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Kudos to Leisure Services

I just wanted to give a huge thank you to Oakwood Leisure Services, whom I’m sure feel unappreciated at times.  First it was the wonderful new Orchardly Park. Great for little kids, and with so many more activities for older kids than the previous park.  My son is two and loves it, and I have seen kids up to twelve enjoying themselves. It has been a real gift.

I am writing this letter, however, because we have just come from our first experience at the family fall festival.  It was truly a wonderful event.  Words simply cannot describe.  The lines were manageable, the food was inexpensive, the activities were plentiful, the hay ride was beautiful.  My two-year-old won the Diaper Derby, and was gifted a lovely Oakwood hat and socks perfect for winter.  He had a wonderful time, and when I left I wasn’t so exhausted I wanted to die.  We painted a pumpkin, didn’t stand in line too long for any one activity, danced, and had a hot dog.  We were there for two and a half hours, and neither one of us were exhausted.  It was the highlight of our season so far.

I just really wanted to thank the Department of Leisure Services for all the work they do to make this a truly unique and wonderful place to live and raise a child.  There are many advantages to living in Oakwood: low crime, great schools, small community, and I believe that the folks at leisure services belong on the list. So everyone at leisure services, if you get to read this give yourselves a standing ovation, you deserve it.  And from an appreciative resident THANK YOU.  Your hard work has not gone un-noticed!!

Melissa Weatherly
Acorn Drive

To the Community

Recently, we were asked to be chaperones at the OHS Homecoming Dance. We were glad to help out. Since this was the first event with the breathalyzers being used, we were curious to see how everything would go. We were so proud of all the students. The process was fast and without incident. We want to thank Mr. Boyle, Mr. Hughes  and Dr. Scalzo and the teachers  who did a fabulous job and put the students at ease. We are behind the school 100 percent and hope that other schools will follow in this practice. As parents, the bottom line is we all want to keep our children safe.

Todd and Kim Howell

Obama no moderate

Glen Cebulash’s spin on the Presidential race is amazing.  He refers to Obama as a moderate.  How can the senator with the most undisputed liberal voting recorded in the US senate be considered a moderate?  If you have the most liberal voting record in the Senate, you are simply the most liberal senator in the senate.  Next, the open letter applauds Obama’s judgment.  Let’s look at the facts. Obama has taken more money from Fannie Mae and Freddie MAC in the last three years than any other politician.  During recent debates, Senator’s Obama and Biden claim that Senator Obama forecast the sub prime meltdown years ago. I would like to see the legislation he introduced backing that up. If he in fact knew of the approaching sub-prime “meltdown,” why did he accept over $120,000 from Fannie and Freddie. The average American would and should think this was an error in judgment.  

Next example of poor judgment.  Obama sat in Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s church for twenty years.  He funneled money to Rev. Wright’s church as a State Senator and as the first chairman of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge.  In case you missed it, Rev Wright is a racist! He happens to be an African American racist but a racist nonetheless. How many Oakwood residents would attend a church that teaches such racial hatred and “G.D.’s America?”  

Another shining example of Obama’s questionable judgment calls is his admitted relationship with Bill Ayers of the Weather Underground. How many Oakwood residents would work with, seek advice from, and develop a personal relationship with an unrepentent terrorist.  Obama has stated “I was only 8 years old when the Weather Underground was bombing the US.”  What does it say about Obama’s judgment to continue to have an admitted friendly relationship with, serve on boards with, and give speeches with someone of that caliber once he knew of Ayers past?  It is simply unacceptable.  My question is this: How is a man that is friends with a terrorist, going to fight terrorism?  

As to a dishonest campaign, let’s look at Obama’s tax plan:  Both Obama and Biden have repeatedly said that they are going to give 95 percent of all American families a tax cut.  45 percent of Americans don’t make enough money to pay taxes.  If 45 percent of American families pay no taxes, how do you cut their taxes.  I guess you just write them a check!  As Karl Marx would say; “From each according to their ability, to each according to their needs.” Simple class warfare and wealth redistribution.

Tony Weckerling

Freedom of speech a lost right?

I am a freshman at Oakwood High School. I am disturbed by the absolute power I see in some school officials. Dr. Scalzo is a great superintendent: she makes decisions she is very sure of and does a good job with those decisions. I don’t think that the problem is the representatives themselves, but simply the system. The Wednesday after Hurricane Ike we were sent back to school. Sixty percent of Oakwood didn’t have power and six of my seven teachers openly said they didn’t think we should be there that day. So why not have it be an open vote by all the staff members? There simply aren’t checks and balances.

