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Dolphins win 5th straight championship

The Oakwood Dolphins swam away with their fifth consecutive Miami Valley Swimming Association (MVSA) championship at Wittenberg University on July 25th, becoming the first team in league history to win five championships in a row.  The Dolphins dominated teams from Wilmington, Beavercreek, Yellow Springs, Huber Heights, Forest Ridge and Waynesville by winning 40 of the 80 events and they finished either first or second in 60 of the 80 events.  They also scored a record total of 1,090 points, the first time in league history that a team has scored over one thousand points.

Age group winners at the championships included the 6 & Under Girls,  7-8 Girls, 7-8 Boys, 9-10 Girls, 11-12 Girls, 11-12 Boys, and 15-18 Girls.  During the regular season, Oakwood won seven dual meets in convincing fashion and lost one very closely contested meet.  At the annual team picnic, the first place banner was proudly displayed and the following swimmers were presented special awards:

The 6 & Under Girls Most Valuable Player (MVP) was Hailey Moran, the Most Improved was Ella Gould, and the Coach’s Award was Grace Paddon.  The 6&Under Boys MVP was Rylan Quigley, the Most Improved was Dylan Michael, and the Coach’s Award went to Cole Miller.

The 7-8 Girls MVP was Paige Heyl, the Most Improved was Anna McCarty, and the Coach’s Award went to Calista Miller  For the 7-8 Boys, Liam Halpin was the MVP and the Most Improved was J.V. Boozell.

For the 9-10 Girls, Megan Schmitz was the MVP, Molly Boozell was the Most Improved, and Evie Armitage won the Coach’s Award.  The 9-10 Boys MVP was Connor Quigley, the Most Improved was Evan Lapera, and Adam Heyl won the Coach’s Award.

The 11-12 Girls MVPs were Nicole Edwards and Rebekah Wilhoit and the Coach’s Award went to Sarah Reymann.  For the 11-12 Boys, Brock Turner was the MVP and Jackson Higgins won the Coach’s Award.

For the 13-14 Girls, the MVP was Eleanore Hong and the Coach’s Award was presented to Lauren Yu.  The 13-14 Boys MVP was Guido Saccaggi.  The 15-18 Girls MVP was Sarah Wilhoit and the Coach’s Award went to Jami Montesano.  

For the 15-18 Boys, the MVP was Daniel Schmitz.

The final award presented was the Flipper Award, given annually to the swimmer who best exhibits the characteristics of hard work, dedication, and self-sacrifice.  This year’s winner was Kelsey Rieger. Championship meet results by age group are shown below:

6 & Under Girls: 25 Meter Backstroke-1st Grace Paddon, 2nd Hailey Moran, 3rd Lily Eifert, 4th Ellie Murdock, 10th Phoebe DuPuy, 11th Ella Gould, 12th Isabella See, 14th Ellen Behnke 25 Meter Freestyle-1st Hailey Moran, 2nd Grace Paddon, 3rd Ellie Murdock, 7th Ella Gould, 8th Lily Eifert, 11th Isabella See, 12th Phoebe DuPuy, 14th Sophia McCarty, 16th Ellen Behnke.

6 & Under Boys: 25 Meter Backstroke-1st Rylan Quigley, 9th Dylan Michael.  25 Meter Freestyle-1st Rylan Quigley, 2nd Cole Miller, 9th Logan Morrissey, 11th Dylan Michael.

