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Irv Bieser called about the Metroparks 2009 levy campaign. “It’s so important in times like these that we have the resources to get the word out about all the great things Metroparks has, and will, accomplish…we hope everyone in Oakwood has seen the beautiful park recently completed near the Patterson Memorial off Patterson Road.”

“Contributions can be mailed to ‘Five Rivers Metroparks Levy Committee P.O. Box 13593, Dayton, OH 45413-0593.”

“Yes, Tracy’s in Michigan…I get up on week ends...I’ll tell her you said ‘hello’…”

Every time you have dinner at the ‘El Meson’ restaurant in West Carrollton with Paula Schaeffer – everyone in the Castro family comes to the table to tell her ‘hello’, ask about her family, and tell he how glad they are she’s there. The Castros are from Columbia and their Latin-American cuisine is fabulous… and so is their décor.

The conversation is always in Spanish. Paula was born in South America - but ‘Round Town’s’ Fairview High School Spanish has a hard time keeping up! But this past week it was Bill Castro at the table and the conversation was in ‘horse’! Bill has top-ranking ‘Quarter Horses’ and told of his most recent ‘wins’. The photos of his three steeds certainly proved why he’s been so successful in the show ring!

Tuesday evening is ‘Fried Chicken Night’ at Dayton Country Club but the ‘Fred Ohmer Fried Chicken Society’ pulled a switcheroo. “We’re going to meet at ‘Treasure Island’ for their ‘Perch Night’…instead,” said Marti. And another DCC defector was there too – Bill & Sally Lincoln. The ‘perch’ was super! And, the serving was so generous that a ‘doggie bag’ furnished dinner for Wednesday evening. The place was packed. Don & Correne Moran were spotted in a booth.

On Sunday, the 12th of July, Bastille Day was celebrated in Oakwood. Of course all you historians know that the Bastille was stormed on July the 14th in 1789…but that’s Tuesday, so…The Oakwood Sister City Association met on Sunday on Hadley Road at the home of Marc & Liz Georgin. “Watch a video of Bastille Day 2008 in Paris filmed by Carol Holm. Play Petanque with Marc & Peter. Enjoy baguettes, escargots, charcuterie & French pastries…”

Kirsten Halling, WSU professor and Oakwood’s Sister City President and her husband Peter Berwald were there. Larry Forman of Lexus Nexus, and Barbara & Dennis Paisley, and Elenne & Don Prisler all brought hors d’oeuvres to share.

Jack & Tricia Bauer, professors at UD, have just returned from Paris where they had a wonderful visit in our Sister City, Le Vesinet. Le Vesinet is a suburb of Paris – a lot like Oakwood is to Dayton. This City was chosen several decades ago and Oakwood has had so many French guests through the years.

Susie & Will Mansfield, former Belgian residents, Lisa & Ramay Singh, Judy Kurtz, Joe Gallagher, Simon Boaler are Oakwoodites. Bill & Mary Lou Meers, Bob & Cam Van Leeuwen are of Kettering…all enjoyed the beautiful afternoon in the Georgin’s lovely yards. Julia & Laura Biteau have just returned after five years in Normandy, France.

Tait & Rebecca Hamiel, and Bob & Debbie Fuller, and Bo & Lisa Lamarre were having great conversations about their many trips to France. Carine & Cheik, and Pascale & Abadie are French natives.

On Sunday the Deeds Barn, the Miller House, and the Newcom-Greer House were moved from the Kettering-Moraine Museum to Carillon Park. Streets were closed and the move was slated to take two or three hours. ‘Old Timers’ can remember when the Deeds Barn was on Central Avenue in lower Dayton View.

The buildings moved at two miles per hour and once the buildings arrived at Carillon Park they were placed near the Kettering Center where a site has been prepared.

Did you know that the airplane, cash register, and automobile self-starter were invented in Dayton? Put a visit to Carillon Park on your calendar this summer.



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July 14, 2009
Volume 18, No. 28

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