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Candy Carlson is a subscriber of The Miami Valley Hunt.  Candy is also a member of ‘Southern Ohio Ladies Aside’  and they have spent weeks preparing to ride in the 2009 Presidential Inaugural Parade.  The ladies are one of only three organizations from Ohio selected to participate!  The side-saddle riders will be number twenty-two in the parade.

We will be turned-out in capes, caps, and skirts modeled after what a Civil War era officer’s wife might have worn,” said Candy.  Candy is the wife of Air Force Officer Col. Michael Carlson.  Mike is also a subscriber to the Miami Valley Hunt.  He will serve as ‘driver’ and  ‘groom’ for his ‘lady aside’.

You wouldn’t believe what our ladies have gone through for ‘security’, continued Candy.  “We’ve been ‘cleared’ by the Ohio government.  Our drivers have had the same examinations.  Even our horses had to be ‘cleared’.  We’ve received a thirty-
five page instruction booklet from the Federal Government.  We’ll leave on Saturday and spend the first night at the West Virginia line.  On Sunday we’ll arrive at the Prince George Equestrian Center.  On Inauguration Day we feed at four-thirty AM, have a final vet inspection and by eight-thirty we’re under police escort.  We unload, mount-up – we’ll probably be standing for hours.  Our trailers are taken to the finish line and Mike must be in the vehicle at all times.  No one may carry a camera…it goes on and on…I’ll call you when we return!”

Pinkies up! Dayton Country Club urchins learn the ins and outs of proper table manners under the tutelage of etiquette mavens Linda Weprin and daughter Melissa Morris.

Carol Harrah called from Dayton Country Club.  “Run over to the Club tomorrow afternoon.  We’ll be having two sessions of our ‘Etiquette classes’…be there by four. The four ‘til five class is for club-members-children  in grades six through eight.  The second session from five ‘til six is for the younger ones – grades first through fifth.”

The class was in the Lady’s Card Room.  A long table was set with a white cloth and place-cards for the class members.  Nine attractive, well-turned-out boys and girls were chatting with their Instructor – Linda Weprin (Mrs. Bart), and her Assistant (daughter) Melissa Morris (Mrs. Kirk).

The class began with “…how to make a proper introduction.  I will introduce my daughter, Melissa, to you Austin (MacDonald).  Remember to keep eye-contact with each other…shake hands – once up and once down…firm grip but not ‘strong’… ’Austin, this is Melissa Morris…Melissa, this is Austin MacDonald..and then say something polite…”  Every one in the class practiced.  Every one was having fun. And Linda maintained terrific ‘order’.  How to set a proper place setting at table and how to correctly use the forks, knives, napkins, pass the salt and pepper (together) was next.  Both ‘Continental’ and ‘American style’ dining was discussed.

Grant & Lauren Hearn, Brock Alderton, Ellie & Abby Randall, Spencer Howell, Tommy Gingrich, Mick, Sarah, & Grace Geehan, Donald Reed, Megan Lewis, and Clair MacDonald were participants in the two sessions.

Club Manager Walter Schaller, said the classes had filled immediately.  “We sent E-Mails to members and were amazed at the response.  “I’m leaving on Saturday for Bermuda to run in their Marathon.  Fifty years ago I was a very young employee of the Elbow Beach Hotel in Bermuda…haven’t been back since.”

The Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra’s Saturday evening concert had a ‘full house’. The last time the guest star, violinist  Rachel Barton Pine, arrived in Dayton to perform, she came along with a record-making snow and ice storm.  Members of the orchestra could not get to the Schuster, but there was an audience of thirty – who were invited to sit in the front row seats – and Rachel Barton Pine played a cappella. It was a memorable performance.

The opening number was Berlioz’ ‘Roman Carnival Overture’ that was outstanding! Cordero’s Concerto for  Violin & Orchestra was impressive.  Members of composer Cordero’s family were introduced following the concerto.

Sarasate’s ‘Carmen Fantasy’ concluded the program and when conductor Neal Gittleman escorted Ms. Pine onstage – she was stunningly dressed – as ‘Carmen’ – in red-three-tiered-skirt, lacy white blouse-and a large-red-rose in her hair!

Ben Schuster sat with friends in the first balcony.  Ann Johnson, and Chris Saunders were seated nearby.  Ed Kuhns chatted about Fairview classmates and was glad to hear news of Dr. Bill Cassel.  Chris introduced her friend Joseph Baunstein…”he’s been a subscriber of the Dayton Philharmonic since l939!”  Connie Breen sat near friends Felix & Aaron Garfunkel.

This Sunday morning Culps Café had a full-house!  The Deddens family was there – well, some of them.  And what an attractive family they are.  Mike and Cindy Garner and their daughter came for brunch after church.  Paula Schaeffer said she’d had no trouble with the streets.  She ordered the Quiche-Lorraine and said it was delicious. Chef Jeff Blumer said they’d had a big crowd on Saturday morning.  Try it yourself next weekend.


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