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The Dayton Women's Club

The “Dance Group” held its…’Spring Dance’ at Moraine Country Club last Friday evening. Only trouble was – it wasn’t ‘springy’ was pouring. But that didn’t keep many at home. And the music of Hal Harris’s orchestra sure warmed up the evening.

Judge Walter & Pat Porter were having a great time…’talking politics’ during the cocktail hour. (‘Round Town will try very hard not to make any controversial comments). Blitz & Mary Creager were listening. Well, Blitz wasn’t ‘listening’ – he’s an expert at ‘giving-hard-time.’ Dr. Bill & Lorrie Quinlivan were busy chatting up friends. Lorrie always gets asked abou the Ohioanna Library…a collection of works by Ohio authors. She’s been on their board for years.

Dr. Inky & Rosie Reagan, Ann & Charles Simms and Ginny Hess were there. Ginny’s new very-short hairdo received ‘raves.” And  “the gang of inseparables” was there – that’s Bud & Aileen Welch, Mary & Bob Wind and Marti & Fred Ohmer. Ohmers and the Welch’s are getting ready for their big trip – a bus trip to all of the big national parks way out West!

Harold Requarth, a fellow Fairview grad, and Cherriann, Jim & Rena Roberts and Dale & Aldene Nash were all busy finding their tables. Wayne & Betty Morse were busy receiving ‘congrats’ on Betty’s lates honor. Don & Correne Moran, and John & Marilyn Hart were there. Marilyn wore the most fabulous necklace with her gold/beige gown. “I’ve had it for years.” Do you miss your beautiful farm?” we asked (it had been an Indian Reservation) “Well, sort of, but we do like our new ‘digs.’ “What on earth did you do with your huge collection of Christmas ornaments?” “Most of it was distributed to our children…”

Nancy Gillaugh was getting lots of questions about next Tuesday’s ‘Sustainers Junior League Tea’ on Oakwood Avenue. Nandy’s the Chair. Tom Gillaugh was there…but he’s not invited to the ladies’ tea. Jane Mitakides & Dr. John said son Andrew is graduating from Hampton-Sydney this spring. Jane’s campaign for Congress is going well.

Dr. Sergio & Lynn Alejandrino, Bill & Edie Benge and Harry & Marty Ebeling were all on the dance floor before dinner. Harry said he’d not been down to see the ‘new bridge’ over Houk Stream yet. “But I did see it while it was still on the flat-bed truck.”

Dr. Kent & Wendy Scholl were dancing. Now that Wendy is the very best “hoofer” in Dance Group. She can out-jtter and ‘bug’ everyone and she’s in great demand by the guys who can ‘stomp.’ You should see her ‘jiv’en’ with Bill Harding!

Speaking of Bill Harding – he and Pat were at Table #18. with Bob & Helen Potter and Dr. Jim & Doneece Sheridan, and another couple. But – Sheridan’s never showed. All manner of dire situations were mentioned. A phone call Saturday morning to Jim revealed the reason for their absence. “We were all dressed. I wearing my brand new white tux jacket and Doneece wore her brand new gown…and it was pouring! “I hate to ruin my new ‘duds’ we both said….so we stayed home!’



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May 13, 2008
Volume 17, No. 20

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