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Corrine Huber’s annual ‘Christmas Caroling Party’ for family and friends was ‘…that-solid-sheet-of-ICE’ night – last Tuesday.  Oakwood’s ice trucks hadn’t done much in the way of ‘de-icing’ the brick road.  Private driveways had been slathered with ‘Ice Melter’ – which did help – some.  The sound of spinning wheels was heard through the night!

Don and Roni Huber managed to slide down the hill to Corrine’s.  Their daughter and son-in-law Shirley and John Berry made it in from Washington Twp.  Corrine’s sister Marilyn Brennan was at the dinner table with Cheri and Rick Ohmer.  Cheri was ‘related’ to everyone in the dining room – on both sides of her family.  Rick’s sisters – Missy and Tim Everman, Angela and Dan Dunaway plus everyone’s children, in-laws, cousins and aunts…

Everyone wondered whether the Miamisburg High School’s famous choir would be able to get there.  They did – and their performance was a Christmas Spectacular! There were twenty four carolers – the girls all dressed alike in stunning black gowns and elbow-length black gloves, and the boys were in tuxedos.  Their songs were across the ‘Christmas-Board’ – pop songs from movies, medieval madrigals, European traditionals…and their semi-dance-moves were most professional.  They were all charming to chat with as they enjoyed Corrine’s fabulous desserts.  The Choir has had twenty four ‘gigs’ during this Christmas season!

Lindsey Clark’s Christmas Eve party was packed with family, friends, and neighbors. “Come anytime after six,” said Lindsey, “and stay as long as you like.  Last year there were a few here at two AM.”

Neighbors Susan and Jay Woodhull were there with their children.  Woodhulls next door neighbors – Cindy and Mark Garner and their son and daughter were in the mix.  Raabs – Marianne and Mike and their daughters, Vivi & Mae had fun seeing friends.  It was great to see Fred Weber.  Sidney Bieser was there with her parents Tracy & Irv.  Sidney leaves right after New Year’s for Florence (Italy) where she will spend the second semester of her Junior year – in Sweet Briar’s Foreign Study program.

Lindsey’s sons, Tom and Lewis, were home for the Christmas holidays.  Lewis is in the Peace Corps and is serving in Honduras.  Tom is a senior at Denison Univ. Lewis and Irv Bieser had lots to chat about – remember Irv was in the Peace Corps in West Africa years ago.

Lindsey’s Christmas-party-skirt must be mentioned.  It was short, and poofy, and black, and had a really poofy ‘dorsal-fin’ at the back.  The skirt was worn with a wrapped, silky, white blouse.  The combo was stunning!

Morley Thompson, Jr
. and his wife Brenda called from their farm near Loveland. “We’ve got Bill with us for the weekend and we’d love to come up Sunday morning and take you to Brunch!”

The reminiscing was non-stop!  “The first time I met you,” ‘Round Town told Bill Thompkins, “was in the gardens of the Red Fox Tavern in Middleburg, Virginia. You and Morley were in grad school at Wharton and Morley’s mother, Pat Thompson and RT were showing in Virginia….you boys came down for the weekend.  “And the last time I saw you was in Aspen, CO when you were Best Man for Morley when he and Brenda were married!”  “And that was twenty one years ago,” said Brenda.

Bill Thompkins now lives in Washington – where he was raised – works for Kodak and has an office in Rochester, NY and another in LA where he’s on the cinema-side-of Kodak.  Morley, among many other things, is Master of the Camargo Hunt and ‘events’ his fantastic hunter, Stony, all over…  Brenda is a lawyer with a Cincy firm and seems to be all over the country all of the time.



December 30, 2008
Volume 17, No. 53

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