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The ‘Oakwood Avenue/Forrer Road Dog Walkers Society’ held their first annual luncheon meeting at C’est Tout last Tuesday.  Terry Holton, President, greeted her subscribers – Karen Roberts, Lisa Folkerth, Joan Franks, and Ms. Fraser’s owner. The ‘business meeting’ covered whether to leash or un-leash along Houk Stream, the name of that grumpy runner who glowers at our dogs, do you walk at Dayton Country Club in the winter months?…

Jean Woodhull was at an adjacent table and her ‘new’ dog was inquired after.  The time and place for the second meeting was discussed.  Karen Roberts found her tote bag under the table and fished out ‘gifts’ for everyone’s dog.  “These are from ‘Jake’ - it says so on the cards – and he wanted to share his favorite-fancy-Christmas-dog-bones.”

Dotty Bachus held her Bridge Club Christmas luncheon at Dayton Country Club last Wednesday.   Patty Ballard, Sally Riffle, Shirley Wagner, Lou Mason, Midge Harlan were there and who was a regular member and who was a ‘sub’ was never made clear. ‘Round Town’ did know she was a ‘sub’ – and she was grateful cause it was a great group and a lovely DCC luncheon.

Wednesday evening the staff of ‘The Oakwood Register’ had their annual Christmas Party at Do & Jack Wagners’ terrific condo on Ridgeley Terrace.  “Wear red or green,” said Do.  “Cause we’ll have our office picture taken for the Christmas card.  Oh, and bring a non-generic-twenty dollar-gift for the drawing…”

And before Do’s delicious dinner, everyone lined up for the photo and nothing turned out right!  ‘It’ was too dark, or too light, or, does anyone have a camera, or how about your cell phone?  Hold your breath for that Christmas card.

But the ‘gift exchange’ went smoothly.  This year there was no snatching of fellow staffer’s gifts.  ‘Round Town’ picked Burt Saidel’s offering – a terrific loose-leaf-binder-cook-book – obviously selected by Alice – not Burt.

Saturday evening was fabulous!  First off, Joseph Goetz, Alan Kimborough, and Connie Breen, etc. met for supper at C’est Tout and then made it to the Schuster in plenty of time to chat-up friends in the Palm Court.  Ben Schuster, Alice Saidel, Mike Hauer, Doris Ponitz, The Ed Kuhns, The Walter Porters, Prof. Romaguera...

The concert program was ‘Uniquely American’ and featured ‘…the ‘Dean of American Negro Composers’ – William Grant Still.  Still attended Wilberforce University, Oberlin Conservatory of Music  - the list goes on and on.  He worked for W.C Handy, Sophie Tucker, Paul Whiteman, and Artie Shaw.  Still’s ‘Festive Overture’ opened the evening’s concert.  Dvorak’s Symphony No. 7 was next and following intermission the program was pure, delightful, soul satisfying W.G. Still!

‘Kaintuck’ – a poem for piano and orchestra featured pianist Dr. Everett Jones of Wilberforce University.  Still’s Afro-American Symphony was the brilliant highlight of the evening.  Each of the four sections, ‘Longings’, ‘Sorrows’, ‘Humor’, and ‘Aspirations’ was based on a poem by Paul Lawrence Dunbar.  First the  poem was read by Herbert Woodward Martin, English Professor at the Univ. of Dayton.  Prof. Martin’s ‘readings’ were lyrical, musical, emotional, and delightful!  As the ‘reciter’ finished each reading the orchestra then played Still’s composition.

‘Round Town’ went home, found the copy of Dunbar’s poems and read her favorite – ‘As Melindy Sings’.

On Sunday afternoon in Cincinnati at the Cathedral of Saint Peter in Chains a Mass of Welcome for Coadjutor Archbishop Dennis M. Schnurr was held and celebrated by Archbishop Daniel E. Pilarczyk. “Kindly present this Vesting/Procession ticket at the Rectory Entrance…”. ‘Round Town’s’ ticket was given by Oakwood/Kettering resident Weezie McGinnis who is a Lady of The Holy Sepulchre  as is Connie Folke Breen.  Mary Pyper, of ‘Radio Maria’ joined the Daytonians for the drive to Cincy.
“All guests will ‘vest’/assemble in the Undercroft of the Cathedral…spouses and guests will process in together.”  The ‘vesting area’ was a scene.  Men arrived carrying their Knights of Malta robes and hats…men and women carrying their capes denoting the Holy Sepulchre – the Ladys wore black veils and the men black velvet hats. There were Monks in their brown robes…  ‘Round Town expected to be seated in the back behind a pillar – but no, RT marched in procession with Weezie and Connie and we were seated just behind  Priests, Monks, Deacons, and Bishops. Nine hundred filled the Cathedral.  It was a ‘pageant’  from the Renaissance and awe-inspiring for a Society of Friends (‘Quaker’) who’d never experienced such a ceremony.

At the reception at the Netherlands Hotel following the Celebration the three Oakwood ladies were delighted to see Oakwood’s Judge and  Mrs. Robert Deddens! Bob took a picture of us surrounding Archbishop Schnurr (who is a charming and most handsome gentleman) and “…we’ll expect 8 X 10 enlargements by Monday!” we told him.

December 9, 2008
Volume 17, No. 50

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