7-8 Girls: 25 Meter Backstroke- 2nd Paige Heyl, 4th Anna McCarty, 6th Macleary Moran, 8th Calista Miller, 12th Mary Kidwell, 13th Marissa Dewing, 14th Lily Behnke, 17th Lily Michael, 19th McKenna Morrissey, 20th  Allison Gantt, 22nd Hannah Grushon, 23rd  Samantha Auditore, 32nd  Elizabeth Ordeman, 36th Rachel Thielen, 38th Alex Barker,  40th Sofia DuPuy, 45th Lili Huelsman.  25 Meter Butterfly- 3rd Lily Behnke, 4th Macleary Moran,  5th Caroline Goeller.  25 Meter Breaststroke- 2nd Paige Heyl, 3rd Caroline Goeller, 6th Calista Miller, 8th Mimi Connelly.  25 Meter Freestyle- 2nd Caroline Goeller, 4th Macleary Moran, 5th Paige Heyl, 6th Anna McCarty, 11th Calista Miller, 13th Lily Behnke, 14th Allison Gantt, 17th Samantha Auditore, 21st McKenna Morrissey, 22nd  Mary Kidwell, 28th Hannah Grushon, 30th Lily Michael, 33rd  Marissa Dewing, 38th Elizabeth Ordeman, 41st Alex Barker, 44th Sofia DuPuy, 45th Rachel Thielen, 49th Lili Huelsman.  100 Meter Medley Relay- 2nd M. Moran, P. Heyl, C. Goeller, A. Gantt,  3rd  A. McCarty, C. Miller, L. Behnke, M. Morrissey.  100 Meter Freestyle Relay- 1st M. Moran, L. Behnke, P. Heyl, C. Goeller, 3rd  M. Morrissey, C. Miller, A. Gantt, A. McCarty, 7th A. Barker, M. Kidwell, M. Dewing, S. Auditore.

7-8 Boys: 25 Meter Backstroke- 2nd Clay Goertemiller, 6th Trent Gould, 10th J.V. Boozell, 12th Jack Mescher, 17th Max Leasure, 20th Joshua Leasure, 23rd Luke Breidenbach, 26th Ben Collinson.  25 Meter Butterfly-1st Clay Goertemiller, 3rd Liam Halpin.  25 Meter Breaststroke- 1st Clay Goertemiller, 11th Liam Halpin, 12th Rylan Quigley.  25 Meter Freestyle- 4th Trent Gould, 5th Liam Halpin, 10th J.V. Boozell, 14th Jack Mescher, 22nd Maxwell Leasure, 26th Luke Breidenbach, 28th Joshua Leasure, 29th Ben Collinson. 100 Meter Medley Relay- 1st T. Gould, C. Goertemiller, L. Halpin, R. Quigley.  100 Meter Freestyle Relay- 1st R. Quigley, L. Halpin, T. Gould, C. Goertemiller, 4th C. Miller, M. Leasure, J. Mescher, J.V. Boozell.

9-10 Girls: 25 Meter Backstroke- 1st Katie Sickinger, 4th Annie Rhodes, 6th Stephanie Leasure, 12th Abby Welch, 15th Sydney Corbean, 16th Emmy Cobb, 17th Abby Eifert, 19th Kaylee Lutz, 22nd  Evie Armitage, 26th Kiandra Coon, 27th Christina Huelsman, 31st Natalie Thielen, 32nd Emily Barker, 33rd Hannah Knorr, 38th Lauren Turner.   25 Meter Butterfly- 1st Cassiday Fry, 2nd Megan Schmitz, 3rd Mira Rhodes, 5th Casie Neahring.  25 Meter Breaststroke- 1st Megan Schmitz, 2nd Cassie Neahring, 4th Annie Rhodes, 17th Evie Armitage.  25 Meter Freestyle-1st Katie Sickinger, 5th Cassidy Fry, 6th Emmy Cobb, 10th Abby Welch, 12th Sydney Corbean, 16th Evie Armitage, 17th Stephanie Leasure, 19th Abby Eifert, 20th Kayle Lutz, 23rd Natalie Thielen, 32nd Emily Barker, 34th Christina Huelsman, 36th Hannah Knorr, 37th Kiandra Coon.   50 Meter Freestyle- 1st Mira Rhodes, 2nd Megan Schmitz, 5th Cassie Neahring, 6th Emmy Cobb, 10th Abby Welch, 11th Sydney Corbean, 12th Stephanie Leasure, 16th Kaylee Lutz, 20th Abby Eifert, 22nd Christina Huelsman, 28th Emily Barker, 33rd  Natalie Thielen, 34th Hannah Knorr,  35th Kiandra Coon.  100 Meter Individual Medley- 1st Katie Sickinger, 3rd Mira Rhodes,  4th Annie Rhodes, 6th Cassidy Rhodes.  100 Meter Medley Relay- 1st K. Sickinger, M. Schmitz, C. Fry, M. Rhodes, 2nd S. Leasure, C. Neahring, A. Rhodes, E. Cobb, 6th K. Lutz, E. Barker, S. Corbean, A. Welch, 11th C. Huelsman, A. Eifert, N. Thielen, E. Armitage.  100 Meter Freestyle Relay- 1st M. Schmitz, C. Fry, M. Rhodes, K. Sickinger, 3rd A. Rhodes, C. Neahring, A. Welch, E. Cobb, 7th E. Armitage, K. Lutz, S. Leasure, S. Corbean, 10th E. Barker, K. Coon, A. Eifert, C. Huelsman.

