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Privacy concerns over parking tickets

I received a parking ticket on a new-to-me car on Saturday morning (we won’t get into writing parking tickets for the only car on the road being parked in a one-hour spot for one hour and 18 minutes on a Saturday morning) from an Oakwood police officer next to my home in north Oakwood. I had purchased the car late Friday afternoon, and was unable to get a parking pass from the Park Avenue folks before they closed.

As the new license plates I registered were still in my house, the vehicle had the prior owner’s plates on it. Thus, the parking ticket was written out to the previous owner. I was somewhat surprised to find out what information was written on the ticket that was left on the windshield. It included: full name, address, driver’s license number, and, the good stuff – social security number and date of birth.

I actually pondered logging into the Ohio BMV site and simply using all this information to renew the prior owners license plates – as if you know someone’s SSN it makes it pretty easy. Then, I decided it was a better use of this really, really private information to apply for some credit cards, take out a loan, obtain a passport, and other identity theft things you read about all the time. All in jest, I promise.

However, my concern remains – organizations go through extraordinary measures to protect this information – yet it is written and placed on numerous vehicles every day for anyone to simply take off the windshield. You can forget the state losing a laptop with personal, sensitive information contained – just drive down Volusia or the cross streets on a school day and get yourself 5-10 UD students’ SSN's and names.


Mike Green
Irving Avenu

Rethink ‘Round Town?

I am not sure who you think really cares about who eats dinner at what country club, or how rude the prince of England really is. I have really had enough of the “Round Town Gossip.” No wonder Oakwood has such a horrible reputation of being snobby & judgmental. Reading this article makes me ashamed to live in Oakwood, unfortunately I am here to stay.

“Her black dress was set-off with a large red rose at the shoulder, red dangling ear rings, and a large red bracelet.” Do you really feel it is necessary to explain what some random women was wearing on a Friday night?

Let’s please re-think the “Round Town” article.


Embarrassed Oakwood resident
Aubrey Souders

A word about After Prom

Dear Junior and Senior Parents,

Many of you may remember receiving a letter regarding this year’s After Prom that is set for Saturday, April 25, 2009. And to those of you that have already responded with a donation, we say, “thank you”!
All Junior and Senior students are invited to attend After Prom regardless of whether they attend the prom. We hope your student
will join us for this safe, alcohol/drug-free event at the high school. The plans for the evening include a DJ, games, food, video games and door prizes.

Please take a moment to send in your donation. We thank you in advance for your consideration and help in making this event successful for our students.

Please make checks payable to:


You may mail checks to:

Oakwood High School After Prom
Anne Davis
12 Wisteria Drive
Dayton, OH 45419

Thank You!

The After Prom Parent Committee

‘Thank You’ from Relay for Life

This is a ‘thank you’ to everyone who purchased Valentine’s Day cookies in support of the Relay For Life of Oakwood. We sold over 70 dozen, raising over $400 towards our goal of $90,000 for 2009. And big thanks go to Melody Knostman, Julie Wallner, Rachel Bremer, and Jill Kollars who worked very hard to provide delicious homemade cookies, Buckeyes, and chocolate-covered pretzels to fill those orders in time for delivery.

Relay For Life is a fundraising event for the American Cancer Society, and will be held July 10-11 at Oakwood High School Mack Hummon Field. Please go to for more information about the Relay, to start/join a team, or to donate to help us fight cancer in Oakwood!

Relay for Life Committee

Thanks to Coach Stone & OHS basketball team

My son, Peter, plays basketball for a team called the “Polar Bears.” This program was developed by a mom and is for children with Down syndrome ages 5-17. Peter’s team consists of boys ages 12-17. Peter has cheered his brother and sister on at many soccer, basketball and football games over the years. He loves basketball, but due to his limitations can’t play on a team with his typical peers.

On Valentine’s Day we arrived at his game to see the entire varsity boy’s basketball team there to cheer him on. We had no idea they were coming. Coach Stone told me that after the tough loss to Bellbrook, he decided to take the team on a field trip instead of practicing. The boys did not know until they arrived. It was amazing to watch as the Polar Bears coach got all of the Oakwood players out on the court to run drills with these little guys.

I want to thank Coach Stone for this wonderful gesture and the parents for raising such wonderful sons. It was obvious that the Polar Bears thought it was cool by the huge smiles on their faces. I think the Oakwood players got as much out of it as the Polar Bears. However, as they cheered a couple of the “Polar Bear Stars” on, I told them they were from Bellbrook. At this time it just didn’t seem to matter!

Chris Roll




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