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On Monday ‘Round Town’ was invited to the Marian Library at the University of Dayton to see their world-famous crèche collection.  Our ‘chauffeur’ dropped us at the front door with instructions to enjoy the permanently installed ‘Holy City’ crèche which occupies the entire right wall of the lobby.  The number of ‘figures’, the ‘details’ of the buildings, animals, and ‘stories’ depicted requires a guide – and the visitors had Ginny Whalen, co-chair of the local Creche organization.  “The Chapel at the apogee of the scene is a representation of UD’s Chapel…oh, here come our Rev. Johann Roten who’s an international authority on crèches and the Society of Mary.

The day after ‘Round Town’s’  tour of UD’s collection – the New York Times carried a full page article about famous international crèche collections.  An entire paragraph was devoted to an interview with Father Roten!  “St. Francis of Assisi is credited with popularizing the crèche in the 13th century, said Rev. Johann Roten, director of the International Marian Research Institute at the University of Dayton in Ohio,” said the New York Times.  “St. Francis had the brilliant idea of creating a living tableau with an ass and an ox in a working stable in the Italian town of Greccio.  The Capuchin-Franciscan friars served as ‘publicity agents’ recreating the spectacle across the Continent.  By the 14th and 15th centuries crèches were displayed in churches and palaces in Florence, Naples and Rome,  and they became a ‘kind of competition’ among European  nobility.”(Father Roten and Walter Schaller come from the same village in Switzerland. Walter lives in Oakwood and is manager of Dayton Country Club.)

Michelle Vollmar arrived at a client’s home in Oakwood armed with all manner of assorted ‘titles’, ‘releases’, and ‘affidavits’ to be signed, sorted, and discussed. Michelle has got to be the most attractive ‘Lady Lawyer’ in Oakwood.

Beth Schaeffer, Alan Schaeffer,  and Paula Schaeffer all went to ‘The Nutcracker’ last week.  Paula reported, over the bridge table the next day – “… the production was delightful.”  Sally Fisher was the big loser at that bridge game. ‘Round Town’ received a quarter from Sally – but was only owed twenty cents – so bills and IOU’s are still under advisement.

The Springfield Polo Club is difficult to find – when it’s dark – when it’s on the left side of a divided highway and your driving on the right side – and you can see the white fencing – but you can’t find a way to get across the divided road….and.   And, it’s humiliating when you’ve been there several times before, and you’ve got a young friend following you who’s never been there at all and is counting on the ‘old know-it-all’!  

Finally arrived!  It was a great MVH Christmas party with over forty ‘horsey types’ from Dayton, Oakwood, Kettering, Columbus, and Urbana.  Carolyn Uecker and Diedre Koik ‘did’ the dinner  “…along with some assistance from GFS,” they admitted.  

Sunday evening Trich Hammer (but old, old friends still call her ‘Honey”) had her annual Christmas party at Sycamore Country Club.

Dr. John Babcock, MFH of the Camargo Hunt came up from Cincy with Julie and Phil Meyer.  Dr. Plettner and wife Deb and their daughter were there. Daughter is a sophomore at the Univ. of Virginia – and is Coxswain of the Men’s Rowing Team! “What’s a top Hunter/Jumper rider doing in a boat in Virginia – and not foxhunting with Keswick or Farmington?” Every rider, and they all were, - asked the same question.  Answers were many – and promises were made.

Honey had bags of gifts for each of her guests.  There were horse treats, and people treats, and Christmas treats – and much laughter.

When the party broke-up (regretfully) and headed for their cars – the car thermometers registered - 3 degrees – that’s gotta be some kinda record!


















December 23, 2008
Volume 17, No. 52

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