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The ‘Ladies who Lunch’ were busy last week.  Tracy Bieser invited two friends to join her at C’est Tout – a super spot where sitting in their solarium you can see all the ‘action’ on Far Hills.  Cheri Ohmer, gave the gals a great ‘take’ on the financial/ business mess – she’s a CPA, you know.  Also the local horse show scene was discussed since Cheri & Rick’s daughter is doing so well on the Hunter-Jumper circuit.  Tracy & Irv’s daughter, Sidney, is now a Junior at Sweet Briar College in Virginia.  One of the ‘lunch ladies’ is an honorary Alum of Sweet Briar thanx to her ‘horsing around’ between Randolph-Macon and Sweet Briar – many, many years ago.
On Thursday more ‘ladies’ met for lunch at ‘The Bistro’.  Well, there was one gentleman included (he also got stuck with the bill!).  Marty Ohmer said that Fred had insisted on ‘chaperoning’ his girls.’  “We’ve invited Patty Ballard – but she’s always late,” explained Marty.  Those facing the windows saw Patty drive in as Marty spoke and Fred suggested we clap when Patty walked in.  “Well, I couldn’t help being on time,” began Patty.  “I had an appointment at ten, and…”  The Bistro owner, Josef, approached and interrupted her explanation.

Friday evening was ‘opening night’ of “Auntie Mame” at the Dayton Playhouse. Weezie McGinnis called  “…we’ve got to go – Pam (daughter-in-law) plays ‘Vera Charles’ (Mame’s best friend) and you know Pam’s a Pro!  I’ll take you to NCR Country Club for dinner first…you pick up Ginny Whalen  first and...”  
Whatta evening!

NCR is such a beautiful club.  Dinner was delicious and so was the service – and by seven the three girls were on their way-to-the-play.  That’s when things got complicated.  “Which way do you go to Salem Avenue?” asked the designated driver. “We’re going to the old Post Office up near Good Sam…right?”  “No, you’re thinking of The Dayton Theatre Guild!  We’re going to the Dayton Playhouse.”  “Ok, where’s that?”  “I think it’s in Wegerzyn Park.”  “I’ll go out Riverside to Siebenthaler – OK”.   Fifteen minutes later the driver said: “I think we’ve passed Siebenthaler – cause we’re at the dead-end of Riverside.”  A ‘one-eighty’ was illegally made and by golly the gals arrived at Dayton Playhouse shortly after seven thirty!

The theatre was crowded –  Jane Mitakides was sitting in front of us and commiserations about the election were discussed. Round Town goes on record – telling you – you’ve got to get to Wegerzyn and enjoy ‘Auntie Mame’.   No need to extoll Pam’s performance – she was great.  Tina McPhearson played ‘Mame’.  She out-gunned Roz Russell by a furlong!  Tina began acting with the old Kenley Players, has been a high school theatre teacher, Assoc. Producer of the Pirate Playhouse on Sanibel Island, Fl., and is now VP of programming for the Victoria. Adam Lupp plays Young Patrick and whatta actor. He’s thirteen and an eighth grader at St. Charles School in Kettering.

Auntie Mame’ will be presented for the next two weekends.  Call (937)-424-8477 for reservations or email

Saturday evening was ‘The Vanguard’ concert at the Dayton Art Institute.  Just sitting in the Italianate auditorium is an experience – remembering those ‘Clairtree Major’ plays we enjoyed there when students at Longfellow School – an eon ago.  Elana Bolling introduced…

The Kuss Quartet, from Berlin, Jana Kuss (violin), Oliver Wille (violin), William Coleman (viola), and Felix Nickel (cello).  First on their program was the Quartet in D major by Haydn – a soft, melodious delight.  Then they played a Bartok Quartet.  The bowing was so strenuous the action was stopped twice so the violins could be re-tuned.

During the Intermission Dr. Duncan Powell listened to an ‘unknowledgeable critique’ and said:  “You sound just like Marie Aull.  She told me one evening, following a Bartok, that she never liked anything written after she was born!”

The post-concert-party was given by Cynthia and Charles Shook at their lovely vintage-Oakwood home on Harman Avenue.  It’s always such a pleasure to chat with the performers.  All spoke beautiful English – particularly William Coleman who is English.  The Quartet had arrived in New York on Friday – came to Dayton on Saturday, left Sunday morning for NYC where they played at the Frick Museum Sunday afternoon concert series, leave for Washington where they will play  at the National Library…etc….and be back in Berlin in ten days!

Jan & John Dresbach, Charis Gridley, Bebe Bates, the John Haddicks, George & Pam Houk, Macy Janney, Margaret Karns and Ralph Johnson, Weezie McGinnis, Carol & Duncan Powell, Harold Prigozen, Joan & Bob Siebenthaler, Do & Jack Wagner,  Connie Breen… ‘Guarantors’ or long time Subscribers to the Vanguard Concerts.  Vince & Elana are to be congratulated on this fabulous organization they founded in l962.




November 11, 2008
Volume 17, No. 46

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