9-10 Boys: 25 Meter Backstroke- 1st Dutch Kipp, 8th Walker Berwald, 14th Michael Gantt, 16th Evan Lepera, 17th Jack Eifert.  25 Meter Butterfly- 7th Jack Eifert, 8th Walker Berwald.  25 Meter Breaststroke- 2nd Connor Quigley, 8th Jack Eifert, 10th Adam Heyl.  25 Meter Freestyle- 1st Connor Quigley, 7th Michael Gantt, 9th Adam Heyl, 18th Evan Lepera.  50 Meter Freestyle- 2nd Dutch Kipp, 4th Connor Quigley, 9th Michael Gantt, 10th Walker Berwald.  100 Meter Individual Medley- 2nd Dutch Kipp, 7th Adam Heyl.  100 Meter Medley Relay- 2nd W. Berwald, C. Quigley, D. Kipp, M. Gantt, 5th J. Leasure, J. Eifert, A. Heyl, E. Lepera.  100 Meter Freestyle Relay- 1st C. Quigley, W. Berwald, M. Gantt, D. Kipp, 8th A. Heyl, E. Lepera, L. Breidenbach, J. Eifert.

11-12 Girls: 50 Meter Backstroke- 1st Nicole Edwards, 5th Rebekah Wilhoit, 6th Ellen Geiselman, 7th Georgie Murdock, 10th Charlotte Berwald, 14th Rachelle Cook, 15th Taylor Morrissey, 18th Madeline Welch, 22nd Breana Ramus, 25th Sarah Reymann, 27th Emily Gould, 29th Erin Halpin, 32nd Alex Fester, 36th Madeline Heyl.  50 Meter Butterfly-2nd Nicole Edwards, 3rd Alexandra Coon, 6th Ellen Geiselman, 12th Maggie Goeller.  50 Meter Breaststroke- 2nd Jordan Higgins, 4th Noelle Kipp, 5th Maggie Goeller, 10th Kathleen Rieger.  50 Meter Freestyle- 2nd Jordan Higgins, 5th Taylor Morrissey,8th Charlotte Berwald, 11th Rachelle Cook, 12th Georgie Murdock, 13th Alexandra Coon, 15th Maggie Goeller, 18th Breana Ramus, 19th Madeline Welch, 20th Janie Behnke, 28th Sarah Reymann, 31st Emily Gould, 34th Abby Hamilton, 36th Victoria Ordeman, 40th Madeline Heyl, 41st Kathleen Rieger, 42nd Alex Fester, 43rd Erin Halpin.  100 Meter Freestyle- 1st  Nicole Edwards, 4th Noelle Kipp, 6th Rebekah Wilhoit, 7th Charlotte Berwald, 8th Rachelle Cook, 10th Ellen Geiselman, 12th Taylor Morrissey, 14th Alexandra Coon, 17th Breana Ramus, 19th Madeline Welch, 20th Emily Gould, 21st Sarah Reymann, 22nd Janie Behnke, 26th Victoria Ordeman, 28th Madeline Heyl, 29th Alex Fester, 30th Erin Halpin, 31st Kathleen Rieger .  100 Meter Individual Medley Relay- 2nd Jordan Higgins, 3rd Noelle Kipp, 4th Rebekah Wilhoit, 6th Georgie Murdock.  200 Meter Medley Relay- 1st N. Edwards, N. Kipp, A. Coon, J. Higgins, 4th R. Wilhoit, M. Goeller, E. Geiselman, R. Cook, 6th G. Murdock, K. Rieger, C. Berwald, T. Morrissey, 10th J. Behnke, M. Welch, B. Ramus, E. Gould.  200 Meter Freestyle Relay- 1st N. Kipp, R. Wilhoit, J. Higgins, N. Edwards, 3rd A. Coon, C. Berwald, T. Morrissey, R. Cook, 7th M. Goeller, M. Welch, E. Geiselman, G. Murdock, 11th S. Reymann, A. Hamilton, J. Behnke, E. Gould, 12th K. Rieger, V. Ordeman, M. Heyl, E. Halpin.

