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Alotta Old Hens were ‘clucking’ last week at the hen-house on Oakwood Avenue. The Hostess Hen was serving an extra scoop of ‘chicken-feed’ in honor of her house guest, Terry Provost Kellen, of Pensacola, Florida. Terry and her hostess had been roommates at Randolph Macon Woman’s College for four years….back in the days of Bud Schulberg’s “Barefoot Boy with Cheek”, and Jitterbugging, and the first question asked a ‘date’ was: “…did you serve in Europe, or the Pacific theater?”

Terry is still a great tennis player so a game was arranged with Sally Fisher, Weezie McGinnis, and Judy Tye – at Moraine. And, Terry was a chemistry major and had had a great job in the Labs of Upjohn (one of the first women) so a fellow Upjohn-er from Kalamazoo who now lives in Cleveland met the two roomies in Columbus at the Polaris Mall. Lunch at ‘Mimi’s’ – and shopping at Von Maur was memorable.

Lorenz Warwar invited Terry and roommate for dinner – which was fabulous and was Lebanese cuisine. And then down the three went to Westminister Church for a concert by a Lebanese violinist, Dona Noune-Wiedmann and Joshua Nemith on piano.

Back at Warwar’s for dessert-after-the-concert - there were two ‘drop-ins’ – Dr. Samia Warwar Borchers and her daughter, Christina. “Christina just played in a piano recital,” said Samia. And when asked “…how did the huge picnic at your house on Thruston go last night?” Christina explained that the party was to celebrate her junior class at Oakwood becoming seniors next fall…everyone brought food…and we just supplied the venue”

Evie & George Kling had family-for-a-picnic on Memorial Day. It was a beautiful evening to be in their biggest-little-got-everything- back-yard. The trees and the gar
dens are beautiful. They’ve got a ‘lap-pool’ cum water-fall. They’ve got a patio cum grill. It’s impossible to tell you’re in Oakwood. A second tier of the Kling’s family, Whitney and Jason and their darling daughter and son were there. And Evie’s brother Bobby, and several assorted ‘cousins’ made for a real celebration. The only disappointment was that their daughter, Jessica, was “…down South somewhere.”

Lindsey Clark had a ‘do’ to celebrate son Lewis’ graduation. “It was exciting to have my older son, Tommy, surprise us….he’s in the Peace Corps in Honduras…but was able to make it home for his brother.” Lindsey’s busy this summer gardening – and playing golf – and...

Saturday evening was the final concert in the Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra’s 2008-2009 series. “It’s a full-house tonight,” said a Board member. “And it was really SRO on Friday evening. Connie Breen took a guest and they had dinner at ‘Citilites’ early, then attended the ‘lecture’ by Neal Gittleman from seven to seven thirty followed by the concert at eight.

Clyte Marvin was having dinner at ‘Citilites’. A chorus of: “…haven’t seen you for years!” …was followed by: “…did you know I live here in the condos of the Schuster Center? It’s terrific. And I eat down here most of the time – and attend so many of the varied performances!” There were promises of: “…we’ll call and meet you here for dinner real soon!”

Patty & Jim Mulligan were there for dinner too. Patty and Connie had an Oakwood High School Class reunion at the table. Before the concert the gals chatted with the Ed Kuhns, Ben Schuster, Chris Saunders, and John Remick. Once in her first tier balcony seats Connie spotted Rev. Joseph Goetz “…in his usual seat on the first floor…maybe we’ll be able to find him after he performance.”

The concert was fabulous! The audience gave standing ovations! It was Richard Wagner, Ralph Vaughan Williams, and Beethoven’s Fifth! But, Burt Saidel, Oakwood Register’s Music Critic will have to handle the ‘critique’. Round Town just loved it – but Burt can tell you why!

“Sunday Brunch Honoring Ahtie & Trevor Heitz” read the invitation from Laura & Jay Heitz. The invitation had a picture of a graduation mortar board and tassel, and another picture of a diploma – so yes, the brunch was to celebrate Ahtie and Trevor’s high school graduation. The brunch was at Grandmother’s (Weezie’s) house on Blossom Heath. It was a terrific and eclectic mix age-wise, and family wise. Uncle Carlo McGinnis,
Aunt Frannie Folkerth, Uncle Mark and Aunt Sharon – and their daughter-in-law Chef Hope McGinnis. Laura and Jay’s daughter, Hanna, looked great in a pink sheath…and it’s uncanny to see how much she resembles her Grandmother, Helen Heitz.


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June 2, 2009
Volume 18, No. 22

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