But that isn’t the concern I have. Another issue is that students are getting in trouble with matters unconnected to the school. Some Smith school students got in trouble for prank calling Wal-Mart! Also students aren’t even allowed to say anything that could in any way be disrespectful. This is the first amendment of the bill of rights.“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.” Rights do not exist for students. IT’S WRONG AND UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

A Concerned Student
(Afraid to speak out)

Fly the flag

Every week I get an absolute kick out of the letters to the editor and every week I have to hold myself back from writing a letter of my own.  First of all, no one should be asked to return to California, and no one’s viewpoint or opinion should be considered “narrow”, seeing as how it is their own and everyone really is entitled to their own thoughts and opinions. So reading the second letter on the subject of “Campaign signs”, I completely agree to the “let’s get over it and get to work” statement.  My issue is with the ability to count flags and signs.  I live on Shafor and have had a flag flying by my door since I moved into this house in 2005, with the exception of about a week and a half immediately following Ike.  The hurricane winds broke my flagpole in half before I could get home to take it down.  It was replaced well before the first count of flags and signs and definitely by the second.  I was raised military, my grandfathers were all military, and I was brought up to fly the flag. It was exciting as a kid to be picked to be the one who brought the flag in at the end of the night, then go through the whole folding of the flag ceremony with my grandpa watching every move. Some may think of that as silly, but I hope I am instilling those same traditions into my own kids.  They need to know what the flag represents and why it is important to fly it at all times and not just during holidays or elections. The flag stands for freedom, freedom for all sorts of things. So maybe if you love our country and love the freedoms that come from living in it, then consider flying the flag to represent that. It doesn’t mean that you will vote for McCain or Obama, it just means you love our country. I would also like to add that my neighbors have also flown a flag as long as I have been here.  So, I can’t speak for everyone else, but there are definitely three flags on Shafor Boulevard and, yes, they all do have signs.  

God Bless America!
Whitney Wedding
Shafor Blvd, In the Dome

A Heartfelt Thanks!

On Saturday, Sept. 27 the Miami Valley Down Syndrome Association held it’s annual Buddy Walk to promote acceptance and inclusion of individuals with Down syndrome. This is also a fundraiser and the money raised helps children with Down syndrome all over the Miami Valley attend summer camps and receive therapies not covered by insurance. Over 200 walkers, mostly Oakwood students, walked with my son as part of “Pete’s Posse.” Peter is a fourth grade student at Harman School. I’ve learned that many individuals with special needs face social isolation as they enter the teen years. There were between 1,800 and 2,000 walkers taking steps toward a brighter future for individuals with Down syndrome.

Last year Peter’s team had 145 walkers. Many of the junior and senior high sports teams walked. His brother and sister are freshmen at Oakwood High School. After the walk last year, Peter asked me where all of his friends were. I realized at that moment these social relationships, outside of school, don’t happen naturally for him or many children with special needs. As parents, we get to know other parents on the sidelines of soccer games, football games and other activities. Our children share the events of the day with us on a regular basis. Peter’s communication difficulties make this harder for him. His physical limitations keep him from playing sports with his typical peers.

This year I made an effort to get the word out about this event to the parents of Peter’s peers and to the students at Harman School. The response was unbelievable. I had many wonderful conversations with parents who wanted to support Peter and to learn more about Down syndrome, so they could help their children understand how this diagnosis affects him. This year Peter had many of his peers walking beside him. His smile went from ear to ear.

Eleven years ago when I was told my new baby boy had Down syndrome, I thought I would be sad forever, mostly about what his life might be like. I was concerned that I may not be able to give him what he needed. As he matures, every year brings new challenges, but I never find myself facing them alone. Teachers, neighbors, friends and family are always ready to support me and my family. We live in a community of bright, talented, athletic, healthy children. This is something we should never take for granted. Thanks so much for all your support. I was overwhelmed. I hope the experience was as meaningful for you and your children as it was for my family.

Chris Roll

Plenty of blame to go around

Not sure if I’m too late to make a comment on a letter posted in the Sept. 30 issue by Alex Jones. Mr. Jones took exception to a reader (Richard Biggs) and his comment the previous week about his job and wrote “at least under Bush I still had a job.” Mr. Jones in his retort pointed out that Bush is still president and his unemployment was hardly the fault of Democrats. I would like to point out a few things to Mr. Jones.

First of all I am a registered Independent (my wife also), and I love seeing one side or the other throw around loose facts and statements (like Mr. Jones). I would point out that over the last two years, the Democrats have had complete control of Congress, and that their approval rating is lower than the President’s, so there is plenty of blame to go around.

I would also like to point out that the current crisis in the financial markets (specifically Fannie and Freddie) were in large part due to the failure of the Democrats in the House Financial Services Committee (see Barney Frank ) and their unwillingness to regulate Fannie and Freddie as the Republicans had tried to do as recently as 2004. You also might want to read up on Jimmy Carter and his Community Reinvestment Act (CRA). You’ll get plenty of insight as to why we’re in the financial position we’re in currently.

As for the war, I won’t argue that it was a mess. However, “a war based on lies” is so overused and it’s quite clear everyone (Democrats and Republicans) both had the same intelligence prior to and leading up to the war. So don’t throw that all on Bush.

Lastly, as for the tax cuts McCain wants, and specifically the Bush tax cuts that Obama wants to let expire, the US is at the top of the list of countries who pay the most in taxes. This goes for individuals, AND corporations. Higher taxes suppress the entrepreneurs and their efforts to generate business. Taxes drive corporations out of our country, because they can make goods, etc, in another country where there are no taxes or they are lower. Eliminating tax cuts will hurt our economy even more. By the way, it is the entrepreneur and business men and women who are the ones creating the jobs. Once you penalize them with more taxes and regulations, the jobs will disappear.

As for the Land Rover comment, it’s that type of comment that does nothing to help your cause, so go easy on Mr. Biggs.

Mike Fitzharris, CPA
Oakwood resident since 1988



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