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Ann Simms’ birthday party really was a complete shock ‘n surprise to her thanx to her devious and conniving husband, Charles, and her sneaky family and deceptive friends. All of her children and grandchildren expressed their sorrow at not celebrating her birthday…but they were all attending a ‘Dayton Dragons’ game and had had their tickets for...

But an elaborate Hawaiian-themed-invitation-mit-palm-tree-‘n-hammock had been mailed to invite guests to a surprise party. Shhhhh. RSVP to “…Leslie Simms Nagel at her office phone number.

To pull it off on the party night, Ann’s tricky friends, Wendy and Kent Scholl, called to express sympathy that she and Charles would be alone on her birthday…and invited them to Dayton Country Club for a private dinner.

When the foursome arrived – there were one hundred and twenty five or so exuberant children, grandchildren, and friends…all in Hawaiian garb and shouting…’Happy Birthday’! One guest wore a grass skirt…it was Ruth Deddens! It was a ‘luau’ – remember.

Whatta party! Perfect planning…every detail. Every guest was greeted with an orchid lei, direct from Hawaii. A fabulous ice sculpture of Ann in golf garb, in tee-off position, served as the centerpiece for the lavish hors d’ouevres table…Hawaiian music played in the background as lots of friends made their way to Ann to wish her the best on this “end-in-five” birthday.

Daughter Leslie made the official welcome to the dining guests and introduced a twosome of Hawaiian dancers; Jenny Simms, home from California for the occasion was busy photographing the evenings festivities; son Charlie Simms and daughter Elizabeth Simms Gutmann with her husband, Mike, chatted with the well-wishing guests. Elizabeth, by the way, is Miami County Municipal Court Judge, which is seated in Troy.

The decorations were fabulous…the place mats were large, real tropical leaves! Dinner was a pork ‘n Mahi Mahi and was delicious and beautiful.

Peeking around, ‘Round Town saw Susie and Ed Rodabaugh, Nancy Zorniger, chatted with Alan and Barb Cline, Betsy and George Stavnitsky, Patty and Jim Mulligan, Judy and Earl Pritchard, Lois Ross and Faye Martin…and on and on and on. Lotsa fun. Happy birthday again Ann.



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August 18, 2009
Volume 18, No. 33

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