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The ‘Sustaining’ (that means ‘over forty’) members of the Junior League have a bridge group that meets monthly at ten thirty for several ‘rounds’, then lunch, then several more ‘rounds’ – and hopefully winners have been decided by two thirty.
Carol Dickerson was the ‘hostess’ last week – and players were Sonnie Kasch, Alice Stone, Ann Hughes, Kitty Tangeman, Jane Porter, and Sally Riffle. Sonnie was the ‘big winner’!

Karen Roberts, one of the regular ‘dog walkers’ along Houk Stream, reported that Eleanor Talbott had been a guest at Woman’s Literary Club last Thursday. “She looked terrific…she’s sold her condo at ‘333’…lives at Yarmouth Port on Cape Cod.”

And speaking of Houk Stream – there’s going to be a work party starting at nine AM on Saturday morning. All ‘able bodied’ men, women and children are urged to ‘show’ in their grubs and boots – and spring-house-clean our beautiful park.

Last Saturday was a magnificent day – tailor-made for MJ & John Gray’s “Daffodil Family Garden Party At The Farm…Please join us to welcome spring and the blooming of the Daffodils”. For the past several weeks traffic has been blocked by parked cars, and pedestrians who’ve stopped to gasp ‘n gawk at the fantastic array of thousands and thousands of daffodils – at The Farm on Ridgeway Rd.

“They (daffodils) can’t possibly last until Saturday the 18th”, predicted the ‘gloom ‘n doomers’. But the cold weather held ‘em and they’re still at their peak.

MJ and John greeted their hundreds of guests at the top of their drive where a huge tent covered the entire front yard. Inside the tent there was an array of hors d’ouevre tables, bars, and great conversations. On the grounds of ‘The Farm’ the graveled paths through the daffodils was packed with adults and children of all ages.

Don & Donnie Huber, Jean & Annabelle Cummings, and Al Leland were chatting-up Tracy & Irv Bieser. Jay & Susan Woodhull, Jeff & Neil Lorenz, and Terry & Tom Holton had a great group thing going. City Manager Norbert Klopsch was in the party – he’s where the Houk-Stream-work-party info came from…

Barb & John Rion were explaining why Barb was sporting a cane. “I fell over a shoe and sprained my ankle!” “If you’d broken your ankle it’s heal faster and be less painful than a sprain,” said one helpful guest. Leaving the party was difficult ‘cause all the ‘leavers’ had to stop and chat-up all the ‘arrivers’. Whatta wonderful afternoon it was.

The family and friends of Bob Margolis gathered Saturday afternoon for a ‘celebration’ in Bob’s memory. Bob’s daughter, Bunky Margolis and her husband Doug Blackford hosted the gathering at their home on Patterson Road and Dorothy Lane. It was a wonderful time of reminiscing about ‘The Merchant Prince’, as one old friend always called Bob. Bob graduated from Wharton, was a Lieutenant Commander in the Navy in WWII, president of the Metropolitan Clothing Co., Pres. of United Way, Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce, Director of Third Nat’l Bank, Philharmonic Orchestra, Mont. County Pub. Library, Air Force Museum, Aviation Hall of Fame, Children’s Hospital… the list goes on and on from there!

Bunky had set-up a wonderful display of pictures of her father, and of his many citations and awards, and pictures taken with his many friends. A large photograph of Bob’s wife Audrey V. -‘everyone’s favorite friend’ – hung among the pictures. “She’s wearing Dad’s favorite dress …he bought it for her in New York…she kept it forever!” said Bunky.

Bob’s brother Jack Margolis and his wife Audrey Office Margolis were there with children and grandchildren. Bob great friends Warner Kiefaber and Rodney Boren came. Sylvan Weinberg, Jim Brennan, and Jane & Jack Thompson and Sally & John Fisher and Weezie McGinnis were there to honor their friend Bob. Brothers Matt & Scott Eaumer from Moraine Country Club said: “…Moraine will never be the same without our Bob Margolis!”

April 21, 2009
Volume 18, No. 16

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