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Last Tuesday – the 18th – Sally Solarek – invited friends to a ‘book signing’ party at Dayton Country Club.  The book is entitled “Lucky Eddie” and it’s a biography of Dayton’s Edward Breen.  The author is his son, Edward Focke Breen, Jr., of Oakwood.  The book makes for fascinating reading for it’s about Dayton history beginning before WW I, it’s stories of local ‘characters,’ it’s accounts of ‘Lucky Eddie’s’ experiences as manager of downtown Dayton’s Biltmore and Gibbons Hotels, his years of fighting overseas in WW II, his years in Washington, DC as our Representative in Congress, his marriage to Connie Focke and their two sons, Ed, Jr. and Robert.  The index is a list of internationally famous leaders and locations. The pictures included provide a history on their own.

Bob Daley, former reporter for the Dayton Daily News, and later head of the Kettering Foundation, introduced the author.  “I first met Eddie when Sen. John F. Kennedy was running for President and was coming to Dayton. The DDN told me that Eddie knew JFK and could maybe get me an interview with him.  He did!  And my future was made with the paper.

Ed, Jr. has spent years in researching this book. It’s available at Books & Co.  Copies will make great Christmas gifts for family, friends, and former

Christ Episcopal Church’s four day downtown ‘Waffle Party’ was a big success!  “We don’t have a final head-count as yet,” said Howard Heck “…but I do know that on Thursday and Friday we had at least six hundred.”  This was the 79th annual Waffle lunch.  “We schedule it to coincide with the Junior League’s ‘Town Hall’ series which increases our crowd,” said committee member Joan Franks.  “These sausages are the best!’ said one attendee.  I’ve had two each day – and I never even eat lunch!” Karen Roberts seemed to know everyone there.   ‘Carry-out’ was available and office workers had that ‘window’ very busy.  Hey, this event is a ‘must’.  Write it in your 2009 calendar.

Zoe Dell Nutter sent invitations to the Area Coalitions for Education-Excellence (ACE-E) annual meeting and Volunteer Awards Reception.  Zoe Dell is an Honorary Trustee of ACE-E.  The event was Friday afternoon at:  “…the National Aviation Hall of Fame within the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force Wright-Patterson Air Force Base…featuring guest speaker Gen. Gregory S. Martin (ASAF Ret.) former Commander of       the Air Force Materiel Command…Dress Military – Service dress; Civilian – Business attire…”  So, ‘Round Town put on a black-n-white-tweed business suit and headed East on Springfield Street.

The Air Force Museum is awe inspiring!  Inside the first doors were dozens of young ‘Military Service dressed’ men waiting to escort ‘civilians’ thru the labyrinth of exhibits to the Hall of Fame.  “Mrs. Nutter is up on the balcony…we’ll take you up there.” ‘She’ wasn’t but Paul Horn (former Mayor of Kettering) was, and the only other civilian was Rick Novack – an old Wright-State friend.

“Maybe they’ve taken her down to the Speaker’s area…”  And there was Zoe Dell – wearing a stunning bright red knit non-business-suit and sitting at a tiny table.  And, at an adjacent tiny table, sat Betty & Wayne Morris and Malinda Nutter.  The conversations were wonderful. ‘The Ranch’ was discussed – that’s the beautiful Nutter farms  the Miami Valley Hunt enjoyed for so many years – before urban development lessened hunting areas.  Zoe Dell still has her horses and “…I’ve got a new dog!  Here’s her picture.  We just happened to see a SUV pull up at our driveway, dump - out the dog and speed away…so…she’s a love!”

The Air Force Museum, their fabulous activities, the fascinating people involved makes a Daytonian feel part of the global scene.  Thanx for the invitation, Zoe Dell!


November 25, 2008
Volume 17, No. 48

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