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Dolphins win 6th straight MVSA championship

The Oakwood Dolphins captured their sixth consecutive Miami Valley Swimming Association (MVSA) championship in dominating fashion at Wilmington College on July 26th. The Dolphins dominated teams from Waynesville, Beavercreek, Yellow Springs, Huber Heights, Forest Ridge and Wilmington by scoring a record total of 1,114 points, surpassing the previous league record set by last year’s team. And, for the first time in Oakwood Dolphins history, the afternoon session participants (11 and older) scored more points than the younger swimmers who competed in the morning session. Age group winners at the championships included the 6 & Under Girls, 6 & Under Boys, 7-8 Girls, 7-8 Boys, 9-10 Girls, 11-12 Girls, 11-12 Boys, 13-14 Girls, and 15-18 Girls. The team also broke six championship meet records.

During the regular season, the team also broke 20 pool records. At the annual team picnic, the first place banner was once again proudly displayed, and the following swimmers were presented special awards:

The 6 & Under Girls Most Valuable Player (MVP) was Sophia McCarty, the Most Improved was Rose Albrecht, the Top Time Dropper was Ryann Mescher, and the Coach’s Award winner was Emma Lowell. The 6 & Under Boys MVP was Logan Morrissey, the Most Improved was Owen Dewing, the Top Time Dropper was Ben Schoen, and the Coach’s Award went to Sam Campbell.

The 7-8 Girls MVP was Samantha Auditore, the Most Improved was Megan DeArmon, the Top Time Dropper was Emma Lindsay, and the Coach’s Award went to Aimee Fowler. For the 7-8 Boys, Rylan Quigley was the MVP, the Top Time Dropper award went to Dylan Michael, the Coaches Award went to Cole Miller, and the Most Improved was Teddy Campbell.

For the 9-10 Girls, Cassidy Fry was the MVP, the Most Improved was Stephanie Leasure, the Top Time Dropper award went to Rachel Thielan, and Paige Heyl won the Coach’s Award. The 9-10 Boys MVP was Connor Quigley, the Most Improved was Alexander Eldridge, the Top Time Dropper went to Jack Butler, and Kevin DeArmon won the Coach’s Award.

The 11-12 Girl’s MVP was Megan Schmitz, the Top Time Dropper went to Lauren Turner, and the Coach’s Award went to Madeline Heyl and Mary Kate Vaughn. For the 11-12 Boys, Ryan Kugel was the MVP, the Top Time Dropper went to Zachary Collopy and Adam Heyl won the Coach’s Award.

For the 13-14 & Up age groups the Girls MVP was Eleanore Hong and Sarah Wilhoit, the Top Time Dropper went to Kelsey Rieger, and the Coach’s Award was presented to Charlotte Berwald and Katherine Anderson. For the 13-14 & Up Boys, the MVP was Guido Saccaggi, the Top Time Dropper was Chris Sneeder, and the Coaches Award went to Sawyer Day.

The final award presented was the Flipper Award, given annually to the swimmer who best exhibits the characteristics of hard work, dedication, and self-sacrifice. This year’s winner was Emily Kugel, a 15-18 age group swimmer.

Championship Swin Meet Results

6 & Under Girls:
25-meter Backstroke-3rd Sophia McCarty, 5th Ella Gould, 6th Kate Swedlund, 7th Isabella See, 8th Julia Tucker, 12th Grace Butler, 13th Natalee John, 14th Dana Clark, 15th Carrigan Fry, 17th Ryann Mescher, 21st Olivia Steeves. 25-meter Freestyle-3rd Sophia McCarty, 4th Ella Gould, 5th Isabella See, 7th Julia Tucker, 8th Emma Lowell, 10th Dana Clark, 12th Natalee John, 13th Grace Butler, 15th Kate Swedlund, 16th Carrigan Fry, 20th Olivia Steeves, 21st Ryann Mescher.

6 & Under Boys:
25-meter Backstroke-3rd Sam Campbell, 5th Logan Morrissey, 6th Owen Dewing, 7th Mason Talarczyk, 14th Ryan Eldridge. 25-meter Freestyle-3rd Logan Morrissey, 5th Mason Talarczyk, 6th Sam Campbell, 8th Owen Dewing, 11th Ryan Eldridge.

