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Jean Woodhull’s gardens on Runnymede Road are famous…and so were her guests last week. First Lady of Ohio Frances Strickland was there to admire Jean’s gardens and to speak for Jane Mitakides who’s running for Congress. Jo Granzow, chair of “GOP for Jane”, co-chairs Craig & Nancy Michaud, Mike & Karen Yoakum, Lynn Alejandrino, Patty Skilken, Connie Price Testeman, Dr. Judy Green, and Janet Padue…about fifty attendees in all.

Frances Strickland said: “I can’t wait to se what Jan will do in Washington…it won’t take a week for her to start getting things done!” She added that Gov. Strickland had enjoyed a long friendship with Jane…”Imagine what they will be able to do together.”

And kudos to the Oakwood Police Dept. who helped parking on Runnymede…

Later that week Dr. Sergio & Lynn Alejandrino hosted an event for Jane in Washington Township. Lynn even provided a ‘stump’ for Jane to stand on!

The Oakwood Avenue Dog Walkers are as numerous as the drivers trying to get through the ‘…yellow brick road’. Course, every walker knows every driver, and the names of their dogs, and the ‘make’ of their cars, and that you’d better make that confab brief or…

But one such traffic confrontation brought every dog, walker, and each car to a complete halt – for a really unique, interesting, and fascinating traffic jam. It was caused by Paige Bartlett. She was driving and stopped to say ‘Hi’ to some walkers. “Where have you been…haven’t seen you for awhile..” Paige: “I’ve been to the North Pole!” All traffic stopped. “I flew to Murmansk (that’s on the Barents Sea…near Norway) and I got on a Russian Icebreaker, and we broke our way through the ice to the North Pole!” About then along walked Mark & Cindy Garner with ‘Lacy’. “You’ve been where?” they asked of Paige…..

Several cars pulled up and stopped….one was Jean Woodhull so she was included in the conversation…the other cars just gave the group dirty looks and had no idea what they’d missed! “There were eighty three people on board…fascinating…” Now, where else could you stand on an old brick street in Ohio and hear about a Russian Icebreaker and the North Pole?

Do any of you old timers remember The Xenia Avenue Feed Store? If you had horses years ago you would have dealt with Xenia Ave., and if you lived out in the country you had to go over there to pick-up your horse feed. Why on earth is this long-gone store being mentioned? Well, the New York Times recently had a long distressing ‘piece’ about a plague that’s wiping-out ferrets! Ferrets were a pearl-beyond-price if you had feed-grains for farm animals cause the rats ate-up more than the horses and cows. Now the great old grandfather of the Xenia Avenue family always had a family of ferrets living under the wooden floors of his store – and he never had a rat problem – cause ferrets lived on rats! A crisis arose when the Xenia Avenue ferret family didn’t ‘produce’ any new ferrets. A long search finally found some ferrets in Kansas – and the feed store and local live stock owners would relax!

A ‘related’ report! A young beaver has been sighted on and under the new ‘bridge’ across Houk Stream. No beaver-chewed-and-felled-trees have been found – but ‘Bucky Beaver’ may be looking for a tasty tree for his water-front condo.

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July 22, 2008
Volume 17, No. 30

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