OHS academic decathlon team 4th in nation

The Oakwood High School academic decathlon team placed fourth in the nation on April 23 and 24, 2009, at the United States Academic Decathlon Medium School Online Nationals.

The team placed first in the medium/small school division at the Ohio Academic Decathlon State Competition on March 13 and 14, 2009, earning the privilege to represent Ohio as the state champion in the national competition. At the national competition, Oakwood competed against the medium school state champions from around the country.

In addition to placing fourth, the following students received individual medals for high scores in select subject areas: Chris Mudry earned a gold medal in essay and a bronze medal in mathematics, David Holdren earned a silver medal in mathematics and bronze medals in economics and super quiz, Jonathan Pearson earned a bronze medal in economics, and Jeremiah Johnson earned a bronze medal in mathematics. A gold medal represents the highest score in the nation, a silver medal the second highest score, and a bronze medal the third highest score.

Also receiving special recognition was Chris Mudry for achieving the highest overall individual score on the team.

The following students competed on the OHS team this year: Jonathan Pearson (11), Nick Grilliot (10), Ian George (10), Chris Mudry (12), Sterre ter Haar (11), David Holdren (11), Ethan Kissock (10), and Jeremiah Johnson (10).

Lori Kavanagh, an English teacher at Oakwood High School, coaches the team.

Incoming Principal has own style of leadership

Our Oakwood High School will soon transition from Joe Boyle who has given us over a decade of quality caring and forward-looking leadership. He has spent thousands of hours each year seeking the very best for our students and community. He has led the high school to a significant expansion of challenging AP courses and has encouraged our students to step up to greater academic challenges for themselves by enrolling in these courses.

Mr. Boyle has even become totally imbedded in our blue and gold colors in spite of his long loyalty to the scarlet and grey of Columbus-land. I cannot remember going to a high school event, game, match, concert, play, dance, etc. and not seeing him there supporting his kids! And those young adults knew that he was their friend.

Students came to know that he cared about them despite having to demonstrate “tough love” by following school policy on discipline. He has been in tears at every graduation ceremony as he talked about the courageous overcoming of difficulties achieved by members of his student body - his extended family!

Just as our students knew they had a friend in Mr. Boyle, they will also find a friend in Mr. Paul Waller who will be bringing in his own style of leadership and caring to the role of OHS Principal. I am certain that the transition will be very smooth and that our Oakwood community and students will welcome him warmly.

I first met Mr. Waller when I attended a Fairfield City Board of Education meeting in early Fall 2006 as a part of my campaign for the State School Board election. A special event at that meeting was the second graduation for FHS before the public at this Board of Education meeting. He had created a very special and focused program to help a dozen or more of his students be able to use the summer to meet their individual graduation requirements.

A number of family members were in attendance as were several community members who had worked with students as mentors for additional support for the youth.

Clearly Mr. Waller also cares deeply about “his” kids and is willing to go to great lengths to give them opportunities for success. That ‘on-going’ attitude combined with positive actions also will be a ‘foundation’ that Oakwood likes and will support with pleasure!

I have already talked to Mr. Waller since it was announced that he would be our new Principal of OHS. I told him that I had zero part in the selection process and did not know about the results until I read it in the paper. BUT I also told him that I was very pleased with his selection and I welcomed him to our community. Now we have to help him also love the blue and gold over his own scarlet and grey history! And I warned him about the Big Red Nebraska influence so close to the school grounds!

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