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Bud Welch was Chairman-of-the-Day at the downtown Dayton Rotary Club – even though he lives in Oakwood!  But, Rotarians always were an eclectic group.  There were at least one hundred Rotarians in the auditorium of Sinclair College last Monday.  And it was like ‘old-home-week’ seeing so many great long-time-friends!
The featured-guest-speaker was Rob Portman – a friend of Bud’s through the Dartmouth College alumnus association.  In fact, the table right under the podium was ‘manned’ by Dartmouth alumns.  Rob’s (class of ’78) father Bill Portman of Cincinnati, Tom Gillaugh, ’46, George Maly, Rick Taylor, Geig Robinson, Ed Wagner, Sue Taylor, and Donna Childs were there.  Al Dunn reminisced about his days of hunting with the Miami Valley Hunt.  Fred Smith was reminded of the days when the Junior League used his bank-barn on Mad River Road to rehearse their Children’s Theater.  Dr. Ludolph van der Hoeven is just home from Vermont and the Music Camp he’s attended for the last twenty-some summers.

Earl Reeder, Tom Maher, Bill Kasch,  Jim Deuser and Blitz Creeger made it look like a ‘39’ers meeting.  Julie Barhorst, Jack Margolis, Cathy Ponitz, Dan Deitz, Tom Norwalk, Steve Haverstick, and Jay Woodhull were great to see and chat-up.
Steve Johnson, president of Sinclair College, accepted ‘thanx for the use of your hall’ kudos.  Did you know this the one hundred and twenty second year for Sinclair College?  Old timers remember when the school met at the YMCA.  This year the college has an enrollment of twenty thousand!

Bud Welch introduced his fellow alumnus Rob Portman.  “Rob had seven terms in Congress, was on the Ways and Means Committee, and the Budget Committee, then was appointed Trade Representative for the US – world wide.  He’s just back from the Republican National Convention and will share his thoughts on the upcoming election, Sen. McCain’s economic policy and the election’s impact on Ohio’s economy…”

Even the few Democrats sprinkled around the audience thought Rob was terrific, dynamic, and interesting.  It was a ‘super Monday morning.’

Kathy McShane and husband Professor Francis Conti, of Univ. of Dayton, will spend the next nine months in Poland on a Fulbright Scholarship. Their daughter,  Claire - Oakwood High School Grad. is now attending Ohio University and has plans to spend several weeks with her parents over the Thanksgiving-Christmas holidays.

Charis Gridley has a new puppy!  It’s a ‘Shih Tzu’ (And that’s the correct spelling right from the ‘Cross Word Puzzle Dictionary’ under ‘dog breeds’.)  “Daughter Pam & Carlo McGinnis gave it to me for my birthday!  And it’s all Jane Scharrer’s fault.” said Charis.  “When Jane was in the re-hab center She had George Lytle take her dog…when George and Rodney Boren went to their Kenyan reunion George gave the dog to me…and I loved Sherry’s company…took her everywhere with me…so now I’ve got a dog of my own—

Ginny Whalen took a table at Stivers High School’s ‘Court- yard Affair’ last Saturday noon in the high school.  Three very enthusiastic attendees – Kathy Whalen Kavanaugh, and Connie Breen, and Ginny dropped-by on their way home – armed with ‘praise’, ‘programs’, and ‘predictions’ of continued growth and success for Stivers’ fantastic metro-school on East Fifth Street.

Cissy Matthews was Chair of the program…and there were so many of the patrons and long-time supporters at this event spot-lighting the talent and training high school of  students from around the City.  Academically, Stivers is tops in the city system.

Cynthia Uhl, Patty Ballard, Lou Mason, Gretchen Bullock, Patti Highfill, Judy McCormick, Nancy Gillaugh, Dottie Morton, Effie Sue Kimerley…oh, I hope we’ve got all the names!” said Kathy.  Prompting from the back-seat suggested…” Pat Minch, Pat Palmisono, and Maureen Spearman. “Oh and Bonita Goodloe, and her nephew Orlando Green.  Then there was Marge Papenbrock, Marge Gillingham, and our darling waitress/student Ivonne Baker.”  So, the next time you read of Stivers student production…be sure to attend and renew your pride in our Dayton area youth…and the future of the Gem City.

September 17, 2008
Volume 17, No. 38

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