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Oakwood homes during the
'teen' years -
1913 to 1919

Centennial surprises for Oakwood community

20 Oakwood students, ages eight to ten years of age, completed a ceramic Centennial mural and presented it to Oakwood City Council at the April 7 meeting.

A host of talented citizens headed by Madeline Iseli and Dick Good has planned a series of events to celebrate Oakwood’s 100th anniversary. Much time and energy have been devoted to creating these celebrations which focus on special aspects of our community. What is not as well known are the many additional mini celebrations being planned by groups other than the Centennial Committee. These are delightful add-ons to the major planned events and are so characteristic of our community. Leadership and participation is built into the fiber of our population and benefits continue to arise from these traits.

I have heard of some of these plans and actually know of a few. At our April 7 Council meeting one such project was presented as a wonderful surprise to Council.  A group of twenty, eight-to-ten-year-old children, in a couple sessions at the OCC, created a centennial mural from tiles on which they painted pictures depicting highlights of our 100 years history. They were assembled into a frame made by our own Dan Rupel of the OCC staff, and the completed treasure, unveiled at the meeting, is now ready for display.

Not only did this project provide a special memento but also involved 20 young people in the study of Oakwood history.

The Smith School PTO is planning a Spring Festival with the theme “A Step Back in Time” in way of honoring our centennial year.  The festival will feature centennial
T-shirts and some old fashioned touches.  This event, which comes prior to our official kick-off, will inspire interest in coming celebrations.

Other groups are planning activities along a centennial theme which add further to our year of celebration. They are all part of our centennial theme of celebrating our many community volunteers, our 100 years of excellence and of providing the opportunity to have fun together.  Everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate.

Judy Cook
Mayor of Oakwood

More photos from April 7 Centennial mural presentation...




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