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E.D. Smith PTO thanks volunteers

The E.D. Smith PTO would like to extend a huge thanks to all of the volunteers and everyone that made this year's festival a success on Saturday, May 9. Thanks to the teachers & staff who, at a very busy time academically, were very enthusiastic & gave their personal time as well as the custodial staff who went above & beyond for us. Thanks to all those who donated cakes for the cakewalk and pies for the pie eating contest. We were blessed with beautiful weather and many hard workers that gave their time and put smiles on a lot of kids' faces!

Thank you to the following businesses that provided donations and/or went that extra step to help us out: Ali Industries, Blue Turtle Toys, Central Perc, Collage, Complete Petmart, Dayton Dragons, Dolcessa Gelato Café, Dorothy Lane Market, Eden Salon & Spa, Graeter's, Home Depot, Joan Hunt/Beauti Control, Logos at Work, Mamma DiSalvo's, Marco's Paper, Oakwood Auto Wash, Oakwood Florist, Oakwood Register, Phillips Sand & Gravel, Pine Club, Siebenthaler's, Simply Scrapbooks, The Flying Pizza and The Golden Nugget.

E.D. Smith PTO

Honoring Anne Hubler

Anne Hubler, our friend and colleague, left this world on April 13. We remember her with great affection and appreciation for the many ways in which she contributed to the arts in Dayton. Her daughters, Hazel and Mary, both of whom live far away, have planned a memorial service at 1 p.m. on Saturday, June 13 at the Dayton Visual Arts Center, 118 W. Jefferson St.

We are doing what we can to help them with the arrangements and would be grateful for your assistance. If anyone would like to volunteer to help, contact Jane Black at 224-3822. Also, if you wish to be listed as a speaker during the service, please contact Hazel by May 20. (There will be an opportunity to speak at the service, even if you haven’t signed up ahead of time).

Jane Black
Dayton Visual Arts Center




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May 19, 2009
Volume 18, No. 20

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