholarship to honor his memory,” said Mary Lou McCarthy, Committee President.

Matthew McCarthy devoted his life to education, particularly the lessons of the Holocaust—eliminating hatred, discrimination and racism while promoting tolerance and acceptance. In 1987, he won the highly prized Yavner Award as Social Studies Teacher of the Year in New York.  

Donations have been made worldwide to honor Matthew McCarthy’s lifelong commitment to education, culminating with this second annual $1,000 scholarship. 

Application forms are available in the Guidance Offices of Oakwood, Fairmont and Alter High Schools for those who plan to attend a U.S. university on a full-time basis.  Seniors should have better than a 2.5 grade point average.   To be considered, applicants must submit:

1.   A personal essay explaining future goals, personal attributes and creativity
2.   A letter of recommendation from a high school teacher
3.   A letter of recommendation from an employer, community leader or service club advisor
4.   A current transcript (unofficial is sufficient)
5.   A copy of the FAFSA, SAR or the applicant’s parents’ filed income tax return

A panel of judges consisting of a Kettering Kiwanis club officer and members of Matthew McCarthy’s family will select the recipient. The $1,000 scholarship will be awarded at a Kettering Kiwanis meeting.

For more information, contact Mary Lou McCarthy at (727) 581-6189 or email

Nominations accepted for Teacher of the Year

Nominations for the Ohio 2007-2008 TOTY™ (Teacher of the Year) are being accepted through April 30, 2008.  The announcement came from the TOTY Award™ sponsor, Teachers’ Insurance Plan™, a car insurance program exclusively for members of the educational community.

The award will include $1,000 to the winning teacher and a $500 grant to that teacher’s school.  The Ohio TOTY Award™ winner will also be eligible for the National TOTY Award™ that includes a special recognition and a $2,500 travel certificate.

Teachers, students and parents can nominate any of the state’s accredited teachers.

TOTY™ nomination forms are available online at  To nominate an educator, or yourself, explain in 250 words or less why this teacher should be the Teacher of the Year.  Nominees will be judged on their ability to motivate students, their special talents, and their contribution to their school, students or educational community.

Winners will be announced at the start of the next school year.

Nominations for teacher award being accepted

For the third year running, Panera Bread will be teaming up with the Ohio PTA to celebrate Ohio teachers with the Panera Bread Rising Above Award. Panera Bread will  be accepting nominations from now through April 1. The annual campaign invites both public and private school students to nominate a teacher that “rises above” the call of duty and proves  to be a valuable resource in the classroom.

The campaign awards central Ohio educators in three grade levels: K-5, 6-8 and 9-12. Students are asked to submit a 100-200 word, essay stating why their teacher deserves to be honored  with the Rising Above Award. Entry forms and contest rules are available at all 19 Panera Bread bakery-cafes located throughout the greater Columbus area, as well as online at

One grand-prize student winner per age category, per region, will be selected to receive a $100 savings bond and a $500 grant for his/her school. Winners in grades K-5 and 6-8 will also receive a Via-Panera catered breakfast for their classroom, and for grades 9-12 the student will receive a $25 gift card. Winning teachers will receive a $100 Panera Bread gift card and a  special plaque to display in the classroom.

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