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CASA volunteers needed for children

Several major news stories over the past few months have called attention to the growing problems within our society that are increasingly impacting our nation’s children! Given the major economic problems facing many more families of all socio-economic levels today, many more children are being abused, neglected, or left without essential support.  Ohio was reported to be one of the worst states for such problems.

The State of Nebraska had passed a law which allowed parents to drop off a child at a hospital without any penalty if the child could not be given needed care. Unfortunately, the initial law contained no age limit even though it had been intended to apply to newborns.  Suddenly , the State found themselves receiving children of all ages including adolescents from hundreds of miles away being brought to the state by distraught parents.  The law was then changed to apply only to newborns specifically, BUT THE PROBLEM WITH CHILDREN IN GENERAL HAS NOT BEEN SOLVED!

A national program exists for citizen volunteers to serve as a Guardian ad Litem  for children whose situation is before a local Juvenile Court.  The CASA-GAL
(Court Appointed Special Advocate—guardian ad litem) volunteers have all been given specific training and engage in further preparation thereafter as well.  But the need for more such “children-minded citizens” is much increased as the cases before the court have grown in numbers dramatically.

My fellow CASA workers and I get to know a given child’s case, interview all parties, file a report, and attend court hearings.  We are official “Officers of the Court” and as such have authority to obtain medical and school records when necessary. I feel like I am an important neutral voice on behalf of the children I have represented—a voice too often missing otherwise.

Our Montgomery County CASA-GAL program will soon be giving training for a new group of volunteers.  An early “application” is needed because each person needs to have a ‘criminal background’ check done.  Locals can call (937)  225-5491.  For the number and contact data for our surrounding counties, call the Ohio CASA office at 1-800-891-6446.

Universal 1 CU awarding 2 scholarships

Universal 1 Credit Union, which has a student branch at Oakwood High School, will award two scholarships to high school seniors.  Students chosen will each receive a $1,000 scholarship toward their college education.  Students must be a member of Universal 1 Credit Union at the time of application to be considered for a scholarship. Scholarship application and guidelines are available at all Universal 1 Credit Union locations and on the Universal 1 website at www.universal1cu.org.  Applications must be postmarked no later than March 15, 2009.

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