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Taxed as Oakwood, treated like Kettering

Well here we go again, major snowfall and the city of Oakwood forgets to plow my street. We are the poor stepchildren of Oakwood on the east side of Shroyer Road. I have lived here for a long time and until a few years ago this was never a problem but now every time there is a snowfall my neighbor and I must call the city and ask them to plow our small section of East Drive. The part that is the most upsetting is looking across Shroyer at the rest of East drive and it is plowed perfectly but it is just too much trouble to come across Shroyer for our little part of Oakwood. Then if you call the city instead of saying that they will fix the problem we are told just call in to get it taken care of. Great customer service, but just an example of our steady decline in property values and city services.

Rick Crist
Oakwood in taxes only



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February 3, 2009
Volume 18, No. 5

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