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What’s happening with Sugarcamp development?

In a status update at the Aug. 4 meeting of the Oakwood City Council, Jay Weiskircher, assistant city manager , referred to two interesting changes regarding Sugarcamp:

1) A new builder is being sought for the development. No mention whatever was made of the fact that Versant Group, which was to do the construction, sold its Sugarcamp property to the Oakwood Investment Group. According to Courthouse records, the 7.3 acres that was sold by NCR to Versant Group for $1.2-million on July 21, 2006, was sold by Versant Group on July 17, 2008 to Oakwood Investment Group for $986,164. What was the reason for this sale? Why was this not disclosed at the city council meeting?

2) Work has stopped at the development site.
Our city officials need to give us a full disclosure of what is going on at Sugarcamp. The citizens of Oakwood deserve no less.

Faye Wenner


According to Allan Rinzler of Oakwood Investment Group, Versant did sell its acreage to the Oakwood Investment Group but will still be involved with the development aspect of the site. As regards the lack of activity, there is still work being performed at the site. According to Rinzler, Vectren Energy Delivery is currently installing gas lines throughout the proposed housing complex area and DP&L is erecting telephone poles and lines in the area.

Kudos to MVRA restaurant charity

A little over a week ago the Miami Valley Restaurant Association held their twice-a-year Restaurant Week (early Winter and mid Summer).

This time forty establishments offered a three-course meal for only $20.08 with one dollar of each sale going to support the Miami Valley Food Bank and an MVRA Scholarship.

I was able to take advantage of this event three times during the week and each time there was an Oakwood connection involved.  I first went to Jay’s Seafood in the
Oregon District. Jay Haverstick (OHS -58) and his daughter Amy have been among the early leaders of this popular event.  His boyhood home as he attended Oakwood schools was the same house in which I now live!

The  Salmon Ravioli was a wonderful taste treat for me as the spinach and wild mushrooms were very appropriate as partners for the salmon.  My next two meals were both at Lance Stewart’s Oakwood Club.

He had two options both of which were favorites for me so I had to eat there twice. The first was a Pan seared Pork Chop over sweet potato.  The second was Pecan-crusted Tilapia for a fine mild fish dish.  The staff at both establishments are so very competent and friendly that the dining was a special event for me.

I congratulate both of these restaurants for being a part of the MVRA Restaurant Week. Thanks for helping those in need by providing me with delicious meals and super service!

James K. Uphoff

Remembering a great citizen

It was with great sadness that I read of the death of Oakwood resident Caryl Rader. For two years I worked the polls at the Oakwood Community Center under Caryl’s leadership as the presiding judge. One could not find a better person for the job. He was open-minded, firm, conscientious, and delightful to work with. To be a poll worker is not an easy job: it requires stamina and the ability to pay attention to detail. Caryl knew how to keep us alert and relaxed so we could all work to the best of our abilities. It’s hard to believe that this man—so young at heart—will no longer be present at the Precinct B table on Election Day. But I will always revere my acquaintance with him and the democratic principles he upheld with decorum and command.

Nancy Bain
444 Acorn Drive


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