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Cause to pause over Palin

The swooning of some Americans over the choice of Sarah Palin as being someone they identify with, as if that were somehow a qualification for carrying the nuclear code key, is troubling.  We should ask these folks if they would feel up to the challenge of the job.  It is the rational equivalent of going back to Bedford Falls to choose a Vice President, and settling on Uncle Billy because he is “one of us”.

Lauren Meador

People, wake up!

The election is not about ‘hope’ and ‘change’.  It is about socialism.  Barack Obama is a socialist.  He always has been and always will be.  It is all there in the books he claims to have written.  He wants America to become socialist.  A place where wealth is owned or controlled by the state and is rationed out to ‘good’ people and taken by force from ‘evil’ people.  A place where ‘good’ and ‘evil’ are defined simply by the political needs of the moment.

Open your eyes.  See the work of socialists in other parts of the world.  Once great countries in Europe are infected with a profound loss of will and suffocating malaise. Their people have even stopped having enough babies to carry on to future generations.  See the long lines for even basic health care, people pulling their own teeth for want of a dentist, or care denied because the government has deemed a person no longer worth the cost.

Remember!  Remember history.  Remember the hundreds of millions who died in the name of socialism across the 20th century.  Remember all its names: Communism, Fascism, or Nazism.  Remember all the pitiful lost and forgotten souls who just got in the way of someone else’s vision of a better world.

Understand what is happening.  How could smart, wealthy, and ordinary Germans have elected Hitler?  Because in a time of economic crisis and with a bumbling incompetent leader he offered them sweet words and a hopeful vision of a better Germany.  And oh, his words sounded so sweet to a troubled people; so very sweet indeed.  They refused to understand what was really revealed in his book.  They refused to see the types of people with whom he associated.  They did not want to know more.  They wanted change.  They wanted to believe in their anointed leader.  

Understand that America is not immune to the same desire for a great leader.
Friends, please.  Wake up, look around, and remember.  Understand what we are about to do.  Once we start down this path there may not be another chance to change our minds.  Some changes are permanent.  Some changes are bad, very bad.  We have been warned.

Paul Schweizer
Oakwood Resident

Statuette of limitations?

Reference is made to Lee Kellogg’s letter to the editor “Palen (sic) in Comparison” (Sept. 30 issue). I was present at the Nutter Center when Senator McCain presented his choice for vice president. One could sense the electricity. But in less than 24 hours Liberals and most media started piling on Palen. The first criticism: they didn’t like her hair-do. Criticism continued. How dare she enter politics. She should be at home with her children – a requirement not applied to men in politics. Did Geraldine Ferraro have at-home children several years ago when she was nominated for Vice President?) Surprise. Women with children still at home are also found in our legislative and judicial branches.

The National Organization of Women (NOW) even jumped into the fray, suggesting that Gov. Palen should stay at home. I thought that NOW was encouraging women to break through the glass ceiling and compete with men in the workplace.

Governor Palen was a reformer in Alaska taking on both Democrats and Republicans. Her approval rating reached 95 percent. It has now settled down to 85 percent placing her substantially ahead of 49 other governors.

Palen is the only one of the four candidates with executive experience (unless one considers organizing Chicago neighborhoods as executive experience). Mayors and Governors make important executive decisions every day.

The writer didn’t mention Joe Biden in his letter as he was dealing with Sarah Palen. Using the same vernacular as the writer one could speak of Biden in these terms: Like, you know, several years ago, Senator Biden was in the primary absolutely running for president. I thought he was totally cool and the bestest candidate, but it turns out he was totally dumb. He was supposed to make a speech, you know, to a bunch of people, but he totally didn’t have time to write the speech, so he got his hands on a speech given by a Labor candidate in London (that’s in England). Like, he totally should have given, you know credit to the London guy for the speech, but in a lapse of judgment he, you know, passed over that part. Goodness! What’s wrong with that? Especially for a politician. When his audience found out about this character deficit, they totally didn’t like it and thought, you know, that he wasn’t cool anymore and Biden dropped absolutely out of the primary. He never apologized. Is there, you know, a statuette (sic) of limitations on plagiarism?

Tom Cecil

Who can we trust?

My father always told me actions speak louder than words. And in today’s tough times that is even more accurate. The question facing us this election is who we can trust to secure our future? Senator John McCain actually has the experience and the know-how to ensure a more prosperous future for us. He has actually spent his life working both sides of the aisle for average Americans. Are we really ready to risk our homes, our jobs and our savings on Senator Obama who offers nothing more than a pretty speech? What has he actually done to prove he can protect our jobs and our homes? All he has done is give a speech. That’s not change, that’s just another politician. Senator John McCain is the candidate who’s actions back up his words and can ensure a better tomorrow for all of us.

Steve Alere

Dear Oakwood Friends and Neighbors:

For more than 15 years, we have made the United States our home.  Like many resident aliens (ie green card holders with citizenship in a different country), we recognize that we are guests in your country. We are grateful for Dayton, Ohio and the US!  And concern grows daily as election news and propaganda proliferate across the media. Reactions of fear stem from many inaccurate sources of news and are causing racist and hateful responses. We believe that neighbors, community workers, state and national – indeed international - representatives must work together to bring about solutions to difficult and complex problems.

Let’s address the problem of news sources by referring to Oakwood’s own local source of information – Wright Library.  I spoke with Brian Potts and he pointed to an Oct. 15 posting on the library’s blog for a solution to biased media’s limited ability to inform its citizens.  The recent posting lists several unbiased sources of information. Each website has an “About Us” button that describe the source of the website’s news.

Please consider taking a few minutes and visiting the library’s website:

“Library blogs” – Click
“Check it out at Wright Library” – Click

A listing of websites will be at one’s fingertips to verify what has been heard, read or discussed.  Let’s aim to get our facts correct, recognize our own bias and listen to those who have differing opinions – then come full circle and refer to the facts again.  

We can then avoid the fear and harmful statements, better able to contribute to problem solving and decision making.

Carol Enns

Relay for Life collects $78,000

I want to give you all a break from the politics and thank everyone in Oakwood who participated in the 2008 American Cancer Society Relay For Life in July. This was our second year, and again we exceeded our goal! We collected nearly $78,000 this year to surpass our goal of $75,000, and had more teams walking and more campsites out in the practice field behind Mack Hummon Stadium. In only two years the Oakwood Relay has raised nearly $145,000. Walter Schaller and Claire Doty were the top two individual fundraisers, and the Oakwood Rotary and the MOMs of Oakwood were two of our top fundraising teams.

Although our event was cut a little short Saturday morning by a monsoon that kinda came out of nowhere, we still had a great crowd. Every dollar raised at the Oakwood Relay goes to the fight against cancer.  We are especially proud of the cancer survivors who came out and walked the first lap of the event. I am also proud of the Oakwood community – this event is so successful because residents are so generous with their time, energy, and money. And big thanks go to the Oakwood Schools and the City of Oakwood for all their help in putting this on.

It’s not too early to put next year’s Oakwood Relay on your calendar.  We will once again get together and walk the track to fight cancer on July 10 – 11. Our goal for 2009 is $90,000.  If your life has been touched by cancer in some way, please fight with us! You can visit for more information about the Oakwood Relay For Life or to sign up a team. Together we can end cancer forever.

Ted O’Connor and Jaci Hollmeyer
2009 Oakwood Relay For Life Co-chairs



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