11-12 Boys: 50 Meter Backstroke- 1st Jackson Higgins, 2nd Ryan Kugel, 16th Jakob Breidenbach, 19th Liam Nolan.  50 Meter Butterfly- 2nd Brock Turner, 11th Peyton Sawyer.  50 Meter Breaststroke- 1st Jackson Higgins, 2nd Ryan Kugel.  50 Meter Freestyle- 1st Jackson Higgins, 11th Jakob Breidenbach, 12th Peyton Sawyer, 26th Liam Nolan.  100 Meter Freestyle- 2nd Brock Turner, 11th Peyton Sawyer, 15th Jakob Breidenbach, 22nd Liam Nolan.  100 Meter Individual Medley- 1st Brock Turner, 3rd Ryan Kugel.  200 Meter Medley Relay- 1st R. Kugel, J. Higgins, B. Turner, P. Sawyer.  200 Meter Freestyle Relay- 1st J. Higgins, P. Sawyer, R. Kugel, B. Turner.

13-14 Girls: 50 Meter Backstroke- 1st Eleanore Hong, 2nd Emily Kugel.  50 Meter Butterfly- 4th Emily Kugel, 5th Jennifer Schmitz, 7th Lauren Yu.  50 Meter Breaststroke- 2nd Jennifer Schmitz, 6th Kelsey Rieger.  50 Meter Freestyle- 3rd Jennifer Schmitz, 6th Emily Kugel, 13th Lauren Yu.  100 Meter Freestyle- 1st Eleanore Hong, 10th Kelsey Rieger, 11th Lauren Yu .  100 Meter Individual Medley- 1st Eleanore Hong, 8th Kelsey Rieger.  200 Meter Medley Relay- 1st E. Hong, K. Rieger, E. Kugel, J. Schmitz.  200 Meter Freestyle Relay- 2nd J. Schmitz, L. Yu, E. Kugel, E. Hong.

13-14 Boys: 50 Meter Backstroke- 2nd Guido Saccaggi.  50 Meter Freestyle- 6th Guido Saccaggi.  100 Meter Freestyle- 3rd David Ireland, 6th Daniel Schmitz, 11th A.J. Monesano.  100 Meter Individual Medley- 5th Guido Saccaggi.  

