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Monday evening Dot Savage Kemp took a ‘partner’ to the Miami Valley Bridge Center “…for a Bridge lesson at seven PM and then several hours of duplicate-play.” The Center is a basket-ball-sized-one-room-brand-new-building in the Industrial Park on Presidential Way. “It was built by a man who loved the game and wanted a regular place to play,” added Dot. Whatta facility!

Steve Forsythe was the instructor. He’s a WPAFB scientist. And, he’s helpful – not critical – and most likable. So, fears, nerves, and apprehension were dispelled. The evening’s ‘lesson’ was: ‘Responding to a one-of-a-major opening.’

“OK it’s off to the tables,” said Steve. There were five tables and the deal was to play three duplicate boards, then switch boards – which meant fifteen ‘rounds’. Got it? Steve played at our table for one ‘round.’ Dot’s husband Tom Kemp had joined the group and his partner was Steve’s wife – so Tom was getting lots of info and having a great time.

“Now you can come back every Monday evening,” Dot invited. “You don’t need to bring a partner. Mom’s (Helen Wozar) coming home from Florida this week so my Tuesday schedule will change – but Monday nights are OK.”

The phone call sounded ‘distant’. “It’s Diedre Koik …I’m in the car on my home from the Mid-West-Hound Show in Lexington. Wanted to tell you that our Miami Valley Hunt won one First, one Third, and one Fourth place ribbons! I was so proud of our hounds! The Judge was Chris Ryan of the “Scarteen” Hunt. (Ireland) and he was most complimentary about our hounds. The weather was great. Six mid-western hunts participated. The Kentucky Horse Park was beautiful. Course, Friday evening we ‘enjoyed’ a wild storm …you probably read about it. I’m nearing Cincy, so I’d better hang up.”

Jack and Mary Kay Keys played bridge Thursday afternoon with Dotty Bachus and her partner. The game was at their home on Collingswood. The Keys beat their opponents – by all of thirty points.

But other than that the conversation was good. “Doug (Keys) received ‘Tenure’ at the College of Charleston. He’s been a Professor there for years. (Doug was an Oakwood High School grad class of ’67.) Dotty Bachus chimed in: “My three grandsons graduated from there – they’re Molly & Wayne Baller’s sons – they own a condo in Charleston.”

“Did you know that Alice (Keys) got married?” asked Mary Kay. “Yes, daughter Nancy told us. She wants Alice’s new address.”

See, there’s more to learn at the Bridge table than what proper response to make to a one-of-a-major-opening!

Have you been to “Barbie’s Bistro? It’s on East Dorothy Lane just East of the old Wagner Wood yard, and behind that old barn – so you can’t see it from the road. It’s really a ‘find’. Kathy Whalen Kavanaugh ‘found’ it and her Mother, Ginny, took a friend there Friday evening. Barbie’s the cook, proprietor, chef etc. and her son is the waiter, greeter, major domo etc. It’s great fun and the food is terrific.

Mother’s Day was one busy day at Dayton Country Club – as it must have been at all clubs and restaurants. Virgil Ricks, Maitre’d, told the evening diners they’d been swamped at noon…”and we’re fully booked for tonight.” When Club Mgr. Walter Schaller came ‘round greeting members and guests he was asked about his ‘run’ in the Boston Marathon. “Yes, I completed the course…my daughter was there but did not run for she has an injury…she’s just not as tough as the ‘Old Man’,” he laughed.

Jim and Debbie Deuser had a big-family-table. It was great to see Jim’s mother BeBe Deuser. Dr. Ken and Angela Pohl entertained two of their children and two grandchildren. Their table was obviously having a wonderful time.

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May 12, 2009
Volume 18, No. 19

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