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The Dayton Rotary “…is having their highest ranking speaker in our history!” said Bud Welch, the Program Chair. “This will be a record-breaking turn-out which is why we’re meeting at the Masonic Temple. You’ll be sitting with Bob Kegerreis, Tom Maher, and John Bullock, and Dick & Molly Houser. Oh, and Bryan Day – who’s our speaker’s Aid. I’ve got to be up on the platform.” And, this celebrity speaker was Speaker of the House of Representatives – John Boehner! “He’s the dark-haired, deeply-sun-tanned, handsome man talking to Christian Stover,” said Bud. John Boehner …’lives in Cincinnati, graduated from Xavier, is one of twelve children, father was a farmer, is the Representative of the 8th District which includes part of Montgomery County, was elected Majority Leader in 2006’ - all facts offered in his opening remarks!

The Rotarians, numbering several hundred, included Al Dunn, Jack Labeck, Irv Bieser, Blitz Creager, and former Governor of Ohio, Bob Taft. Also Steve Prost, Tom Gillaugh, Earl Reeder, Jim Deuser, Carolyn Rice, Betty Ann Beam, Dennis Grant, Diane Adams…

“The economy is our biggest issue…also health care…education is my passion… cutting the size and the role of our National Government”… were covered in Speaker Boehner’s ‘remarks’ and in the Q & A session.

Speaker Boehner – told-it-like-it-was! “I like President Obama, he’s a fine man…I disagree with him on many issues or the ways to handle them…our country is fortunate to have Obama as President…”

It is terrific to meet such a dynamic and impressive man – you’ve seen almost nightly on the TV evening news programs. Ohio and the USA is indeed fortunate to have such an outstanding gentleman representing us!

Saturday morning was a ‘taylor-made’ morning for the …’Houk Stream Clean-up’ operation. Before nine, Norbert Klopsh, City Mgr., arrived – soon followed by Steve Byington – City Council member and Rotarian. Next came Gene McDonald representing the ‘Oakwood Singles Club’. And Chad Cannon was in the ‘first flight.’
Trish Klingensmith was ‘conferring’ with Cindy Garner – who was carrying a large ‘flat’ of ‘Dutchmen’s Britches’ she’d dug-up at Jean Woodhull’s farm – “…with Jean’s permission, of course.”

Brett Goeller arrived with lots of ‘tools’ and two children – Katy & Drew. Then down the hill on the west side of the Creek – slid Al Leland. “Now what’s our plan of attack?” he asked Norb. “We’re taking out all the ‘honeysuckle’ on the east side,” began Norb. “Pile up your cuttings here by the bridge…” And, as the ‘workers’ hit the hillside – along came the best worker of all – carrying the best name of all! It was George Houk! Of course, all you Oakwood-ites know that the Stream was named for George’s grandfather who build that beautiful Tudor home at the corner of Oakwood Ave. and Thruston – where John & Lisa Folkerth live. And George worked harder than a lot of “them young pups!”

When he’d first arrived Norb had showed everyone his “…new ax – I just bought it for this project…” It had a wicked looking blade and a bright yellow handle. A dejected looking Norb came down the hill half an hour later toting his ‘new ax’. “It broke! And I just bought it!” One of the old neighbors on the other-side-of-the-Creek offered: “I’ll run up the hill and get Jack’s ax – if I can find it – and be right back – I hope!” The ‘old ax’ had a big wooden handle and a sort-a-wicked-looking-blade. But it lasted the entire morning – and was leaning up against the garage door by that afternoon!

April 28, 2009
Volume 18, No. 17

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