15-18 Girls: 50 Meter Backstroke- 4th Natasha Wilhoit, 11th Jami Montesano.  50 Meter Butterfly- 2nd Natasha Wahl, 4th Sarah Wilhoit.  50 Meter Breaststroke- 12th Jami Montesano, 13th Sarah Wilhoit.  50 Meter Freestyle- 3rd Ellen Viereckl, 14th Jami Montesano.  100 Meter Freestyle- 1st Natasha Wahl, 4th E. Viereckl.  100 Meter Individual Medley- 5th Sarah Wilhoit, 6th E. Viereckl.  200 Meter Medley Relay- 1st Sarah Wilhoit, Jami Montesano, N. Wahl, E. Viereckl.  200 Meter Freestyle Relay- 1st E. Viereckl, J. Montesano, S. Wilhoit, N. Wahl.

15-18 Boys: 50 Meter Backstroke- 2nd Daniel Schmitz.  50 Meter Breaststroke- 3rd Taylor Rhodes.  50 Meter Freestyle- 4th Taylor Rhodes.  100 Meter Freestyle- 2nd Taylor Rhodes.  100 Meter Individual Medley- 1st Daniel Schmitz.  200 Meter Medley Relay- 3rd G. Saccaggi, T. Rhodes, D. Schmitz, J. Breidenbach.  200 Meter Freestyle Relay- 6th T. Rhodes, J. Breidenbach, G. Saccaggi, D. Schmitz.

Athletic Hall of Fame Banquet Aug. 21
Reservation deadline Aug. 15

The Oakwood High School Athletic Hall of Fame Committee would like to invite the public to the First Annual Oakwood Athletic Hall of Fame Banquet to be held Thursday, Aug. 21 at the Dayton Country Club (jacket/no denim) beginning at 6 p.m.

Cost for the event is $30 for adults and $12 for children 12 and under.  Social hours begins at 6 p.m. with heavy hors d’ouvres; program begins at 7:15 pm.  To purchase tickets for the event, please send a check made payable to Oakwood Athletic Boosters, and mail to Oakwood Athletic Hall of Fame, 1200 Far Hills Avenue, Dayton, OH  45419 by Aug. 15, 2008.  Attendees will not receive a ticket in the mail; check in begins at 5:45 p.m. at the Dayton Country Club.

 For more information, please contact Mark Hughes, Chairman, Hall of Fame Committee, at (937) 297-5342

OHS Booster News

BOOSTER DAYS:  August 14 and 15.   Booster Days kicks off Thursday night, Aug. 14  when the girls soccer team  scrimmages Butler 5:00 p.m. and the boys soccer team plays the Alumni at 7 p.m.  On Friday, the Oakwood Football team will scrimmage Minster at 7 p.m.  Both nights are held in the Oakwood Stadium. Admission is free.  Concessions will be open! Come support the Jacks and Jills!   

ATHLETIC TICKETS: Season tickets, reserved seating and ticket price information can be viewed by logging onto the school website at and selecting athletics and ticket information.
Tickets may be purchased in the Athletic Office prior to the start of school from
8 a.m. – 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. – 4 p.m.

BOOSTER MEMBERSHIP:  Information was mailed in July to all families with school aged children grades 7 - 12. We welcome and encourage all community members to support our Oakwood Junior and Senior High athletic program by joining the Athletic Booster Association. Membership forms will be available in the fall school registration packet, the fall sports program, or call Jeff Breidenbach at 293-2767 or Diane Scott at 294-8469.

SPIRIT SHOP: The new selection of 2008 Lumberjack Spirit-wear will be premiered on both Booster Days, Aug. 14 and 15, and at the Ice Cream Social, Aug. 17.  Items will also be sold at all home Oakwood football games.  Support the Lumberjacks by wearing Blue and Gold to all the games!

HOMECOMING TAILGATE: The Boosters will sponsor a Tailgate on Friday, Oct. 3, 2008 at 6 p.m. before the Homecoming game against Milton Union. Join us for a hamburger cookout in front of the stadium.

Mark your calendars . . .Saturday, March 14, 2009.


