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Have you ever attended a ‘Croppers Party’? Do you know what one is? One thing you should know – is that you do not ever- want to be one of the ‘Hosts’ of a ‘Croppers Party’. A ‘cropper’ does not mean: one who plants seeds in a field to produce a ‘crop’. A ‘Cropper’ is an olde-English-ism. It means” one who ‘bought sod’… which means ‘one who fell off his horse when hunting and went ‘splat’ in the crops!    

So, on the Fourth of July the Miami Valley Hunt held it’s Annual Croppers Party at the farm of Joint-Master Jim Stainbrook near Delaware, Ohio. Now, ‘all them what went ‘cropper’ during the past ‘season’ must ‘host them what didn’t…’ This ‘season’ there were about seven subscribers who qualified as ‘hosts’. That’s seven who’s ‘emergency dismounts’ were ‘viewed’ by members of the ‘field’. And, naturally, all falls are gleefully reported at the end of each ‘hunt’ because there is no loyalty among fellow subscribers – for the non-croppers are looking forward to that ‘free-feed’ at the end of the season! There were probably lots more who ‘bought sod’ but nobody saw ‘em and they didn’t get too muddy. Years ago one Joint-Master, Del Ring, came back to the kennel truck covered with mud and slime. But, “I did not fall-off…I dismounted in what looked like solid ground and fell into a swamp…(?). He ‘qualified ‘by unanimous’ consent.

The main entertainment at each party is: that ‘qualified ‘croppers’ must stand up and tell of their ‘mishap’. After much jeering and ‘…I’ll bets…’ the Witness stands up and describes what really happened…amid much cheering and clapping. Other than humiliation the ‘croppers’ only suffer an ‘injured wallet’ the day of the party.

The morning of the party Jim Stainbrook hosted a ‘Croppers Golf’ game at NorthStar Country Club for nine holes of golf. “We’ll have four ‘tee boxes’”, read Jim’s invitation. “Ladies, MVH Members, Champions, and Professionals.” At the luncheon no one had to tell which ‘box’ they’d used.

Bob & Kathy Bogart were there – in the non-cropper category. Bob had a copy of an article from ‘Broadway World’ re: their son, Matt Bogart. Many at the party have seen Matt on Broadway as the star of ‘Miss Saigon’, ‘Aida’, ‘Smoky Joes…’ and many others.

Downtown Dayton was ‘hopp’en’ over the Fourth. Many Oakwood-ites went down to the roof-top of ‘The Newcom’ building to view the fireworks. Joan Franks made a full report when dog-walking early Sunday morning.

Dayton Country Club was busy last Saturday evening. Carol Harrah, Asst. Mgr. said: “We’ve got a huge wedding party scheduled, but you can play bridge in the Ladies Locker Room downstairs and then dine on the Porch. Jack Wagner and Jack Heck felt a little self-conscious in the Ladies Locker. Maybe that’s why they ‘got beat’ at bridge.

The Porch was really busy. The ‘decibels’ were up from all the boo-ing and clapping for the golfers playing in under critical ‘eaters’. Dale Nash & Aldene had fun giving players a bad-time. ‘Nashy’ knew everyone on the porch and ‘visited’ with every one. Carol & Tom Breitenbach played nine holes and then had a table on the porch with family members. The evening was beautiful…the perfect ending for a ‘Glorious-Fourth’.

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July 8, 2008
Volume 17, No. 28

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