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The Dayton Women's Club

Concerned about green space at Sugar Camp

I was wondering if you were planning on covering the destruction of all the trees and greenery as part of the Sugar Camp development?  I drove down Far Hills yesterday and was really surprised at how devastated all the trees and green space had become.  I think most citizens would be shocked to see a before and after picture of this former green space.  I think it is a real shame that all the green space was selected for destruction.

Walter Osborne
Orchard Dr.

Evidence to the contrary on GITMO

Regarding the “allegations,” of torture at Guantanamo Bay, some facts would be helpful.  Since Ed Borden doesn’t say what his job his, the assumption is he is a contractor, not a soldier.  The facts are that many of these contractors got their jobs, at higher than military rates, because they have pledged allegiance to the flag of Bush.  The Blackwater mercenaries and Monica Goodling, Department of Justice scandals are just two examples of corruption right wing radicals; so called conservatives, used to perpetuate power and wealth.  

Here is a brief selection of direct quotes from FBI documents as to whether accusations of torture of detainees by Americans, yes, sons and daughters, are off base : “On several occasions, witness (W) saw detainees (Ds) in interrogation rooms chained hand and foot to the floor in fetal position...most urinated or defecated on themselves and were left there eighteen, twenty four hours, or more.”  “Upon inquiry, W was told that interrogators, military contractors, ordered this treatment.” “Interrogator said it would take four days to break someone doing an interrogation in cycles of sixteen hours with lights and (loud rap) music on and four hours off.”  Other details including those of female agents, are more uncomfortable.  The FBI isn’t known to be, “left leaning.”

Colonel Morris Davis, former military prosecutor of detainees, has now accused both Deputy Defense Secretary Gordon England and former Pentagon General Counsel, William J. Haynes II, Cheney crony, and newly appointed corporate counsel at Chevron, of subverting justice in the military tribunal of Salim Hamdan in order to boost Republican election prospects.  

Video tapes of the conduct of the interrogations have been conveniently destroyed.  The denial of justice, which in his rambling, incoherent speeches the President calls a “universal,”  is indeed torture more serious than physical abuse.  Every person deserves the right to have their innocence or guilt proven, any government that believes otherwise is totalitarian.  

The Bush administration’s idea of justice has nothing to do with American military or legal standards, as persistent dismissals and over-rulings by higher courts prove.  To be clear, here is how Major General Charles J. Dunlop Jr., a Bush spokesman defines justice: a “strategy of using or misusing law (my emphasis) as a substitute for traditional military means to achieve an operational objective.”  American lawyers prosecuted German commanders at the Nuremberg Trials for just such policies.  

Republican elites feel the law applies only to those who can afford it.  Vice President Cheney, disgraced ex-Secretary of defense Rumsfeld, likewise disgraced ex-Attorney General Gonzales, and the President all approved the use of torture and subversion of justice as if these were the actions of great heroes.  These men claim to support the troops.  All the evidence is to the contrary; they support the Republican party and its huge pocket contributors.

Mr. Borden makes it seem as our sons and daughters serving—and employed—at Guantanamo Bay are victims of detainee abuse.  However, no journalists, even from Fox News, are allowed to speak to detainees.  Of the over five hundred men incarcerated at Guantanamo Bay, more than half aren’t charged with any crime against the Untied States; only that they were near a battle field or turned over for a bounty by local mercenaries paid per capture.  Even camp commander Colonel Vargo admits that men held in total isolation for twenty two hours a day need, “some kind of out.”   Conditions at Camps 5, 6, and 7, conform to the definitions of torture as defined by the Geneva Conventions; a document the government, military, and people of the United States of America signed and swore to uphold.

If we are to be proud of our military, its members must be faithful to the pledge they take: “Having been appointed an officer in the Army of the United States,...I do solemnly swear that I will defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic, that I will bear true faith and allegiance to to the same...”  Employees of Haliburton, KBR, Blackwater, and Nortel take no such oath.  Oaths to documents, it seems, are easily deconstructed for political gain.  If right wing extremists don’t like the laws of the United States, they should leave.  A secular legal system is what separates us from our enemies.  

