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Glad Oakwood Sister Cities making comeback

I was so pleased to see your article about the revival of Oakwood Sister Cities.  Our family has enjoyed and benefited from the relationships formed through this organization, and it’s definitely an endeavor worthy of support.  We hosted two lovely young ladies from Le Vesinet, and our daughter visited their homes as well. In fact, the relationships she formed through Sister Cities continued to support her even after her exchange visit.  My daughter spent a quarter studying in Paris, but her host family situation during that time wasn’t the best.  Her savior was her Sister City family, who took her in on weekends, and helped her deal with a difficult situation.  Being abroad with friends close by was definitely a plus we gained from Sister Cities.

Our family has participated in a number of student exchanges, and we have enjoyed every one of our visitors.  I’m excited to welcome visitors from our Oakwood Sister Cities again!

Ann Davis

Editor’s Note: Yes, it is great to find there is a new generation of folks in Oakwood that want to get involved with this fine organization. Anyone interested in joining or contacting the Oakwood Sister City e-mail distribution list, please write a short message to



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December 16, 2008
Volume 17, No. 51

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