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Sheri Ohmer was in the produce department of Dorothy Lane Mkt. early Tuesday morning.  (Where else would you find everyone you know?)  In answer to the:  “…what did you do over the Memorial Day weekend?”…her answer was:  “We spend the three day weekend in London.”  Now that’s a great ‘opener’. “Mom (that’s JiJi Huber Voltz)  had made plans to take everyone in her family to London… children, spouses, and grandchildren.  She made reservations for twenty nine!  We were all  ‘up’ for the get-together and all plans had ‘jelled’.  Then Mom had a real medical emergency…but she insisted she’d be A-OK and able to make the trip.  But her doctors said she couldn’t go, but you know Mom…she insisted we all go – or else!  We did and we had a super time together.  We all called Mom dozens of times during the three days and she said she felt as though she was with us.”

On Monday’s Memorial Day the Miami Valley Hunt had their annual Pace Event  at the Koik’s Kennel Farm in Champagne County.  About fifty horses were registered – but  there were seventy-one horses that morning!  Of course each horse had at least two people or more so the crowd was terrific.  ‘Teams’ of two or three were sent off through a flagged course at ten-minute intervals.  The course was several miles long so riders were out one and a half to two hours.  A member from Columbus had her three-year-old in a special rig in front of her saddle and the little girl was smiling and waving as they crossed the finish line.  A team of Mother-&-Daughter who didn’t know the country, were not checked in when everyone else was accounted for. Two gents on an ATV started a search-party along with several mounted ‘searchers’. During the terrific hunt-lunch and after the awarding of trophies – a pick-up truck pulled into the Koik’s drive carrying the ‘lost team’.  “We found this gentleman’s house…he offered to put our horses in his barn and drive us to Koik’s.  We’ll get our ‘rig’ and pick up our very tired horses!”

Aileen & Bud Welch invited friends to the ‘Steak Night’ party at Moraine Country Club.  A great ‘combo’ was playing.  The grills were grilling.  The cotton-wood-trees were ‘snowing’.  Jack & Mary Young, Terry and Tom Holton, John Gray, Marge & Pete Kuntz, Marty & Fred Ohmer were a various tables on the tented patio.  It was a beautiful, brisk evening.

Sunday’s New York Times made mention of ‘Dayton, Ohio’!  It was in an obituary of John Weber.  “…Mr. Weber graduated from Antioch College and was hired by Thomas Colt, Director or the Dayton Art Institute…”  Some of the older members of the Dayton Junior League will remember Thomas Colt.  In the ‘50’s the Junior League instituted a Ball at the DAI – for the benefit there of.  The League members knocked themselves out to make this Ball a big financial success.  And it was!  They realized $35,000 through their efforts!  And they did not consider this ‘chump change’.

A luncheon was held and the presentation of a check for $35,000 to Thomas Colt was the highlight of the event.  When Mr. Colt took the ‘mike’  the League girls were waiting to receive his thanks.  “Thirty-five-thousand is nice…but there really isn’t much you can buy for thirty-five…”

The committee was of a mind to demand the return of their check!  



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June 3, 2008
Volume 17, No. 23

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