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“Sing, oh Muse of….the FIFTIETH annual GREEK Festival last weekend.  The signs in yards all over Oakwood read:  “…weekend after Labor Day”.  And they had a ‘mega’ (good classical Greek word) turn out in the area between the Dayton Art Institute and the Greek Temple.  (where the beautiful grey-stone Canby house once stood on Belmont Park North.)

George & Evie Kling had a family delegation at the Festival…their daughter Jessica, who came down from Columbus, and Whitney who lives here, and their cousins Nancy Heck Sternal, from Minneapolis, and John Heck from Columbus.

“There were long lines for the dinner tent, the snack tent, and for the food service inside the Temple…Evie knew everyone…we watched the Greek dancing which was such fun,” reported Nancy.

Eight-Oakwood-Ladies met for lunch-and-bridge at the Racquet Club last Wednesday noon.  The chicken salad was outstanding, the view of the rivers and fountains was unbeatable, but Culbertson hasn’t recovered yet!

Shirley Wagner, Dotty Bachus, Sally Riffle, Marion Buchanan, Patty Ballard, and Libby Hornbeck were present.  Just who was a ‘sub’ and who was a ‘regular’ was not really determined.  Not that it made any difference – everyone had a wonderful afternoon – specially the winner of the $7 first prize and the second prize winner who got her $1 back.  The discussion of whether ‘…it’s skill or luck’ was not settled.

Betsy Whitney delivered her ‘…world famous jello salad’ to an ailing friend.  The friend agreed the salad was correctly named  –  and refused to ‘share’ his jello with anyone!

Do & Jack Wagner are home from their place in Michigan.  “The weather was wonderful and we hadda great time.  We ran into Barb O’Hara…and also Irv Bieser…”

Weezie McGinnis had a birthday on Sunday – and is off to Europe this week.

When Diane & Dick DeWall met Nancy Gibson of Minneapolis they asked if she knew Sarah Mulligan (Patty & Jim’s daughter).  She’s an OHS grad … is a lawyer…is really into politics…and lives in Minneapolis.  “We’re coming up for a family reunion this fall and we’ll try to get you two together.

John and MJ Gray are home from their honeymoon in Europe. “We were in England, which we love, and also in France…but we’re glad to be back home on ‘The Farm’.  We understand Leo has been making his deliveries of farm produce to all of you neighbors.”

When asked about his project in China, John reported everything will be up-and-running by the first of the year.   “I’ve been over four times thus far…it’s been an ‘experience!”


September 9, 2008
Volume 17, No. 37

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