This April more American military men and women died in the immoral war in Iraq than had since last September.  The surge, a revisionist term for a second invasion, has not been the success every right-wing screed has claimed.  Conditions at Walter Reed Hospital and Fort Bragg aren’t such good advertisements for how much Republicans support our troops.  It was the Bush administration and a Republican congress who lied to create this unending nightmare.  Of course they made a lot of money doing so.

Lee Kellogg

From the desk of Norbert S. Klopsch...

Get ready for Centennial

Plans are in place for a grand celebration of Oakwood’s one hundredth birthday. Targeted audiences include Oakwood residents – past, present and future – and friends and neighbors in the Dayton region.  Led by co-chairs Madeline Iseli and Dick Good, the broad based volunteer leaders have designed a centennial celebration with wide appeal and open admission.  The planning effort began over two years ago, has involved well over 100 citizens, and has included well over 100 meetings… get the theme?

Celebrating the “livability” of the City of Oakwood, the centennial celebration will build on existing attributes, events, and programs, including the long history of Oakwood volunteerism. Our aim is to leave behind a greater awareness and appreciation for Oakwood as a great place to live, while we have fun celebrating.

The celebration will focus on a series of weekend events between May 17 and August 17.  Events will be open to all citizens and will generally be free of charge.

Mark your calendar:


Our traditional community celebration, organized by the Oakwood Rotary, will be expanded and enhanced with a grand parade on Far Hills Avenue between Peach Orchard and Dellwood; the annual pancake breakfast; the Fun Run and 5K/10K races; and a festive afternoon carnival including games, rides, entertainment, good food and great fellowship.  Mayor Cook guarantees great weather!


As a showcase for Oakwood’s outstanding schools and students, these events feature a time capsule, essay contest, visual arts, performances and

sporting events, as well as special Oakwood author talks and storytelling at Wright Library.  All Oakwood alumni are encouraged to participate.

HIKE TO HOUK (June 22)

The natural beauty of our city will be featured in events that focus on the natural areas of our beautiful city. Physical fitness and outdoor recreation will be emphasized in activities for the whole family.

OAKWOOD RETROSPECTIVE...100 Years and Counting (July 12)

Our architectural heritage and beauty will be an emphasis of this celebration to include several exciting events.  A film depicting the history of Oakwood will premiere for all citizens to see.  Also, the citizens of Oakwood will have an opportunity to tour Hawthorn Hill, free of charge.


A stirring concert by the Air Force Band of Flight will be the centerpiece of this event.  We will  build on our traditional Ice Cream Social community celebration with a picnic supper, entertainment and games for the enjoyment of Oakwood citizens of all ages.

SPECIAL FEATURE – Centennial Club

We have invited all present and past Oakwood residents whose age plus the number of years of Oakwood residency (or years working in Oakwood) total at least 100 to be recognized as members of the Centennial Club.  Approximately 550 people have qualified for membership!  These Centennial Club members will be recognized throughout the celebration.

CENTENNIAL PARK – A Natural Legacy for Future Generations (June 22)

Contiguous to the City’s Houk Stream natural park area, this special 3.1 acre piece of property provides a much-needed space for enjoying the wonderful outdoors and for natural sciences education.  Hundreds of volunteer hours have already gone in to initial clean up of the site.  We have also just completed installation of a pedestrian bridge spanning Houk Stream, connecting the existing natural area to this new acreage.  The bridge is a gift coordinated through the Oakwood Rotary Club and involving several major contributors.  The contributors will be recognized at a formal bridge dedication ceremony to be held at 2:30 on Sunday, June 22, in connection with the Hike to Houk event.

CENTENNIAL PUBLICATION –A book entitled “Oakwood – From Acorn to Oak Tree: A Centennial Celebration 2008”

Over the next couple of weeks, every Oakwood household will receive as a gift a copy of this high quality, photo-rich publication.  Intended to provide a snapshot overview of Oakwood’s development in the areas being celebrated by the centennial – education, Oakwood’s natural beauty, the role of municipal government, and the importance of a strong local business community – this book will serve as a lovely keepsake for enjoyment in the years to come.  It was produced through the voluntary efforts of a wonderful group of citizens and funded through generous donations from our business community.

Additional details about these events will be publicized over the ensuing weeks. Please mark your calendars and plan to join your neighbors and friends in this “once in a hundred years” celebration.

Norbert S. Klopsch
Oakwood City Manager

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