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Saturday and Sunday were the ‘final days’ of Oakwood’s Centennial Celebrations. On Saturday  ‘The Rotary Bridge’ was dedicated, and on Sunday the High School Stadium was the scene of the Centennial Finale and the Ice Cream Social, and the picnic supper.  So, this evening ‘Round Town will ‘tag on’ a colorful, comprehensive, in-depth, factual (?) account of “…the last days of the hundredth…”

Meanwhile, here’s what Oakwood-ites have been doing and hearing and chatting about over the back-fences.  Mark Garner told a ‘dog walker’ that he and Cindy were “…just back from a great week at Jean Woodhull’s summer place on Upper Traverse Bay, MI.  “Did Lacy go too?”  “No, she spent her vacation at Wag’s Inn.”  That’s the canine-camp and spa near Yellow Springs that Terry Holton recommended to all of her dog walking neighbors.

Cheri Ohmer, during her South Carolina peaches home deliveries, reported on daughter Andrea’s horse-showing activities.  “We’re just back from The Trader’s Point Horse Show in Zionsville.  “and you’re right, that’s the greatest Hunter-Jumper show in the middle west.  Your friend Liz Johnson, MFH has the most beautiful show grounds! There were twenty-two horses in Andrea’s “Large Junior Division’.  Her horse is just recovering from a bad ‘colic’ and so was not in top form.  She did get a 7th place in one class…had a ‘chip’ in another, and ‘in-too-tight’ to another fence…We’ll be showing at the Kentucky Horse Park all next week.”

Ginny Whalen and daughter Kathy Kavanaugh are just home from a cruise up the East Coast – Maine and points North and South. “It was nine days,” said Ginny.  It rained eight days.  The tides were so low that when we’d pull into the charming little coastal villages  we couldn’t dock or the gang planks were so steep that I couldn’t navigate them.  We’d made arrangements to have Bobby Breen pick us up when we landed in Bar Harbour and take us out to Long Pond to see his Mother’s, Connie Breen, super spot.  Well, the ship’s Captain announced the night before Bar Harbour – that the itinerary had been changed…and…we weren’t able to phone Bobby…But we did enjoy many of the passengers, and…”

Amy Everman, she’s Marty & Fred Ohmer’s  granddaughter, “…and I’m allowed to brag about a granddaughter!” declared Marty.  But you’d better call her Mother, Missy Ohmer Everman, to get the facts straight.  Missy confirmed all of Marty’s facts.
Amy’s been seen on, and raved about, and performed on lots of Dayton-area stages. “She’s a student at Univ. of Dayton, and has just received an Internship with Fox Broadcasting in New York City to work on the ‘Fox & Friends’ program on cable – channel #68.   “It’s a four month Internship,” continued Missy.  She’ll be doing interviewing, and writing…must be at work by five every morning – it’s a morning show…we’re frantically trying to find a place for her to live that’s near the studio…”

“Your second daughter, Ollie, is quite a golfer.  What’s she doing this summer?” “She’s a Junior at Centerville H.S.  Just won the Girls Golf of Western Ohio Conference And she’s Girls Club Champion of Yankee Trace, The Mound, and NCR Country Clubs…”

OK, back to Sunday afternoon at the Oakwood High School Stadium.  By three o’clock there were a few parking places near the stadium.  Dick Good, Chair of the Centennial Committee stood at the tunnel entrance with clip board, schedule, etc. in hand.  “The Talent Show begins at 3: 30…there’s alotta activities going on in the East side of the football field…the dinner-tent is set up there…those folding chairs on the field facing the stage are for the Centennial Club members…where Sally Riffle and her son Pete Riffle are sitting…”

Norbert Klopsch said the Oakwood Distinguished Alumni dinner at Moraine Saturday evening had been a great success and also they’d had about a hundred Oakwood-ites at the dedication of the Rotary Bridge on Saturday afternoon.

The Centennial Finale and annual Ice Cream Social had its venue this year at OHS’ Mack Hummon Field. By 3:30 the crowds were coming – by foot and auto – and everyone was looking for a shady spot to sit.  Izzy Schaeffer and Judy Cook, and Hank Hull found some shade – but it was beside the loud-speakers so they decided that the ‘sun was better’.

Dan Ferneding was the Emcee for the talent show – and he was terrific!  He always had the perfect comment to make when introducing and thanking the many ‘talented acts’.  He gave ‘Kudos’ to all the ‘sponsors’, and introduced the three Judges of the Talent Show – Mary Jo Scalzo, Marty Ebeling, and the ‘Ohio Players’ representative.  Dan had a trove of embarrassing personal questions for the three Judges. The Oakwood Register carries pictures of the winners of the Talent Show. There were three divisions – according to the ages of the participants.

By 4:30 the stadium was packed and people were still arriving. After the talent show, a lull in the action allowed the crowd to walk over for a chicken dinner with all the trimmings.


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