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Sorry for the rerun ...'round town has mysteriously not been making the rounds this week!

‘Smokey Joe’s Café’ opened Thursday evening at Wright State.  “Smokey Joe’s’ was the longest running ‘review’ on Broadway – five years!  “It has no plot, tells no story, no framing device”, said Stuart McDowell, chair of WSU’s Performing Arts Dept, when introducing the performance.  “It does have some of the greatest tunes ever recorded – that defined early Rock & R&B.  You can hum-along if you like – but please don’t sing!”  The audience did try-to-comply, but it was difficult.

One of the biggest ‘jivers’ was Professor Romagara of U.D.!  He all but levitated off his seat.  “Yes, that was my era,” he told Stuart after the performance.  “You’d better give this a rave-review,” Round Town told Burt Saidel of the Oakwood Register. “She’s always threatening me,” explained Burt to a group.

The ‘better-than-Broadway-cast’ were students: Eric Byrd, Shea Castle, Brandon Michael Fleming, Lindsay Flick, Melissa Grochowski, Jeremy Gaston, Matt Kopec, Madeline Paul, and Jackie Snyder.  And the orchestra!!!  Rick Church, piano & conductor, Alex Horton, Chris Brown, Chuck Young, Rob Paddock, Jay Koupal and Rick Johnston.

‘Smokey…’ will be running this weekend – Thurs, Fri, Sat, and Sun. matinee and evening!  Call (937)-775-2500 for tickets.

How many wedding invitations have you received from Thailand?  Sally & John Fisher did.  It was from former Oakwood-ite Ralf Edward Kircher who married Miss Nuttamon Ungornpakdee.

The brides’ mother, Pornvipa, and the grooms’ mother, Carole Ann Kircher invited guests for a 7:30 AM ceremony followed by an 11:30 AM luncheon.   “Please do not wear green.” The invitation was printed in ‘Thai’ – and also English.  Research determined that ‘green’ was the color the bride would be wearing.

Long-time subscribers to the Miami Valley Hunt remember Stacy Kircher (Totten) when she hunted with MVH. In the summer she worked as ‘kennel-maid’ for the Hunt and always brought her ‘little brother Teddy’ along in her Jeep.  ‘Teddy’ is a journalist by training and lives and works in Bangkok.

It was Sally Riffle’s turn to have her bridge club.  This band-of-bridge-players meets at 10:30 AM – plays – breaks for lunch – and plays some more until three rounds have been completed.  The bridge was great – and Sally’s lunch was even greater. Sonnie Kasch, Carol Dickerson, Patty Ballard, Jane Porter, and Ann Hughes  were eaters ‘n players.

“This is ‘Meals On Wheels’ calling.  Are you going to be home for the next ten minutes?  I’m on my way!”  It was Lindsey Clark – and she was!  In a large paper Dorothy Lane Market sack she had a container of chicken casserole, another pot of lemon custard, and another package of green salad!  “And you must re-use this sack, remember?”

“I’m on my way to see Kathy Black…she’s home after her surgery and says she’s doing well…”

“I’m playing grandfather tonight,” explained Charles Simms.  It also explained who the occupants of a large, round, table at Dayton Country Club – were.  Next Elizabeth Simms came over to say ‘hello’.  She’s now a Judge in Sidney, Ohio – but ‘Round Town still thinks of her as that super high-schooler who was one of the young riders with Annie Wagner, Stevie Harlan, Stacy Kircher

“Be sure to call Corrine Huber and wish her ‘happy birthday’, said Cheri Ohmer  when she came by the table.  “We’re having her for dinner that night..  our daughter is on her way to Orlando and Wellington for six weeks…she’s doing so well on the Hunter/Jumper circuit…I’ll keep you posted…”

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