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“In Concert…The Ohio State University Alumni Marching Band…TBDBITL” was emblazoned on the ‘flyer’. A red-white-n-blue flag dominated the sheet. And there was a row-of-red-stars followed by: “Tribute to America/Come enjoy a patriotic free/community concert in the amphitheater at/the residence of John & MJ Gray/at The Farm. 1911 Ridgeway Rd./celebrating Flag Day June 14th/4:00 PM/ bring a lawn blanket or chair/in case of rain concert will be held in the Oakwood High School auditorium.

All of Oakwood was invited and most of the residents were there! And most brought golf-umbrellas, rain coats, cushions, and a big smile that held for the hour-long concert which was ‘stirring’ and included a little precipitation!

Host John Gray played drums with his fellow alums. Three Drum Majors thrilled the audience. One was a lady Majorette from the ‘80’s,who set a pace for the two young men, current OSU Drum Majors, had a tough time to match!
Thanx, John and MJ, for a fabulous and memorable ‘Flag Day’!

Tuesday evening is ‘Fried chicken mashed potatoes ‘n gravy’ night at Dayton Country Club! And Fred Ohmer has to be invited or else! And since he wasn’t (invited) he had Marty call DCC and used his NCR Country Club membership reciprocity! They invited several DCC members to join them – like Shirley Wagner, and Bud Welch.

Bud was the only one who ordered “…all white meat” Everyone else had “…all dark.” Most everyone had so much they had to take at least one piece of chicken “…home for the dog (read: their Wednesday evening’s dinner.) One of the legitimate DCC members promised Fred and Marty they’d invite them every Tuesday evening for the entire summer!

Lou Mason had never had the pleasure of a day at the ‘Virgil Schaeffer Farm’. So Paula Schaeffer – Virgil’s daughter-in-law – rectified matters. “It might rain today”, said Paula. But nobody cared…it’s always beautiful, serene, quite, and exciting to be in this isolated area – that’s to close to Dayton. The gals stopped in Farmersville to pick up box lunches. Lou ‘did the honors’ of unlocking the gate. The weather was beautiful – cool and breezy – and conducive to a beautiful walk to the pond – great lunch on the porch – and wonderful conversation on books etc…

Lou loved the cabins’ interior – the arrow-head collections – the snake skins that have been shed on the fireplace stones - the trophy heads. “The cabin was built in the early 40’s…notice the logs still hold their bark – which is unusual…Virgil forbade phones ..but Louise (Mrs. Virgil) insisted on in-door plumbing and running water…I did get a cell-phone when I started staying down here by myself…”

“Let’s drive home via Germantown,” Paula suggested. Brad’s family settled there when they came from Germantown, Pa. “I’ll show you their handsome old manse…” Whatta wonderful day it was!

Weezie McGinnis had a big-birthday-party for Ginny Whalen at Weezie’s home on Blossom Heath & Plantation Lane. It was a ‘Ladies Luncheon’ – with the exception of three brave men – Pete Kuntz, Wise Glossinger, and Father Joseph Goetz. Pete was invited because his wife Marge was on the list. Wise and Joe have to come up with their own reason for being included.

Pete told the ladies that “…Friday is the set-in-stone date for the weekly ‘Lumberman’s Luncheon’ that he has with Phil Hull.” One week I go out to Miami Valley Golf Club and the next Phil comes out to Moraine. Today it’s Moraine – Warner Kiefaber and Rodney Boren will be there But, I’m never going to hear the end of my defection!”

Izzy Schaeffer, Rosemary Huston, and Mary Ellen Wilson were around the beautiful table. Laura McG. Heitz was busy being co-hostess and …she was allowed to join the senior-set at the table.

It was ‘Father’s Day’ weekend – and Stevie Harlan Bachus was here from Vashom Island, Washington to be with her father, Jim. “We’ve had the most wonderful time together,” said Stevie when she called. “Midge had a family wedding in California… for a grandson who lives in Australia and Dad wanted to stay home…we’ve been down to our old farm…you remember riding there…and we’ve checked out everything in Oakwood…most everything is the same…how about dinner Saturday night at Dayton Country Club? We’ll pick you up…our old neighbor, Paula Schaeffer is joining us…”

The conversation about what the four Schaeffer boys and the three Harlan girls are now doing was great. Even Harlan’s German Shepherd ‘Sam’ was part of the conversation. Stevie’s daughter is in Vet. School at Colorado State Univ. – where Stevie’s best friend since Oakwood High School days – Annie Wagner, DVM, is a professor.



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