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Oakwood homes during the
'teen' years -
1913 to 1919

Kudos for ‘Round Town

I just wanted to say how much I enjoy this column of the Oakwood Register!

I grew up in Cincinnati, riding and showing horses, and used to know and ride with many of the people mentioned in the column...Honey Hammer, John Steele, Catherine Hilker, Nonnie Rich (actually her daughter, Diana). It’s like a blast from the past, reading names and tales of folks gone-by!

I moved away from Cincinnati many years ago, and just recently moved to the wonderful community of Oakwood. My last “old gray mare” is out to pasture in Cedarville, where she will roam with another old pal until her parting day. I compete on my own 2 legs now (part of the early bird track group!), running the hills and streets of Oakwood, as well as many of the Dayton area running events. But I will always cherish my memories of those youthful days with my horses, and ‘Round Town is keeping them alive!

Ruth Kohstall

Hey Oakwood Clan....

I heard that there were major changes in the Sugar Camp we kinda know about...Like instead of “empty nesters”.....they now want to get families there. AND like instead of having an office or two...have MORE homes instead. AND like instead of having lots of green space....get more people there. Hey Real Estate guys.....since there now are 125 houses for sale and this will throw in 59 more.....hmmmmmm..... “ and demand”....won’t this drive down prices under the dome??? Hey Oakwood City.....will this mean our city will get MORE real estate taxes then you said before......or will these be cheaper homes so we get the same???? Hey Oakwood School Board.....with a lot more kids will you want more classrooms.....or go with average classroom size of 35 kids???? Hey Planning Commission..... your meeting is Wednesday, April 9th at this a done deal????

Charlie Campbell

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Restore Habeas Corpus

To All Who Are Concerned About Justice: I write to the citizens of Oakwood as an educator, a VERY SANE Roman Catholic, and an American. I also write as a husband and a future father, who is very concerned about the type of country his children will inherit. Since, there has not been anything all that controversial the past few weeks in the Oakwood Register, I would ask everyone in Oakwood to write Senators Brown and Voinovich as well as Rep. Turner asking them to: “Please restore the right to habeas corpus, one of the most important checks on arbitrary executive power” in order to stop the pointless torture and criminal acts against detainees at Git-Mo.

Over the last two years, Congress has passed two laws (The Detainee Treatment Act and the Military Commissions Act) that seek to strip non-citizens in US military custody of the right to challenge the legality of their detention in US courts. We

must urge our government officials to pass legislation to reinstate access to courts by restoring the right to habeas corpus. Honestly, the new measures of the Bush administration seem to me like an odd return to some old form of slavery; and, once again, the skin color of those who have lost their rights is... well... darker than the average European American’s skin color. As a Catholic, I do not support slavery nor do I support torture. It is wrong, and America will be worse off for engaging in the practices we now see established at Git-Mo. Allowing detainees to go before an impartial judge is the best way to ensure that the US is not detaining anyone unfairly. Please act today to restore US credibility around the world as a champion of justice and the rule of law. The best place to start is at Human Rights Watch:

By the Way - My biggest concern for this country has to do with the damage this current administration has done to the USA’s reputation around the world. I am not sure if we will ever be able to be a moral compass in the world ever again.

David A. Reed

Editor’s comment: Habeas corpus MUST be re-instituted. The suspension of habeas corpus has not been instituted since the Civil War when President Lincoln inculcated the measure because of the large number of Southern spies and conspirators infiltrating the North. What this means in these days of the Patriot Act is that any U.S. citizen (or, of course, non-citizen)) can have the local, state or federal-level police arrest them and hold them without charges. One of the campaign promises made by Sen. Barack Obama is that he will be re-instituting the writ of habeas corpus if he becomes President. Good for him! 



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April 8, 2008
Volume 17, No. 15

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