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There were alotta birthdays last week…Dr. Bill Cassel, Connie Focke Breen, Nancy H. Sternal.  (Feel free to add any names we’ve missed.)    

And, there were alotta lunches last week…at Schlotzky’s, in Crosse Pointe,  with Kim Oliver, Jane Scharrer, and Jim Losh…  ‘Round Town even took Hope Taft there for lunch several months ago.   Bet the owners of ‘Schlotzky’s’ didn’t know that!
And, there are  alotta patriotic celebrations planned for  ‘The Fourth’.  So, be ye warned.

Ever heard of a ‘seat-filler’?  That’s what Pam McGinnis and John Johns were several weeks ago.  Now Pam is one of Dayton’s best known  actresses, and John is one of Dayton’s best actors.  Pam’s has had a great career in TV, and Journalism, and John is the music director of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church.

Pam and Carlo McGinnis’s (Carlo is Vice-Mayor of Oakwood) have two daughters living and working in New York City…Ann & Claire.  They’ve an apartment on East 84th Street.  

Claire works for Penguin Press and Ann is with Reath Local (“Their offices are across the street from the Empire State Building,” said Pam). “A classmate from Hanover College called Ann,” continued Pam.  “Would Ann like some seats for the Annual Tony Awards program…since the Tony’s are on national TV they want every seat ‘filled’…Ann jumped at the chance for her mother, and sent her friend the ‘rave’ notices from the local Dayton papers re:  Pam & John’s recent performance in “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf” by Edward Albee.  Ann’s friend sent the tickets, and also a letter from Albee who said he’d love to meet the Daytonians when they were in NYC! Arrangements were made, but alas Albee had a conflict, but wrote telling them he’d look forward to meeting them for drinks the next time they were in the City! “So, now I have his autograph, and his home address on Harmon Street in the Village.  His residence is named ‘The Office’.  I’ve even have his e-mail address and his phone number!  I certainly plan to contact him when next in NYC visiting Ann and Claire!”

Note:  Albee has received three Pulitzer’s and is certainly the most revered American author living today. He has two shows currently running on Broadway. “Who were some of the ‘celebrities’ you saw at the Tony’s.”  “Well,” began Pam.  “We sat amid John Lithgow (a native Yellow Springs boy), and Dustin Hoffman, and Brooke Shields, and Patty Lapone,  and Lisa Minelli

“The ‘Tonys’ don’t have all the glizt and ‘fluff’ like the ‘Oscars’. said Pam.  “It’s strictly about acting talent and ability, and not about designer dresses and the ‘red carpet’.”

“You are cordially invited to a reception to support Jane Mitakides, candidate for US Congress with special guest, Frances Strickland, First Lady of Ohio…at the home of Jean Woodhull and co-hosted by JoAnne Granzow on Monday, July 7 from
5:30 – 7 p.m.”  Please respond to:



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July 1, 2008
Volume 17, No. 27

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