Parent/athlete meeting Aug. 13

Oakwood High School will hold its fall sports parent/athlete meeting on Wednesday, Aug. 13 at 7 p.m. in the auditorium. High school coaches will be on hand to answer questions about the upcoming season.

Varsity soccer alumni game slated Aug. 14

The Oakwood High School varsity/alumni soccer game will be played on Thursday, Aug. 14 at 7 p.m. The alumni will be playing the OHS varsity team. Contact Kyle Duwel at 272-4560 or for more information.

There will be a $10 charge to participate which will cover the cost of a T-shirt. Players will need to arrive at the stadium no later than 6:30 p.m. on Aug. 14. Alumni will need to wear shin guards, white socks and dark shorts.

Field hockey alumni game Aug. 16

Calling all Oakwood Field Hockey Alumnas!  The 2008 Oakwood Field Hockey Alumni Game is set for Saturday, Aug. 16 at 11 a.m. at Irving Field.  Please help us kick off our season with a great game against our high school team.  

Contact head coach Lindsay Schafer if you have any questions at or 545-8228.  Yeah, Rah, Hockey!

OCC youth soccer deadline Aug. 17

Wednesday, Sept. 8 – Thursday, Oct. 23 Boys and Girls Grades 1st-6th. All practices and games will begin at 6 p.m.  Girls 1st-4th play Tuesday & Thursday and Boys 1st-3rd  play Monday & Wednesday. No requests for team placement or schedule considerations will be honored.  5th & 6th grade girls and 4th, 5th, & 6th grade boys will play on modified co-ed teams. Co-ed teams will practice on Monday and Wednesday.  Registration ends Sunday, Aug. 17, 5 p.m.

Fall 7th/8th grade hoop league

A fall junior high boys basketball league is to be held at The Miami Valley School. The League is open to all boys entering the seventh and eighth grades this upcoming school year.

The League features equal playing time for all players in Miami Valley’s two gyms. The league will be held on Sunday evenings with game times of 4:30, 5:15, and 6 p.m., will not interfere with any fall sports.

The league starts on Sunday, Sept. 7 and concludes on Oct. 26. Cost of the league is $75, which includes game jersey and a minimum of eight games. Any questions, please contact Mike Piatt, varsity boys basketball coach, at (937) 638-7762 or

Baseball signups at Patterson Park

Patterson Park is now taking registrations for its autumn baseball leagues. Play will run approximately Thursday, August 21 thru Saturday, October 11. Leagues for players 9-11 will be on the Little League fields (60 ft. bases) on Irving Avenue while league for 12-13 year-old players (80 ft. bases) and 14-18 year-old players (90 ft. bases) will be at the “upstairs” facility off the Stewart Street entrance.

Players ages 9 through 13 may obtain registration materials at For questions, please call Jim Murphy at 298-8473.

Registration materials for players 14-18 will be available soon. Please call Jimmy Chandler at 256-3740 for questions about this age group.

12 to 14-year-old league opens

Patterson Park is now taking registration for its autumn baseball leagues including the new 12-14 year old transitional league. In this age group – past Little League but not yet varsity – games will be played on 90’ bases with 60’ pitching distances at Patterson Park on the upstairs fields off Stewart Street.

There will be a maximum of 12 players per team and transition league teams will play two games per week on Thursdays and Saturdays. As always there will also be the “downstairs” autumn league, now for 9-11 year olds, on the Little League fields off Irving Ave. Games will be Wednesday and Saturdays. Patterson Park continues to offer the High School baseball league for 14-18 year olds on the “upstairs” diamonds.

League play runs from Aug. 20 through approximately Oct. 11. Individual awards for top categories are awarded at seasons end.Information and registration forms can be found at the Patterson Park Baseball Website, which is

For  9-11 year olds questions please call Mark Laidler at 299-4824.
For 12-14 year olds questions please call Jim Murphy at 298-8473.
For 14-18 year olds, please call Jimmy Chandler at 256-3740 for all information.

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