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Oakwood High School’s production of Fiddler On The Roof has got to be raved-about - again! First-off, Round Town failed to ‘rave’ about Audrey Maney who played the fourth daughter of Tevye, The Milkman and his wife, Golde. Audrey and the fifth, and youngest daughter, were hand-in-hand, singing and dancing, and delighting the audience. Audrey also ‘played Young Tzeitel’ – and her picture was everywhere in the handsome program.

The program was a great production in itself….super photographs of the cast…and ‘ads’ by Erin Donnelly, Miami Valley School, The UPS Store, Whispers, Michelle & Bill Dresher, The Little Exchange, Square One, Wright Library, Advanced Digital Security, Hospice, The Bottle Dancers: Hayley Basnett, Alyssa Coyle, Lindsay McWilliamsn, Alexandra Morris, Abby Scharrer, Samantha Swift, Siobhan Tellez, & Melanie Ward, Family of Hayley Basnett, Stephanie Hemmelgarn, Wm. Rife Co., Maryann & Mike Raab, “Cosmic” Bowling, Huffman Travel, Innovative Interchange Assoc., Ashley’s Pastry Shop, Coldwell Banker, Central Perk, The Sundeck Tanning Salon, Robert K. Jones Insurance Agency, Team Kooz, Mitchell Innovation Research, Logos @ Work, Turner Property Services, Gamine, Preen, Cambria Fabric, The Pearsons of Oakwood & The Schaeffers In Germany, and – the back cover by Fazel Rug Gallery.

Now, how’s that for community support! Only in Oakwood!!!

The Humane Society of Greater Dayton’s Annual Meeting was last week at Dayton Country Club. Brian Weltge presided - as Executive Director of the Society.

President, Deb Hunt, greeted members. “Reno” was one of the ‘stars’ of the meeting. ‘Reno’ is a huge four month old fluffy-puppy – with a German Shepherd style face, and he was being carried ‘on stage’ cause he was ‘found’ with a badly broken leg – which has been beautifully repaired! Following the meeting there was a long line of members offering to ‘adopt’ – ‘Reno’.

Long-time Board member, Barb Fryburg was the star of a terrific video developed by the Society to make the public aware of their services. Barbara is known as ‘The Cat Lady’. She has many cats in her home and has been tireless in having cats neutered and adopted.

A report on ‘Cup Cake’ was a delightful item on the agenda. ‘Cup Cake’ was a brown bear cub – chained to a porch on Smithville Road. The Humane Society found a place in Colorado who would take the bear….and recently Barb Fryburg ‘visited’ this facility and reported that ‘Cup Cake’ was doing very well in a super place.

Brian reported 3,687 ‘spays’ were done by the Society in 2008 and there were 2,371 ‘adoptions’. “We have a retail cat store in the Dayton Mall – near Sears….there are ‘on site’ ‘clinics’ at the Humane Society, at SICSA and the Montgomery County facility…”

A new Board was elected: Dave Bilbrey, Lisa Block, Kim Eros, Barb Fryburg, Dave Griffin, Jim Hoffman, and Bill Lisse. Retiring Board members are: Toni Bankston, Deb Hunt, Joyce Overholser, Kris Parlett, Derrick Petry, Kristen Sherk, Eugene Synder, and Everett Terhune.

Karen Roberts took friends to lunch at ‘Blind Bobs’ – a ‘pub and grill’ on East Fifth. “Now I’ll tell you what to order,” said Karen. “You’ve got to have their ‘pickle soup’….I know, but it’s delicious.” And it was! “Then we’ll have one order of quesadillas – they’ll be more than enough for all of us…” And there was! Then the lunch-ladies had a ‘tour’ of Park Avenue and the lovely old Victorian houses, and then on the Franklin Street for a further architectural ‘feast’.

Oakwood has their own ‘Mr & Mrs. Neal Armstrong’! If you spot-em on their bicycles you’d swear it’s Dr. Byron & Connie Epley. Connie and Byron were pedaling into the parking lot of Dorothy Lane Mkt. and unloading their shopping bags. “We try to do all of our marketing by bicycle,” said Connie. “We do have to make a lot of trips…but we’re ‘conserving’ on energy…and it’s great exercise for us…”

Saturday, March 28th was a Birthday for Jane Mitakides – and she had the celebration at home. Actually, Jane’s celebration began the night before at the Oakwood Club. One impertinent diner said: “I know exactly which birthday this is, cause our daughter was in your class at Harman and OHS.”

And, also on Saturday some of the residents of the condo at 333 Oakwood Avenue gathered at Dayton Country Club to celebrated George Maley’s birthday. Celebrants were Bud & Aileen Welch, and Midge & Jim Harlan.

March 31, 2009
Volume 18, No. 13

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