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Last Wednesday an exciting concert was presented at Christ Episcopal Church. It was the regular monthly luncheon meeting of the ‘Downtowners’. The luncheon was provided by Christ-Church-Cooks with Oakwoodite Joan Franks as the Head Sous Chef!

Oakwood ‘Eaters’ were well represented by Nancy Alway, Kathy & Phil Skardon, Jane Olt, and Howard Heck.  Promptly at one thirty members and guests were invited into the sanctuary where chairs were placed in the center aisle facing the back so the organist, and horn players in the organ loft could be seen.  The concert-grand piano was  at the back of the sanctuary as Now Burt Saidel, ‘Oakwood Register Music Critic’ should take over.   But Burt was otherwise engaged, so qualified-critic, ‘Round Town’, will simply rave about the very best, most inspiring, most beautiful Christmas Music ‘R.T’. has ever enjoyed!  “Let Us Adore Him – with Organ, and Brass, and Voice”  read the program.

Percy Jones, Professor at Univ. of Dayton, was the Director and organist.  Lori Hex was the soloist and her operatic soprano voice was absolutely awe inspiring.  Lori is also a Professor at U.D.  Tomas Jacobs was the trumpeter,  Steve Bankey played trombone, as did Richard Hulsman.

Mendelssohn, Saint-Saens, and Handel were interspersed with Negro Spirituals, and 14th century German melodies.  The finale:  “We Wish You A Merry Christmas” came all too soon!      

Dance Group’s Christmas party was on Friday evening at Moraine Country Club. The Club’s holiday décor was beautiful.  It was a record turn-out, and music by ‘The Nostalgia Band’ was a perfect choice made by the president Mrs Betty Holton.
Dr. Tom Pavey, Dr Ken & Angela Pohl, Dr. John & Jane Mitakides, and Betty & Wayne Morris were part of group.  Harold & Cherrian Requarth, Dr. Inky & Rosie Reagen, Dr. Jim & Doneece Sheridan,  Roger & Lois Sutherland, Lee & Sudy Wiedeke, and Bob & Marty Wind
had a great time chatting-up friends.  Ann & Charles Simms, Don & Correne Moran, Marti & Fred Ohmer, Gini Hess, Tom & Nancy Gillaugh, Dr. Sergio & Lynn Alejandrino,  Bill & Edie Benge, Marty & Harry Ebeling all added to the festive scene.  Everyone who talked with Marilyn Hart raved about her beautiful diamond necklace.

Moraine’s roast-beef-dinner was delicious and their fancy-custard-fruit-pudding was the best!  

Anne & Ron Shepherd’s  annual Christmas Party was Sunday evening in Cincinnati. Valet Parking was needed for their Rookwood Court  cul d’sac.  John & Diane Babcock were arriving from their farm East of Cincy. John is a Joint Master of the Camargo Hunt.   Anne & Ron’s grandchildren greeted guests at the door.  It was terrific to see John Steele in a group chatting with Irv Harris,  Bill Chatfield, and Dewey Hollister.   John asked about his Dartmouth classmate – Bud Welch.
Ron Shepherd had the video running on the TV  of the MFHA Centennial meeting in Leesburg, Virginia last spring.  It featured Morley Thompson, Jr. MFH on ‘Stoneybrook’ – and also the Cincy-Dayton Delegation present at the Westmoreland Estate that weekend…most of us were also at Shepherds Sunday night.


December 16, 2008
Volume 17, No. 51

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