7-8 Girls:
25-meter Backstroke- 2nd Samantha Auditore, 7th Ellie Murdock, 8th Katarina Wahl, 9th Marissa Dewing, 10th Mia Gorman, 14th Grace Paddon, 15th Lia Therrien, 16th Alex Barker, 17th Lily Eifert, Elizabeth Vaughn, 22nd Hailey Moran, 23rd Megan DeArmon, 27th Ellen Behnke. 25-meter Butterfly- 3rd Samantha Auditore, 6th Aimee Fowler, 7th Mary Kidwell, 9th Marissa Dewing. 25-meter Breaststroke- 2nd Aimee Fowler, 4th Mary Kidwell, 5th Marissa Dewing, 6th Lia Therrien. 25-meter Freestyle- 1st Samantha Auditore, 8th Katarina Wahl, 9th Aimee Fowler, 10th Hailey Moran, 13th Mary Kidwell, 14th Lily Eifert, 15th Grace Paddon, 18th Megan DeArmon, 21st Ellie Murdock, 22nd Lia Therrien, 26th Alex Barker, 33rd Elizabeth Vaughn, 36th Ellen Behnke. 100-meter Medley Relay- 2nd M. Dewing, A. Fowler, S. Auditore, K. Wahl, 3rd G. Paddon, L. Therrien, M. Kidwell, H. Moran. 100-meter Freestyle Relay- 1st K. Wahl, H. Moran, A. Fowler, S. Auditore, 3rd L. Eifert, M. Kidwell, M. Gorman, M. Dewing, 5th M. DeArmon, G. Paddon, E. Murdock, L. Therrien, 9th A. Barker, E. Vaughn, E. Gould, S. McCarty.

7-8 Boys:
25-meter Backstroke- 4th Jack Mescher, 6th Caleb Harris, 11th Joshua Leasure, 12th Cole Miller, 13th Zachary Tucker, 15th Teddy Campbell, 17th Maxwell Leasure, 18th Dylan Michael, 20th Ryan Clark, 22nd Ben Martin, 23rd Kaleb Swedlund, 27th Ben Collinson. 25-meter Butterfly-3rd Rylan Quigley, 8th Joshua Leasure, 9th Maxwell Leasure. 25-meter Breaststroke- 5th Jack Mescher, 6th Caleb Harris, 7th Rylan Quigley, 8th Cole Miller. 25-meter Freestyle- 2nd Rylan Quigley, 5th Cole Miller, 6th Jack Mescher, 10th Joshua Leasure, 12th Maxwell Leasure, 13th Caleb Harris, 14th Teddy Campbell, 15th Ben Martin, 20th Logan Connally, 21st Ben Collinson, 23rd Zachary Tucker, 24th Ryan Clark, 28th Kaleb Swedlund, 30th Dylan Michael. 100-meter Medley Relay- 2nd C. Miller, C. Harris, R. Quigley, J. Mescher. 100-meter Freestyle Relay- 1st C.Miller, M. Leasure, J. Mescher, R. Quigley, 4th C. Harris, Z. Tucker, T. Campbell, J. Leasure, 5th B. Collinson, M. Talarczyk, B. Martin, R. Clark.

9-10 Girls:
25-meter Backstroke- 2nd Stephanie Leasure, 7th Macleary Moran, 8th Anna McCarty, 9th Jasmine Pinkney, 10th Caroline Goeller, 12th Calista Miller, 13th Lily Behnke, 16th Delaine Sims, 19th Allison Gantt, 23rd Natalie Thielen, 25th Izzy Armitage, 26th Rachel Thielen, 27th McKenna Morrissey, 29th Madeline Kenyon, 31st Lily Michael, 33rd Kiandra Coon. 25-meter Butterfly- 1st Cassiday Fry, 2nd Mira Rhodes, 4th Annie Rhodes, 6th Emmy Cobb. 25-meter Breaststroke- 3rd Emmy Cobb, 4th Cassidy Fry, 5th Annie Rhodes, 6th Paige Heyl. 25-meter Freestyle-4th Stephanie Leasure, 7th Macleary Moran, 9th Paige Heyl, 13th Anna McCarty, 16th Natalie Thielen, 19th Madeline Kenyon, 20th Lily Behnke, 21st Calista Miller, 22nd Jasmine Pinkney, 26th McKenna Morrissey, 32nd Allison Gantt, 37th Kiandra Coon, 40 Delaine Sims, Lily Michael, 45th Rachel Thielen, 48th Izzy Armitage. 50-meter Freestyle- 1st Mira Rhodes, 7th Emmy Cobb, 9th Stephanie Leasure, 12th Paige Heyl, 14th Lily Behnke, 15th Macleary Moran, 17th Jasmine Pinkney, 18th Anna McCarty, 18th Caroline Goeller, 20th Madeline Kenyon, 23rd Calista Miller, 28th Nanalie Thielen, 29th McKenna Morrissey, 31st Allison Gantt, 37th Kiandra Coon, 39th Lily Michael, 41st Delaine Sims, 43rd Izzy Armitage, 45th Rachel Thielen. 100-meter Individual Medley- 1st Mira Rhodes, 2nd Cassidy Fry, 4th Annie Rhodes, 13th Caroline Goeller. 100-meter Medley Relay- 1st M. Rhodes, E. Cobb, C. Fry, A. Rhodes, 3rd S. Leasure, P. Heyl, L. Behnke, M. Moran, 6th A. McCarty, C. Miller, C. Goeller, N. Thielen. 100-meter Freestyle Relay- 1st C. Fry, E. Cobb, A. Rhodes, M. Rhodes, 3rd P. Heyl, S. Leasure, C. Goeller, M. Moran, 8th L. Behnke, N. Thielen, J. Pinkney, A. McCarty, 11th C. Miller, M. Morrissey, M. Kenyon, D. Sims, 13th K. Coon, I. Armitage, L. Michael, A. Gantt.

