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“I enjoyed your ‘piece’ about the…Oakwood Avenue Traffic Jam,” said Paige Bartlett in the produce department at Dorothy Lane Market…(Paige was the ‘cause’ of the jam).  “But you forgot one of the participants – Dave Fogarty – remember he tried to get through all the middle-of-the-street-talkers.”  And Dave is mighty important to Greater Dayton – he’s president and general manager of  PBS, Channel 14-16 – hope he’ll forgive Round Town.

There’s an attractive  new family who’ve just moved into Oakwood – on the corner of Oakwood Avenue and W. Dixon – behind  Harman School - Col. & Mrs. George and their three children….and their big, black Great Dane.  Details to follow – when the “…come over for cocktails” invitation has been accomplished.  The first meeting was on the path along Houk Stream and the ‘getting the dogs acquainted’ efforts took precedence.  Did learn that Col. George is assigned to WPAFB …and they’ve lived in Japan…but the dogs were getting restless…

Joan Taylor Franks hadda Birthday on Saturday – you’ll have to ask her ‘how many candles’!                                                        

Dale Nash reported that Aldene is now in Lincoln Park re-hab and is making great progress with her broken hip.  “Give her a call or a visit…she’d love to hear from her friends…”      


Abby Whitesell was having dinner with friends at Dayton Country Club on Saturday evening.  Abby lives in that beautiful manse on Clyo Road – the pillared place with the wonderful stables and in-door riding arena.  She’s given the ‘Riding For The Handicapped’ program the use of her arena.  At a benefit for the program last year held at Shirley & John Berry’s home – one of the ‘items’ auctioned was the privilege of ‘naming’ the arena.  An Oakwood resident ‘bought’ that ‘privilege’.

“How’s  ‘Charlie Horse’?” asked Abby when table-hopping.  (That’s the name of the arena.)  “I still miss him,” was the answer.  “I hunted him for years and he was a ‘special friend’.  You know, he’d shown at Madison Square Garden, and he’d ‘attended’ Sweet Briar College before I bought him.  He was mid-twenties when he died.”

DCC had lots of other dinner guests…Chris Saunders was there at a table with Joey Thiele and Marianna Leyes…And it was great to see Helen Wozar come in.  Of course, Tom & Marilyn Parker were there – and another ‘regular’ Dr. Frank Shivley.
Jane Scharrer and George Lytle said:  “We just called these two at our table the last minute – and of course they were available!”



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August 8, 2008
Volume 17, No. 32

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