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Joey Thiele was in the foyer of Dayton Country Club Friday noon directing the Junior League members toward “…the Patterson Room where the Fall Sustainers Luncheon gals are collecting.”  “You mean the old Formal dining room or the Garden room or…remember when the room was dark green with white lattice-work on all the walls?  Jack Laughter redecorated it years and years ago…”

Patty Edmondson, Linda Giffen, and Judy Slanker were getting name tags.  Ann Simms, Lois Ross and Joann Ringer were giving their iced-tea orders to the several waitresses.  The Club Asst. Mgr, Carol Harrah, was greeting lots of her friends and DCC members.

Joyce Young seemed to know everyone there – and certainly everyone present knew her.  Roseanne Allen found a fellow-horsey-friend and said:  “I’ve got a large, very old photograph in my car that I want you to see.  It’s of a large group of men on their horses in front of a big barn that has “Short Hills Stables, Tim Black, Owner” painted over the stable door.  Hope you’ll be able to identify some of the men…maybe Jane Scharrer will recognize someone…the photo is obviously from the early ‘20’s.”

Sally Fisher was introducing her daughter, Marianne Raab, to everyone.  “Who are you sitting with?” she asked.  “You!” was the answer.  Marianne and her husband and daughters have just moved back to Oakwood and are living in and re-doing that wonderful house on Harman where Dr. Philip Champion once lived….the one across from the Wright Brothers home.

Janis Spears, Veronica Winwood, Karen Medford and Betsy Clymer found tables when the “…ladies, luncheon will soon be served.” call was announced.  Jane Rininger, Maureen Moser, Jenni Roer and Paula Macllwaine, Pamela Graeser , and Patty Highfill found tables.  Jane Kuntz was asked about her dog by a fellow Labrador owner.

Sally Riffle, former President of the Junior League, and ‘Honorary Emeritus Sustainer’ was at the same table as another ‘Honorary’…but Sally and ‘Round Town’ did not reveal the ‘title’ means:….been a member for so many years they don’t have to pay dues anymore!

Mary Hornbeck sat at Sally’s table and answered:  “Yes, Libby Hornbeck is my mother-in-law.”  Jane Porter sat next to Sally Riffle.  Chris Saunders is always a delight.  Marianne Raab was introduced as the newest Sustaining member.

Margaret Brown was chair. of the party – and was kind enough to send ‘Round Town’ this list of names which is why all the names are correctly spelled – for a change! And, there were three, count ‘em, three ‘Active’ members of the JLD in attendance. Them’s those whats UNDER forty!  Kathy Barenbrugge, Chair of Project Research and Development  had lots to say about all the plans for the League’s ninetieth anniversary celebration.  Sara Faust is the league’s President, and Jennifer Kane is the President Elect.


In regards to information written about The Siebenthaler Company constructing the stonework at the Houk stream bridge, it was reported that Bob Siebenthaler gave credit to Glen Welingbrack, landscape architect, for a job well done.  The actual spelling of our Landscape Operations Manager, Landscape Architect, and Design Supervisor is Len Willenbrink.  I know he’d appreciate the correct name recognition.  

Also, to answer the reporter’s question, Bob’s Siebenthaler’s Labrador, “Mister” was sadly put down a few months ago due to old age.  It was a loss to Bob and all of us at the company.  I thought the reporter [?] might like to know.

Dick Amann, Landscape Designer
The Siebenthaler Company

October 14, 2008
Volume 17, No. 42

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