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Would that all the woes and wails, and gloom and doom dominating our national scene could come to a happy ending in just two minutes and two seconds! ‘Mine That Bird’ and his jockey Calvin Borel set an example on Saturday in the 135th running of the Kentucky Derby. With the impossible odds of fifty to one – ‘David beat Goliath’ – winning the roses – while the ‘handy-cappers’, and the million dollar horses, and the former winning trainers – ate ‘crow’ instead of smelling the red roses.

There were lots of ‘Derby Parties’ around Oakwood. Dayton Country Club had their annual affair. Jill Kendall was Chair. and decorated the front entrance of the Club with bales of hay, and saddles, and bridles. On Oakwood Avenue a ‘Derby party’ ran a pari-mutuel-sorta where guests drew their horse from a hat….after paying two dollars for their ticket. Bud Welch and Fred Ohmer were the race-track-touts.

Just prior to race-time the judging for the “Best Ladies Derby Hat’ was held. John Folkerth was the Judge. Marty Ohmer was the winner with her red beflowered chapeau. Her ‘prize’ was a baseball cap. Aileen Welch came in second and she won a green plastic derby. Third prize went to Nancy Gillaugh for her big-black-hat which won her a ‘fez’ bought in Morocco. Tom Gillaugh wore the hat for the rest of the party.

Dr. Tom Pavey was in a group at DCC’s Derby Party. He and John Fisher had a great time talking about their days on the golf course. At another table were Marty & Bob Wind, Dotty Bachus and Joe Acito and Midge & Jim Harlan. Evie Kling was there …”Just back from Key West…” The ladies were all given the most beautiful long stemmed red rose…in honor of Derby Day.

Annabelle and Jean Cummings celebrated their sixty-fifth wedding anniversary at Moraine Country Club last Saturday evening. Their son Scott ‘interviewed’ arriving guests asking each about their “…friendship with Mother and Dad”. Scott and his wife live in California. Annabelle and Jean’s son Chris and wife Meg were hosts.

Guests included Pam & George Houk, Bill & Julia Hobart, Adele & Dick Good, and Cathy Black. Weezie McGinnis arrived “…from a Derby Party.” Mary & Blitz Creager, Jean Woodhull, Bob & Lois Fenwick, Fred Smith, Pete & Marge Kuntz, Ruth & Jim Fink, and Diane & Dick DeWall were among the celebrants.

‘Ham-lets’ provided a memorial evening for their members and guests. The ‘theatre’ was much more dramatic than the ‘Globe’! The set was Marty & Harry Ebeling’s aerie on the north-slope of Oakwood overlooking down-town-Dayton all the way to Good Samaritan Hospital on the North Rim of Dayton!

Cocktails were on the patio and, as lights began lighting the City everyone was ordered to ‘…take their seats for the show is about to begin.’ The play was ‘Wanda’s Visit’ and the Producers were Rick & Cheri Ohmer. Rick explained the ‘setting’. “It’s a home in Connecticut – the home of ‘Jim’ and Marsha’ who’re in their mid-thirties and have been married 13 years…behind me is a kitchen, living room, bathroom and a bedroom…use your imagination!”

‘Marsha’ and ‘Jim’ are Lori Wilke and Carlo McGinnis – bored after 13 years of marriage. ‘Jim’ has received a letter from a High School sweetheart named ‘Wanda’ who will be arriving soon – all too soon for ‘’Marsha’. ‘Wanda’ is Pam McGinnis at her most obnoxious, bawdy, vulgar self – wearing the biggest flaming-red wig and wrapped in yards of diaphanous yardage. With some most ‘suggestive’ situations and ‘positions’ - it was a very good thing the two ‘parts’ were being played by a legitimate husband and wife!

The ‘audience’ could hardly hear the ‘lines’ – what for the guffaws, howls of laughter, and clapping. The final scene takes place in a restaurant and the ‘Waiter’ is Bob Wilke who must resort to gulping the wine from the table to get through his “…my first day of waiting table!”

Rick Ohmer appears in a face mask and machine gun to abduct ‘Wanda’. The final scene is back in the living room with ‘Jim’ and ‘Marsha’ discussing ‘Wanda’s’ visit. “But are you happier now?” each asks the other. Both answer: “No!”

Jim & Dana Cunningham, Jack & Nancy Koepke, Pete & Marge Kuntz, Tom Maher, Kelly Tangeman, Mimi Greer, Don & Coreen Moran, Jean & Jack O’Connell, and Dave Corcoran, Dan & Mary Ferneding, John & Julie Ferneding… made-up the most appreciative audience.

May 5, 2009
Volume 18, No. 18

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