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A letter from Norb Klopsch, Oakwood’s city manager, announced the resolution establishing “Francine’s Garden” within the new Centennial Park - (along Houk Stream). “The garden is named in honor and memory of Francine van der Hoeven, wife of Dr. Ludolph van der Hoeven. The van der Hoeven’s lived at 255 Park Road from 1971 to 1995. During that time, Francine created what she called her ‘Hidden Garden’ at the site of Mrs. Katherine Talbott’s original herb garden. (‘Round Town can remember attending the wedding of their daughter at ‘the secret garden’…guests were taken by golf cart around the site of the old tennis courts to the garden.) Mrs. Talbotts beautiful manse is now the residence of Fern & Al Leland…everyone in Oakwood lives in “…someone else’s former home!”

Norb’’s letter continued: “…40 percent of the total cost of creating the garden has been raised by private donations and through the generosity of Dr. van der Hoeven…Siebenthaler Company will complete the work…it will be a quiet and wonderful addition to our Centennial Park.”

The Dayton Bar Association has elected their new officers and board. Oakwood’s Jeff Ireland is now vice president.

Jane Kuntz sent a note with an enclosed ‘clipping’ from the DDN of 1993. “I’m an inveterate ‘clipper’ and thought you’d enjoy these old photos of the MVH! Have a good summer!”

Rosemary Huston had Betty Gilmore and Weezie McGinnis for lunch and bridge last Wednesday. Her vichyssoise was delicious and so was her bridge. Rosemary always wins!

The Celtic Festival in downtown Dayton has been a huge success. Three days of music and dancing – undeterred by the ‘iffy’ weather – according to Howard Heck – downtown Dayton resident.

The ‘barbequed ribs’ eaters were standing in line at The Old Hickory BBQ on Brown Street. The promised: “…half hour wait for a table” was only 3⁄4 of an hour. Ginny Whalen advised her guest to split a large order of ribs and you’ll barely be able to finish that! She was right!

Connie Breen’s two sons, Eddie and Bobbie, invited several of their Mother’s oldest friends and/or cousins for a cook-out at Connie’s great home on Echo Springs – that looks down on Governor Cox’s estate several hundred feet below. Eddie and wife Susan’s two handsome sons were there with their parents. The boys are students at Fairmont High School. Bobbie has been in town for five or six weeks – and will head back home to North Carolina on Tuesday.

Sally Solarek is always a delight and shares her enthusiasm about her many projects…like the Decorator’s Show House, the Creche collection, and…

Milly Hubler is always “…just back from somewhere.” Her daughter, Oakwood grad Holly, is in the Foreign Service of the State Department and is currently serving in France…so Milly’s just back from there plus lots of other countries.

The Breen boys grilled hamburgers. The corn-on-the-cob was ‘organic’ and was super. And Milly’s sweet potato casserole was delicious. The breeze on Breen’s patio was much better than being anywhere in Michigan.



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July 28, 2009
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