9-10 Boys:
25-meter Backstroke- 2nd Connor Quigley, 8th Garrett Spikes . 19th Kevin DeArmon, 25th Jonathan Steeves, 27th Jeremy Cleary, 28th Alexander Eldridge, 29th Jack Butler. 25-meter Butterfly- 1st Dutch Kipp, 3rd Liam Halpin, 8th Trent Gould, 15th Garrett Spikes. 25-meter Breaststroke- 2nd Connor Quigley, 9th Liam Halpin, 19th Evan Lepera, 20th Kevin DeArmon. 25-meter Freestyle- 1st Dutch Kipp, 9th Garrett Spikes, 12th Evan Lepera, 22nd Jeremy Cleary, 25th Alexander Eldridge, 27th Jonathan Steeves, 29th Jack Butler. 50-meter Freestyle- 2nd Connor Quigley, 7th Trent Gould, 8th Evan Lepera, 14th Kevin DeArmon, 18th Alexander Eldridge, 20th Jeremy Cleary, 23rd Jonathan Steeves, 25th Jack Butler. 100-meter Individual Medley- 1st Dutch Kipp, 5th Liam Halpin, 8th Trent Gould. 100-meter Medley Relay- 1st D. Kipp, C. Quigley, L. Halpin, G. Spikes, 8th A. Eldridge, K. DeArmon, T. Gould, J. Cleary. 100-meter Freestyle Relay- 3rdC. Quigley, T. Gould, G. Spikes, D. Kipp, 6th A. Eldridge, J. Cleary, K. DeArmon, L. Halpin.

11-12 Girls:
50-meter Backstroke- 2nd Noelle Kipp, 4th Megan Schmitz, 13th Mary Kate Vaughn, 14th Sarah Penix, 15th Madeline Heyl, 16th Marli Allen, 17th Abby Eifert, 18th Abby Welch, 23rd Evie Armitage, 29th Alexa Tucker. 50-meter Butterfly-3rd Salene Schumaker, 6th Rachelle Cook, 7th Breana Ramus. 50-meter Breaststroke- 3rd Megan Schmitz, 5th Salene Schumaker, 14th Breana Ramus, 15th Mary Kate Vaughn. 50-meter Freestyle- 2nd Noelle Kipp, 6th Salene Schumaker, 14th Emily Gould, 18th Abby Welch, 22nd Madeline Heyl, 26th Evie Armitage, 27th Marli Allen, 28th Abby Eifert, 32nd Sarah Penix, 34th Alexa Tucker. 100-meter Freestyle- 4th Noelle Kipp, 7th Rachelle Cook, 8th Emily Gould, 14th Madeline Welch, 17th Mary Kate Vaughn . 100-meter Individual Medley Relay- 2nd Megan Schmitz, 4th Rachelle Cook, 8th Breana Ramus, 12th Emily Gould. 200-meter Medley Relay- 2nd M. Heyl, M. Schmitz, N. Kipp, S. Schumaker, 4th B. Ramus, M.K. Vaughn, R. Cook, E. Gould, 10th A. Eifert, E. Armitage, A. Welch, A. Tucker 200-meter Freestyle Relay- 1st M. Schmitz, S. Schumaker, R. Cook, N. Kipp, 6th B. Ramus, A. Welch, M. Heyl, E. Gould, 10th A. Tucker, A. Eifert, M. Allen, M.K. Vaughn.

