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”I’m having a luncheon to celebrate the …’Summer Solstice’,” said Jane Heywood. “So write down Friday, June 20th at noon at my condo…”  (That’s ‘333’).  If Jane’s doing a party several things are assured:  a delicious lunch… and an interesting group of friends.

“This is all well-and-good to celebrate the Solstice...but why didn’t you have us for lunch on May First?” inquired one sassy guest.  “We’ve always celebrated May Day and have always recited Dr. Paul Pavey’s (unprintable) verse!  We waited for days for your invitation!”  “I was out-of-town,” said Jane.

Aileen & Bud Welch were able to ‘walk down’ – they live at ‘33’.  And Wise Glossinger lives half a block away – so he probably ‘walked over’.  Laurie Streit, Wise’s daughter,  did ‘motor over’.  Alas, there was one ‘no show’.  And she left a big hole in the fun department – Doris Skipton - was  unable to ‘come over’.

The chatter covered ‘…our many super ski trips together…politics (violent disagreements) and, somehow ‘…whether or not the ‘Wise Men’ are mentioned in the Bible!  We have a friend who’s an authority and he says they’re not.” “I can even tell you their names,” said one lady:  “Gasper, Melchior, and Balthaser.” That resulted in a phone call from Jane on Saturday morning.  “They are so mentioned in the Bible! - Matthew, Chapter two…your ‘authority’ is wrong!  They are called ‘wise men’, and Magi, and astronomers.  Go look them up!”  That caused a trip to The Britannica…you go look it up – it’s fascinating!

Do & Jack Wagner had a wonderful, old-fashioned…three-tables-for-bridge-dinner party at their condo in Ridge Gate.  Dick & Dotty Cummings, Ann & Charles Simms, Marty & Fred Ohmer,  Barb Farley & Patty Ballard collected on Wagner’s all-green-scene deck that was overflowing with pots of multi-colored-Zinnias. The gals gave the Zinnias alotta competition – Ann wore a dynamite peach colored tunic-top. Dotty’s print was perfect for summertime.  Patty’s pale grey pants suit was classic Bill Blass.  Barb’s pale-pink-matching sweater and pants and ‘wild sandals’ was great. And Marty was covered in ‘red-hot-chili-peppers’!  The white shell had a large, red, beaded, pepper, and the chartreuse jacket was embroidered all over in red-peppers and her slacks were – bright red!

Do’s casserole was delicious.  “I’ll serve dessert during the evening…so here are your ‘tallys’ and find your partners,  valuable prizes will be awarded, and no fighting!” Dick Cummings evidently will never recover from failing to bid his seven-no-trump-hand.

A very formal invitation read: ‘Summer Solstice Celebration  John C. Gray & MJ Bart  at ‘The Farm’…Sport Coat, please’.  By six PM dozens of cars lined both sides of Ridgeway Road waiting to reach John’s drive, and the car-parkers, …and it was really raining.  Fortunately the front-forty of The Farm was ‘tented’.  Guests de-car-ed and walked up toward the huge main tent.  John and MJ stood at the entrance greeting each arrival.  MJ held up her left hand to display her dazzlingly beautiful ring and John said:  “We were married this afternoon at five o’clock in the gazebo -
with just family and several special friends.”  The hugs, kisses, and congratulations that ensued were heart-felt!  So, the ‘solstice’ was also their wedding reception!
Terry & Tom Holton were beaming.  “We attended the wedding…we’ve all been friends for so long and we’re so happy for MJ and John…”  Carol & Dick Pohl, long-time friends and neighbors, reiterated Terry’s thoughts.  Neighbors Fern & Al Leland were there.  Becky & Phil Morris are across-the-road-neighbors.  Chris Cummings said his brother Scott had been here to play with him in the Moraine Invitational. Tracy & Irv Beiser said they’d be leaving for their home in Michigan soon.  When chatting with Jack & Nancy Campbell someone mentioned Nancy’s handsome gold-framed-coin-necklace.  “It’s a coin from the ‘Omiera’ – the shipwreck  found some yeas ago.  “My ‘coin’ is a copy of those found but it’s made from silver bars found in the wreckage.”

Sonnie & Bill Kasch,  and Judy Cook mentioned so many of the guests had been together in the past several weeks…for John’s ‘Daffodil Party’, and also for the party honoring John’s Farm manager, Leo Mayauskas who keeps the neighbors supplied with his ‘produce’.  

One of the ‘car-parkers’ said they’d had one hundred and twenty cars!  Multiply that by at least two, plus add-in all the neighbors who’d walked over and you get a large, joyful, summer solstice – cum nuptial – celebration!

And at seven PM Patty Ballard had invited friends to Dayton Country Club for dinner, Her guests gathered in that lovely, small room that used to be called ‘The Ladies Card Room’.  A U-shaped table was set for twelve – and at the ‘head’ sat Doneece & Dr. Jim Sheridan!  Patty’s party was in celebration of Doneece & Jim’s Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary!

The guests, all long-time friends, all radiated their joy for Doneece and Jim.  Stan Smith  brought a large, black velvet box and inside was the most unique 50th gift!  It was a pair of crystal champagne glasses who’s silver base must have weighed ten pounds – apiece!  One silver base had a ‘sculptured’ tuxedo and the other a ladies’ neck-line.  The ‘flutes’ were put to good use during the toasts.

Mary & Dick Carr, Joan & Art O’Meara, and Ann & Charles Simms were celebrants. Mary & Dick talked about their impending trip to Egypt and the Emirates…Joan & Art’s son and his four children are arriving from Sydney, Australia. And Charles & Ann are always ‘…just back’ or ‘... ‘leaving soon’ – for somewhere. Patty asked each couple to tell how they’d met their spouse.  Some hilarious stories followed!


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June 24, 2008
Volume 17, No. 26

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