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New Years Eve parties were everywhere in Oakwood.  The condo called “333” (that’s at ‘five-points’ of Far Hills and Oakwood Avenue, and Thornhill, etc.) had their traditional party.  Twenty-four old, old friends gathered at Bud & Aileen Welch’s condo for cocktails.  Many of them live at ‘333’ – Welchs, Dotty Bachus, George Maley, Midge & Jim Harlan. Wise Glossinger lives right around the corner.  Tom & Nancy Gillaugh are ‘far South’.  Same for Don & Coreene Moran, Marty & Fred Ohmer, Marty & Bob Wind, Connie Breen, Bob Margolis.   And Audrey & Jack Margolis live in upper Dayton View.

The ‘drill’ is – cocktails at Welch’s first – then dinner at Dayton Country Club, -  then ‘watch the ball drop’ at Hecks.  Well, there were only twenty one at Welch’s – three Margolis-es had an emergency.  But the twenty-one did go on to dinner at DCC.   But only eight were hardy enough to ‘watch the ball drop.’  The rest all went home and went to bed!  It has been suggested, after a lengthy assessment, that the third segment of the evening should probably be dropped in 2010!

Tracy and Irv Bieser’s traditional New Year’s Day Brunch was as big, beautiful, and buoyant as ever.  A recurring phrase was:  “…’09 will be better than ’08!”  and so far, so good.

Cynthia and Charles Shook were in the front hall chatting with their hostess. Cynthia was asked about her bridge game.  (She’s a pro!)  It was great to see Maggie and Richard Mantia.  Pam and George Houk and Marty and Harry Ebeling always add to the fun.

Barbara Butt Thomas was asked “…how are your horses?”  Barb has that wonderful farm along the Miami River between Bellbrook and Spring Valley – it’s the one Jack Reeder had so many years ago.  When the Miami Valley Hunt kennels were at Locust Wood Farms on Penewit Road – Jack’s area was the best ‘hunt country’.   Hounds were ‘cast’ right from the kennel door!

Barb said her daughter is in France!  When asked “…how’s your Mother (Ellie Butt)” Barb said she was going to see Ellie when she left Bieser’s.

Hope Taft was having a chat with Barbara Rion.  The two gardeners were probably comparing notes.  John Rion  was very up-beat about ’09.  Bob Taft was enjoying a plate of Tracy’s delicious sea-food-salad and chatting with another guest about mutual Cincy-Dayton-friends – Irv & Selma Harris, Dewey Hollister, Morley Thompson & Brenda,  Ann & Ron Shepherd,  John Steele

Sonnie & Bill Kasch and Cathy Bieser Black were hearing about Tony & Poky Huffman’s latest trip.  Ralph Johnson & Margaret Karns, Jean & Jay & Suzie Woodhull greeted M.J. and John Gray when they arrived.

And then it was ‘…back-to-old-clothes-and-porridge’  and sweeping up the piles of leaves the wind had moved to all the wrong places.

*Well, if the New York Times has to print a ‘Corrections’ section on page two every day –  ‘Round Town’  has a big  ‘mia culpas’ too.

So, last week Round Town mentioned that wonderful Christmas Eve party
hostess-ed by Lindsey Clark.  Lindsey’s two sons were there – and – alas their ‘CV’s’ were reversed!  Tom Clark is in the Peace Corps and is serving in Honduras.  Lewis Clark is a senior at Denison University!

January 6, 2009
Volume 18, No. 1

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