11-12 Boys:
50-meter Backstroke- 1st Zachary Johnson, 14th Jack Eifert, 17th Michael Gantt. 50-meter Butterfly- 3rd Ryan Kugel, 8th Jack Eifert, 11th Walker Berwald. 50-meter Breaststroke- 2nd Ryan Kugel, 4th Zachary Johnson, 5th Jack Eifert. 50-meter Freestyle- 3rd Peyton Sawyer, 16th Adam Heyl, 17th Michael Gantt, 18th Walker Berwald. 100-meter Freestyle- 4th Peyton Sawyer, 6th Zachary Johnson, 14th Miachael Gantt, 15th Adam Heyl. 100-meter Individual Medley- 3rd Ryan Kugel, 6th Peyton Sawyer, 11th Adam Heyl, 12th Walker Berwald. 200-meter Medley Relay- 2nd Z. Johnson, J. Eifert, R. Kugel, P. Sawyer. 200-meter Freestyle Relay- 1st R. Kugel, W. Berwald, Z. Johnson, P. Sawyer.

13-14 Girls:
50-meter Backstroke- 1st Eleanore Hong, 4th Charlotte Berwald, 7th Rebekah Wilhoit, 8th Ellen Geiselman, 10th Georgie Murdock, 13th Janie Behnke, 18th Madeline Welch, 19th Sierra Schumaker, 23rd Taylor Morrissey, 27th Kathleen Rieger. 50-meter Butterfly-1st Eleanor Hong, 2nd Charlotte Berwald, 3rd Alexandra Coon, 7th Ellen Geiselman. 50-meter Breaststroke- 1st Nicole Edwards, 2nd Jennifer Schmitz, 3rd Maggie Goeller, 6th Georgie Murdock. 50-meter Freestyle- 1st Nicole Edwards, 3rd Taylor Morrissey, 4th Maggie Goeller, 10th Alexandra Coon, 11th Georgie Murdock, 14th Sierra Schumaker, 20th Madeline Welch, Janie Behnke, 26th Kathleen Rieger. 100-meter Freestyle- 1st Eleanore Hong, 2nd Jennifer Schmitz, 7th Rebekah Wilhoit, 8th Ellen Geiselman, 10th Taylor Morrissey, 12th Alexandra Coon, 17th Sierra Schumaker, 18th Madeline Welch, 20th Janie Behnke, 25th Kathleen Rieger . 100-meter Individual Medley- 1st Nicole Edwards, 2nd Jennifer Schmitz, 3rd Maggie Goeller, 6th Rebekah Wilhoit. 200-meter Medley Relay- 1st E. Hong, M. Goeller, N. Edwards, J. Schmitz, 3rd R. Wilhoit, G. Murdock, C. Berwald, T. Morrissey, 6th E. Geiselman, K. Rieger, A. Coon, S. Schumaker. 200-meter Freestyle Relay- 1st N. Edwards, M. Goeller, J. Schmitz, E. Hong, 2nd T. Morrissey, E. Wilhoit, A. Coon, C. Berwald, 8th G. Murdock, J. Behnke, S. Schumaker, E. Geiselman

13-14 Boys:
50-meter Backstroke- 2nd Guido Saccaggi. 50-meter Breaststroke- 1st Guido Saccaggi. 100-meter Individual Medley- 3rd Guido Saccaggi.

15-18 Girls:
50-meter Backstroke- 2nd Ellen Viereckl, 3rd Sarah Wilhoit, 4th Emily Kugel, 20th Kelsey Rieger, 50-meter Butterfly- 1st Natasha Wahl, 5th Sarah Wilhoit,7th Emily Kugel, 16th Katherine Anderson. 50-meter Breaststroke- 8th Kelsey Rieger, 13th Sarah Zabarnick. 50-meter Freestyle- 1st Natasha Wahl, 2nd Ellen Viereckl, 20th Katherine Anderson, 22nd Sarah Zabarnick. 100-meter Freestyle- 1st Natasha Wahl, 2nd Ellen Viereckl, 4th Maddie Hochwalt, 12th Emily Kugel, 21st Sarah Zabarnick. 100-meter Individual Medley- 2nd Sarah Wilhoit, 17th Katherine Anderson, 18th Kelsey Rieger. 200-meter Medley Relay- 1st S. Wilhoit, M. Hochwalt, N. Wahl, E. Viereckl, 9th E. Kugel, K. Rieger, K. Anderson, S. Zabarnick. 200-meter Freestyle Relay- N. Wahl, E. Kugel, S. Wilhoit, E. Viereckl.

15-18 Boys:
50-meter Backstroke- 1st Daniel Schmitz. 50-meter Butterfly- 2nd Jack Chambers. 50-meter Breaststroke- 1st Jack Chambers. 50-meter Freestyle- 2nd Jack Chambers. 100-meter Freestyle- 1st Daniel Schmitz. 100-meter Individual Medley- 1st Daniel Schmitz. 200-meter Medley Relay- 2nd A. Heyl, D. Schmitz, G. Saccaggi, J. Chambers. 200-meter Freestyle Relay- 2nd J. Chambers, A. Heyl, G. Saccaggi, D. Schmitz.

Field hockey alumni game slated Aug. 15

Calling all field hockey alumni! Please mark your calendar and plan to play in this year’s annual field hockey alumni game. This year’s game will be held earlier in hopes that current college students can play before heading back to school. Yeah, Rah, Hockey!

When: Saturday, Aug. 15 at 11 a.m., please come early so that we can get organized

Irving Field on Irving Avenue

Please contact Lindsay Schafer 545-8228 or

OHS men’s alumni soccer game Aug. 22

Who: Any alumni who played soccer at OHS.

When: Sat. Aug. 22, 2009 @ 5pm. Please make sure you are at the stadium by 4:30pm.

Where: Oakwood HS Stadium.

Cost: $10 (This will cover the price of a t-shirt).

Uniform: We will provide a shirt. You will need to wear Navy (or dark) shorts and White socks. All alumni MUST wear shin guards. You will not be permitted to play without them.

If you plan on playing in the game you need to contact Kyle Duwel at Please include your shirt size and year of graduation.

If you know of any alumni who might be interested please pass along this information.


Oakwood High School
Fall Sports started

Student athlete start dates for the Oakwood High School’s fall sports program began on the following dates and times:

Golf - Wednesday, Aug. 5 - 6:45am Stadium/ Kittyhawk - 8:05 am

Football - Thursday, Aug. 6 - 7:30am Practice Field

Boy’s soccer - Monday, Aug. 10 - 7am Stadium.;
8-10am and 11am-1pm Old River

Girl’s soccer - Monday, Aug. 10 - 7am Stadium

Volleyball - Monday, Aug, 10 - 2pm East gym

Girl’s tennis - Monday, Aug. 10 - 9 am OCC Tennis Courts

Field hockey – Monday, Aug. 10 - 7 am Stadium, 5:15 - 8:15 pm Irving Field

Cross country – Monday, Aug. 10 - 8 am Stadium

For more information call the OHS Athletic Department at 297-5342 or visit the Oakwood City School website.


Oakwood Junior High School
Fall Sports start dates

7th grade volleyball - Monday, Aug 17, 6-8pm at the Smith school gym

8th grade volleyball - Monday, Aug 17, 6-8pm at the Smith school gym

Boys/girls cross country - Monday, Aug 17, 7pm at the stadium

7th grade football - Monday, Aug 17, 4pm at the stadium

8th grade football - Monday, Aug 17, 5pm at the stadium

Boys/Girls soccer - Monday, Aug 17, 4pm at NCR fields

Field Hockey - Monday, Aug 17, 9:30 – 11am and 3:30 – 5:30pm at Irving

(conditioning starts on Aug 10 from 9:30-11:30am at Irving)

For more information contact Randy Neff at or go to Oakwood City School District website.

OHS Athletic Hall of Fame Banquet slated Sept. 3

The Oakwood High School Athletic Hall of Fame Committee would like to invite you to the 2nd Annual Oakwood Athletic Hall of Fame Banquet to be held Thursday, Sept. 3 at the Dayton Country Club (jacket/no denim) beginning at 6 p.m. Cost for the event is $30 for adults and $12 for children 12 and under. Social hour begins at 6 p.m. with heavy hors d’oeuvres; program begins at 7:15 p.m. Check in begins at 5:45 p.m. at the Dayton Country Club.

To purchase tickets for the event, please send a check made payable to:

Oakwood Athletic Boosters

Mail to:

Oakwood Athletic Hall of Fame,
1200 Far Hills Avenue,
Dayton, OH 45419

Please send check by Aug. 1, 2009. You will not receive a ticket in the mail.

For more information, please contact Mark Hughes, Chairman, Hall of Fame Committee, at (937) 297-5342.

The following individuals will be inducted at the banquet at the Dayton Country Club on Thursday, Sept. 3, 2009:

George Neal, Class of 1931

Howard Blose, Class of 1940

Howard Sales, Coach/Teacher/Athletic Director

Tim Coughlin, Class of 1964

Katy Deddens Dalrymple, Class of 1993

The 1942 Football Team will receive special recognition.

Fall Sports Schedule

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